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  1. Hi MattP....Thank-you for commenting on my post. Will the developers consider implementing a feature in the "User Interface Preferences" so we can enlarge the fonts and icons in the future?
  2. O.K. Thank-you for your input, R C-R; It will take some getting used to on my new MacBook 15 inch screen; I have been using a 27 inch screen with photoshop. Sure wish they would implement this feature for a larger font. Is it possible to contact Affinity? This is the first link I tried through the help menu; I don't see any phone number for tech support.
  3. There is an option to do this in version 1.4.3; Preferences>User Interface>Font: Default or Large, it isn't working, though all of the slider options are working such as the gray scale for the background preference. Do they plan to have this option working at a later date? How can I contact an Affinity Tech Support Person to find out? (This is a brand new app for me; I just downloaded it this morning.)
  4. I am new to Affinity and am having problems changing the font in Preferences for the User Interface. Could you please tell me how to make the user interface fonts and or icons larger on a MacBook Pro.