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  1. Hi, I have a question about the layer order when I try to apply the master page to every single page in the doc. let's say that I want to put a stamp or watermark on every page which all cover by full-size image. And when I apply the master page, the stamp always put into the bottom of every single page. is there a way to put it on top? easily? not to have me to change the layer order every single page?
  2. Hi i build a constrain indicate arrow asset for UI design. Hope this will be helpful. combo arrow groups first ,you need to select the object, double click to choose the child group,then you can make the change just by draging the object. constantin indicate arrow asset2.0.zip
  3. i want to create a broke circle and want it look like broke irregular. Seems AD doesn't have a vector eraser or something like that.
  4. @MikeW @Mark Ingram @BobsDaubs @AdamW @Jon W Thank you guys, now i understand what DPI and how it works
  5. so, if i want large image, i can only set the size?
  6. Hi i am confuse when i using the DPI setting. I want my file export have a high quality. So i go to document setup to set the DPI 300 or 400. But when i export file to jpg,png,tiff , the file still the same size. please help me understand how this work Thanks!
  7. minions says hi~ and some bottleļ¼Œ all vector