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  1. it's something I need a lot, it's normal to have 15 identical pictures with small differences of scene characters. And not being able to work RAW in batches kills me. RawTherapy is an option, Darktable, already has windows version and its batch image work is very powerful. I hope that soon it can be done in Affinity Photo, sure yes.
  2. RafaGCG TAB bug

    Pressing TAB repeatedly and moving the image. the image breaks down see captures
  3. hello. Apologies if it has already been resolved But I'm going crazy. I try to apply the same 3800K setting and 20 clarity to a batch of photos. But in revealed person mode, I can not record macros. How is it done? Thank you
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I see them all very successful. Of the word "paso" I'm pretty sure. Driving a camera: F2 >> f2.8 = 1 paso ISO100 >> ISO200 = 1 paso (step?) A step involves a double or half change in the amount of light entering through the lens. I hope all this helps to improve the translation. Regards!
  5. what a disappointment. Have not corrected any language in the new version. Other fault:
  6. Sorry, my English is not good and does not explain me well. When exporting any format. Always indicate exporting in layers. It does not indicate the correct format, but saves it in the correct format. The truth is that it seems to me that it is not a translation error. In the example, I export to TIFF, it indicates affinity layers, but it generates a TIFF. It may have to be this way and I misunderstand it.