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Found 40 results

  1. Hi. Sorry if this has already been covered by I gave up looking through 170 pages in the forum! When I find an image on a web page I want to process in Pixelmator I can drag it directly from the web page to Pixelmator's icon and it will open. Why can't I do that with AP? Also, I would just like to formally ask for the one step crop feature I mentioned in a previous comment. That is: use crop tool, choose specific pixel dimensions, drag rectangle around content required, also rotate as necessary, commit. Image inside selection is resized (might involve increasing or decreasing) and cropped to size specified. I know this isn't a traditional crop but it is very useful. If the user wants a traditional crop (no resampling) they just don't resize the drop rectangle. I know Pixelmator is a more basic program than AP but there are some UI elements in there you guys should have a look at! Thanks.
  2. Hi I use the Affinity Photo v1.51 and in settings made the Font UI size from default to Large ,but need even bigger User Interface with all the tools at the bar etc on the left side specially bigger (all the photo tools). i Have a iMac 5K screen and the program is so small in size with all the tools on screen. Could you make in settings the UI -size overall even bigger? so there would be an "Large 5K" settings for UI on Affinity Photo?!! i Hope you understand my feature request :) Sweden // Johan
  3. Hi Everyone, Amazing application, but i'm stuck in the 80's and would do anything for a grey user interface option! Thanks Craig
  4. Please, folks, work on the user interface. Just making the sizes of the icons in the tool dock adjustable would make a substantial difference. I confess, I was really surprised to find that ability was not there. The default list of tools on the left side of the window (a) takes up only about half the space on my 27" imac monitor, and (b) is impossible to read without my leaning over and squinting. I'm 79 and my eyeballs are not in great shape, and no doubt I'll die pretty soon, so please hurry.
  5. I really hate the black background of Affinity Designer. Is there a way to change that?
  6. I am new to Affinity and am having problems changing the font in Preferences for the User Interface. Could you please tell me how to make the user interface fonts and or icons larger on a MacBook Pro.
  7. One of my long-standing pet-peeves with graphics apps on the Mac was Apple's early decision to make it necessary to hold the shift key down to scale an object proportionally. To me, that is default behavior, and should be doable without a modifier key. Thankfully, Apple is moving in that direction (which I particularly notice in apps like Pages), but the picture on the Mac as a whole is very spotty. It's my impression that there are plenty of apps out there that adhere to the old-school way of things. As things currently stand with Affinity Designer, when I want to resize an object proportionally (which is most, but not all of the time), I don't know when I'll have to hold the Shift key down to do so and when I won't. I think by sheer chance the first few times I scaled objects in AD, I did so without having to press the shift key, and I thought to myself, "Yay, Affinity-Serif, you got it right." But that turned out not to be true, and over time I've come to realize there's a 50% chance each time I want to scale an object that I'll have to hit command-z because the operation won't go as intended. I suppose there are a couple ways this problem can be solved. The ideal solution, to my mind, is to make scaling behavior the same across all classes of objects, be they text, curves, simple objects, compound objects, or groups (made up of any combination of the aforementioned object types): proportional scaling should be the default when the object is selected and manipulated, with no modifier key necessary. If, for some obscure programming reason, it's impossible to implement the above goal, can we have a scaling indicator that reliably tells us whether the selected object we're about to scale will do so proportionately or not, depending on the currently pressed keys? Thanks very much. Andy
  8. It would be great to have the possibility to minimaze the palettes. Every pallet could have an icon and this icon would be showed when the palette is minimazed. Actually it should be like in Adobe (or even better). ;)
  9. Hello This feature was requested by me when discussing a bug, so now I'm requesting it here at the right place. At the moment, when a user has OSX in a non-english language, the OS offers a translation of certain common font styles like bold, italic, regular etc. In a few applications made by Apple such as Numbers or Pages, and also in the Font Book app, these translations are used when selecting fonts from the fontmenu. Most professional design applications however use the original (non-translated) names in the font selection. At this moment, Affinity applications use the translated names, even though the rest of the user interface is English. I personally think the way OSX translates font styles is quite primitive, and I often encounter fonts where half of the styles are translated in Dutch, while the other half are not translated because the typedesigner chose non-traditional names for these styles. Other design-related applications ignore the OSX translations and use the original style names, which is more practical in a professional environment. As long as Affinity doesn't offer application wide translation, I personally think it's better for Affinity to ignore the OSX translations, because we now get a inconsistent user interface with two languages. I'm looking forward to hear how you think about this.
  10. Feature Request: A black dot in the center of the red "close" button to indicate the current open file has unsaved changes. This is common to many Mac apps. I know that attempting to close a file with unsaved changes will bring up a prompt to save the file before exiting. It is just a convenient visual indicator of the state of the file. Regards, John mac unsaved changes indicator.tiff
  11. Please make Distribute options easier to find in Affinity Photo. They aren't on the ribbon, they apparently aren't in the Arrange or Alignment menus--why not?--and it takes some clicking around to finally find them hidden in the pop-up you get when you click on the Arrange icon. It blows my mind that the Arrange icon offers functionality not available (or at least, I can't find it) in the menu system! How about adding a Distribute icon to appear along side the Arrange icons in the ribbon?
  12. Hello At this moment, the input fields in the Affinity programs behave in a way that is not native to OSX. I don't know if this is a deliberate choice, but I feel like it would be nice if they behaved consistent with other OSX apps. I also noticed that not every input field behaves the same in Affinity. An example in the Transform palette: - When hovering over an input field, the cursor should transform to the text-selection icon. - Clicking in an input field yields the expected behaviour; you can start typing where you pointed the cursor. This works perfect. - When using the tab key to jump from field to field, I expect the content of that field to be selected so I can immediately start typing thus replacing the previous content. But right now, if I start typing, my typing replaces the quantity while the units (i.e. px or mm) stay put. I get that you designed the input field this way because in most situations, the designer wants to adjust the size in the same unit. But when this is not the case, a few extra actions are required to clear the input field. Often I want to use the expressions in those fields like "sh" or "sw/2" (which are terrific by the way!). So if I jump to the height input field and type "sh" and press enter, nothing happens because it keeps the px unit and thus the expression is incorrect. In my opinion, this wouldn't be a problem if the whole content of the input field was selected on tab-jumping to it; if I just wanted to change 200 px to 400 px I could type "200", and Affinity would automatically append "px" (as it does now), but if I wanted to use expressions, I wouldn't be hindered by the sticky unit. I'm looking forward to hear your opinion! Bauke
  13. I really dislike the new layer arrows. I find them incredibly ugly and distracting. Please go back to the previous style. It wasn’t broken and didn’t need fixing.
  14. Hello, Can you help me please restore my screen to the standard/normal default. I don't know what I've done but I can't seem to get it quite back to Normal mode. Thanks! Cann
  15. Hello, as you know I am a web designer and I'm proud to share with you my first big work. My company, Offerte Tour Operator, builds iframe for booking, hosted on many client sites, but our last and bigger committer is Costa. I realize che graphic of Costa Extra (entire website), business department of Costa Crociere, and the new tool for search Cruise and Vacancy (developed by our team). Tool: Website: I Hope you like it and let me say that AffinityDesigner is superb ^_^
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