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  1. I do agree that to much customization isn't good either, it can create chaos and distraction to what is actually the point. But 2 or 3 themes can already make a big difference. The link i shared is indeed not a complete UI, but it is just to give an example of what i mean. I just think that it could give an extra touch that makes me love to use AD / AP even more :) On my laptop AD runs really smooth (better then Illustrator or Photshop) and at the end thats the most important part. I will patiently wait for 2.x. and in the meantime i will deffinitly keep on using AD / AP :D
  2. Hello, I have been waiting with excitement for the Affinity BETA to come out on windows. After opening Affinity, i was not convinced. I really got this "not bad" feeling.. This is because of 1 main issue; i don't like the user interface. Functionally speaking, its great. It beats photoshop in my opinion. But its not even close to what i had hoped for.. I am a big fan of "minimalism" and "flat" design, not just for its looks, but for the overall experience. I came accross a photoshop redisign made by Aurélien Salomon on Behance: https://www.behance.net/gallery/19600227/Photoshop-redesign This is how a modern and new photo editor app/program, in my opinion, should look like. Design is contantly evolving, so the tools that are used to create design should be designed with this in mind. My suggestion: create an user interface that works with templates. Give the user control of how Affinity looks like. What would be better then an editor that by itself gives inspiration to create more beautifull & smart designs?
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