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  1. Same here, constantly crashing and freezing, every few pictures it happens. I also will have to go back to photoshop as it's getting beyond a joke. Below is a picture that took me hours to do and it's just frozen, unable to move it.
  2. It looks like I have solved the problem. Go into Wacom settings and add Affinity Photo as an application in the settings. So far, no problems.
  3. After opening a third Raw image in Affinity Photo, the crop and select tool decide not to work, (It freezes). Other parts of the programme seem fine. I have to close the programme and re-start it. As I need to edit many pictures a day for a living, it's getting really frustrating. The Image below is only the second one I tried to edit and the programme froze.
  4. Yes, unplugging my Wacom tablet solved the problem but as I do a lot of surreal compositing, a tablet is a must, as editing with a mouse is like painting with a fish. I will have to revert back to Photoshop which is a shame. As you can see in the image below, It would be really painful putting this image together with a mouse.
  5. No HVDB, I use a Wacom tablet. Also, the selection tool does not work. Everything else works fine. This is my operating system, not slow in the slightest.
  6. I have just experienced the same with a JPG image and recorded it. 2019-08-03 15-16-30.mp4
  7. Here is a Onedrive link to one of the NRW pictures...https://1drv.ms/u/s!Aj6jZStUC1U6jeA8em4GO2-Fv46Eqw?e=anrzZo
  8. It works ok when opening JPG files, It's when I open RAW files from my Nikon A1000, which is an NRW file.
  9. I am thinking of leaving Photoshop and downloaded Affinity Photo trial. Problems so far are: my paintbrush tool or any other tool I choose is an Arrow, not a round circle, so I can't see how big my brush is. Also, I tried the flood fill tool and this did not work full stop. The selection tool is not very good at snapping to edges even though I have snapping on, I have to constantly keep doing it. Also, when I increase the brush size, nothing happens for a few seconds like it's not working, then it does. I need a very quick workflow as I list hundreds of items a month on my jewellery websites and I'm not feeling it. Is there a solution, maybe I'm missing something, can anyone help?

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