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  1. That's exactly what I did in Affinity, but when I looked at it afterwards, the resulting PDF showed a dark grey rather than black: The CMYK sliders were incorrect when I re-viewed the file to double check.
  2. Puzzled as to how you find this settings window. My export options don't include overprin t ot spot colours, for example. Working in Mac v 1.7.3. I'm having trouble exporting true black in pdfs for my printer's too.
  3. I've used AD to produce full sized roll-ups and sent the output in PDF format to a printing company. They've always come back absolutely perfect.
  4. Hi, Loved the first edition of your styles. I was wondering if you'd managed to come through with the new styles you mention here?
  5. My apologies, too, as I've only just seen your reply. How do I send the file to you?
  6. Recently, I tried to copy a small group of elements from within a fairly large Affinity Designer file. After whirring away for a few seconds, the app just crashed. This repeats any time I try to copy in this file. It doesn't happen in other smaller files. I had not had any problems with this file whilst I was working on it actively. It is only on reopening it to grab a group of elements to use in a new file that this bug appeared. This problem occurred after a recent update to of AD. Is there a solution?
  7. I have used Inkscape for a long time and bitmap tracing is where many of my projects start since I have to produce in-house menu icons/UI bits based on a client's logo. Very often, the client has no idea where the vector original is (if it ever existed), or it would take ages to request and receive it, so tracing is a Godsend. Please bump it up the development ladder so I can come over to Affinity Designer and not have to sit astraddle the fence. :blink:
  8. Hi Rolandas, I'm not sure about your file opening problem in AD. For your missing Layers, however, try resetting Studio by going to View>Studio>Reset Studio. This solved a problem I was having where no layers panel was visible in Draw Persona, despite it being ticked in the Studio sub-menu.
  9. As suggested by whomever is manning your Twitter account (@AffinityBySerif ) today, I reset Studio via View>Studio>Reset and the Layers panel magically reappeared (I do wish there was a simple interface button for layers!). This allowed me to see that the layer containing the actual design was deactivated (unticked) and thus invisible. This is probably caused by some nasty shenanigans during Illustrator PDF export. I have been to-ing and fro-ing all morning with my printers because they insisted they couldn't see the design, that my file was blank save the printing marks. When I described my Affinity situation (deactivated layer), and made the innocent suggestion that they might be having a similar problem, I received an email within five minutes requesting my final approval of the order :unsure: . No admitting anything nor apologies, mind you. So I imagine you won't needing the file? If you want it anyway to see where the hitch was, to where do I send it? Thanks, Tracey
  10. Point 1: I have this enabled but still cannot see a layers panel except in Export Persona (how on earth do I edit on a particular layer if I can't jump to it?!) Point 2: An Illustrator-created PDF file imported to Affinity Designer only shows the bleeds/printer's marks layer and not the actual design layers. How do I make this visible?
  11. On opening svg files in Affinity Designer, very often I am confronted with a warning that font "xyz" is "missing". Some of these apprently missing fonts are standard fonts already installed on my system (Trebuchet MS anyone?). How can I cajole Designer into "installing" these missing fonts? MBP 15" 2.66 GHz Core i7, 8GB RAM OSX 10.9.5 Mavericks Affinity Designer trial version, downloaded 25 June 2015, version dated 22 May 2015. Original SVG files created in Inkscape v 0.485, saved as plain svg. Cycling Short Sleeve Jersey final design.svg
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