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  1. Same here, constantly crashing and freezing, every few pictures it happens. I also will have to go back to photoshop as it's getting beyond a joke. Below is a picture that took me hours to do and it's just frozen, unable to move it.
  2. It looks like I have solved the problem. Go into Wacom settings and add Affinity Photo as an application in the settings. So far, no problems.
  3. Yes, unplugging my Wacom tablet solved the problem but as I do a lot of surreal compositing, a tablet is a must, as editing with a mouse is like painting with a fish. I will have to revert back to Photoshop which is a shame. As you can see in the image below, It would be really painful putting this image together with a mouse.
  4. No HVDB, I use a Wacom tablet. Also, the selection tool does not work. Everything else works fine. This is my operating system, not slow in the slightest.
  5. I have just experienced the same with a JPG image and recorded it. 2019-08-03 15-16-30.mp4
  6. Here is a Onedrive link to one of the NRW pictures...https://1drv.ms/u/s!Aj6jZStUC1U6jeA8em4GO2-Fv46Eqw?e=anrzZo
  7. It works ok when opening JPG files, It's when I open RAW files from my Nikon A1000, which is an NRW file.
  8. After opening a third Raw image in Affinity Photo, the crop and select tool decide not to work, (It freezes). Other parts of the programme seem fine. I have to close the programme and re-start it. As I need to edit many pictures a day for a living, it's getting really frustrating. The Image below is only the second one I tried to edit and the programme froze.
  9. I am thinking of leaving Photoshop and downloaded Affinity Photo trial. Problems so far are: my paintbrush tool or any other tool I choose is an Arrow, not a round circle, so I can't see how big my brush is. Also, I tried the flood fill tool and this did not work full stop. The selection tool is not very good at snapping to edges even though I have snapping on, I have to constantly keep doing it. Also, when I increase the brush size, nothing happens for a few seconds like it's not working, then it does. I need a very quick workflow as I list hundreds of items a month on my jewellery websites and I'm not feeling it. Is there a solution, maybe I'm missing something, can anyone help?

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