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  1. Thanks for your suggestions toltec In the photo persona when I can see the image that I am working on only 'Dock Tools' is checked (but greyed out) and 'Hide Studio' is checked. If I then select any of the above or uncheck 'Hide Studio' then the image immediately disappear. I can then continue to check all the above and uncheck 'Hide Studio' and all these are available but the only view of the image I can see is the small one in the Studio. If I then toggle the User Interface the image appears but all the above are now unchecked and the Studio is hidden. I tried your suggestion and reset everything (I am new to Photo so did not lose much) but this did not fix the problem. A reboot of the PC is one of the first things that I tried, without luck. Howard
  2. Recently I have not been able to see the document that I am working on or any of the following at the same time: * Toolbar * Tools * Context Toolbar *Studio I can tab to toggle the UI on and off. When UI is off and I can see the document if I use the View menu to see any of the above then the document disappears from view. I have tried resetting all the default but this does not solve the problem. I have the same problem with the beta version. I am running Windows 10.and experienced other problems (with restarting) after Windows updates were installed on 12-13 September; the latest Windows update has fixed this.. This may be a coincidence but AP worked fine before (I am not sure of the exact date but certainly after 1 September). After the Windows updates I did not try AP until a couple of days ago. Have I accidentally changed something? Has anyone else ever had the same problem? Update 30/09/2017 I have found the cause of the problem as the settings for AMD Radeon™ R5 Graphics card. The drivers for this card were updated with the Windows updates and the new driver appears to have either caused the problem or changed the settings. The setting for the Affinity Photo now default to "Unassigned". If I change these to "Power Saving" the problem disappears when I restart AP but reappear if I select any other setting.
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