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  1. I re-opened same file from iCloud on another computer and after going back to previous computer Photo 1.6.7 shows up dialog with choice of changes I prefer to keep. Dialog and Photo are running, no crash at the moment, but I can't choose any of the buttons, Esc doesn't do anything, only killing Photo process helped.
  2. David_CZ

    Help with pencil brush

    Oh, I see. I'll try to play with settings, it's strange I couldn't find the correct one.
  3. David_CZ

    Help with pencil brush

    It's standard Procreate HB/6B pencil brush actually, aren't there any way how convert their .brush files to Affinity?
  4. David_CZ

    Help with pencil brush

    I was looking for something more realistic for sketching. Something like this.
  5. David_CZ

    Help with pencil brush

    Thanks a lot. It's usefull, unfortunately these brushes do not contain the exact pencil look, so I'm still searching.
  6. David_CZ

    Help with pencil brush

    I'm also interested in the answer/recommendation.
  7. David_CZ

    CDR Import

    +1 for CDR import feature :) (DWG would be also nice..)
  8. I just test it, wonderful, thanks!
  9. I'm use to move objects with arrow keys. AD has default setting as 1-pixel and 10-pixel move only. But it's not useful when you work on document which is in mm or inch units. Most vector apps has possibility to set unit and distance for arrow and shift+arrow. I'm missing it so much in AD. It should depend on document units and grid setting - isometric and triangular grid needs to use different "basic move unit". Looking forward for such a feauture in next update :)