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Found 59 results

  1. jones

    Toolbar gets lost

    Hey Guys, when i open my affinity photo trial version with a psd my toolbar gets lost and instead of the toolbar i see some ghost windows. I've attached some screenshots. What is it ?
  2. Hi, I'm missing the icons that allow me to switch between personas. I've reset the studio, toggled on and off the toolbars, done the usual searching, but have lost the ability to switch to different personas. Any ideas where these icons could have gone, or a reasonable workaround to switch personas? Thanks!
  3. Please see the attached screenshot. Something happened and now all my tools and toolbar (wish there were better terms for everything) are all over the place. I did manage to figure out "Merge Windows" gets two documents into tabs, but even when I've done that, the app stays in "separated mode." Help!
  4. So today i opened up Affinity photo after a while of not using the program, i discoved that my brush lists and pallete list is gone (see photo attached), i had to manually add the tools list and top toolbar. but i can not figure out how to add the brush list and pallete options back. If you know any solution feel free to inform me, i could not find any similar forum post Love, Helldesign
  5. Hello, My tool bar is missing when I am in <Separate Mode> even when it is checked in the view menu. I reset the tools but still no luck. My assumption is that it was moved off screen into the great void beyond the screen. I tried connecting to a secondary screen to possibly find it but it's still not visible. How do I recover it? Merci :) Paige
  6. Hello, i am new here I had this problem that the left Toolbar got lost and the right one with the layers also. I fixed that problem, but after that i cant change any brushsize. The bar with all settings for the brush doesn't open. I made the full reset of AP when starting it and pressing cntrl and after that i full reinstalled the App. but it still doesnt work. I am very grateful for any help or advice
  7. I opened AD today and everything was where it always is. I switched over to Pixel Persona to work on some art and my Persona Toolbar vanished. I have to go into the AD dropdown menu to switch back to Draw Persona but the toolbar still does not appear. It's just a grey or black blank bar. I have restarted the program, updated it and even uninstalled it to reinstall it and the same thing keeps happening. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. We can customize the main toolbar by long pressing it etc, and then add there some of the basic tools. But how about having a capability to add a filters and effects too there? Or have a own custom sidebar where to add them, so there wouldn't be need to open the list everytime to call something? It would speed up the workflow when user could add a most used filters and effects as buttons and then just tap them to get them added?
  9. I miss some toolbar settings like: 1. Icon size small, medium, large (because its very depending on the monitor and its resolution) 2. More Icons for commands like Undo, Redo and lots more,. Best would be if you could choose free out of all commands. 3. Two or three rows for the toolbar. Until now just one row is possible.
  10. Hello, I have a problem with the separated mode on Affinity Photo. I use it on a Macbook Pro and most of the time I use an external monitor. I think what I'm experiencing might be the result of switching between monitors, as I've noticed Affinity Photo and Designer don't always like it when I have an external display connected. My problem is that I've somehow lost my top toolbars (normal and context) completely on separated mode. They are definitely on, and visible on normal mode, but on separated mode they move somewhere out of the screen. They aren't visible on any of my desktops. I can get them to the dock if I click minimize from the Window menu, but when I click them open they move out of my screen edges again. Is there a way to restore all the toolbars to their normal position on the separated more? Or some method to gather them to one desktop? This is pretty frustrating and I haven't found any way make separated mode usable again.
  11. Hi - I'm a new User today. All well and good EXCEPT the workspace doesn't show my contextual toolbar and I can't make alterations to brushes opacity for example as in the video tutorials. Thank you. Ray
  12. As I stated earlier in another thread, I have problems with the UI if I plug another monitor into my laptop. That external monitor is set as my primary display if plugged in and AD (in separated window mode) moves all windows and panels to that display but keeps the position of the studio panels and toolbars at the size of the laptop display, positioned somewhere around the bottom left in the viewport. But that’s not even the actual problem. The real problem is that if I unplug the monitor (after having manually aligned all panels and toolbars to the edges of the large display’s viewport) and everything goes back to the small laptop display, sometimes some panels/toolbars are apparently hidden outside the viewport and I can’t access them anymore. Yes, I can reset the studio but that sucks big time. And that doesn’t even solve my current issue because the context toolbar at the top has disappeared and doesn’t even come back after resetting the studio; apparently that’s only for the panels. I can probably reset AD on startup (I’ve forgotten the key combination for that, haha) but that can also not be a permanent solution.
  13. Hello, the Panel/Toolbar that is usually on the right side of the screen is no longere there. I don't know if it disappeared or I accidentally closed it but it was very useful when trying to change levels, modify individual layers, etc. Could you please let me know how I can get this area back? Attached a screenshot of the area where this panel/toolbart is.
  14. The toolbar disappears and reappears on every consecutive click when undocked and displayed when on FullScreen mode
  15. It would be great if AD added a fourth "Split View on/off toggle" icon the 3 icon View set presently on the Toolbar. I LOVE split view, and love quickly panning between rendered and key line to edit precisely and see the results on the other side, but hate going to the sub-menu to toggle it on and off...
  16. I think it would be awesome if we could have some kind of ''padlock'' icon so the navigator, history, etc. at the right of the screen can be locked there, with no room for moving it by accident, losing time place everything in order again (workflow, workflow...) Maybe there's one already, though :)
  17. This is still not fixed: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/20237-adesigner-the-whole-grid-and-design-is-shifted-after-show-context-toolbar/?p=94208
  18. Hi! I wonder, if there is a possibility to change background colour of the upper toolbar? I've found "Customise Toolbar" options, but I can not see anything about the background colour. And when I change "artboard background grey level" to lighter, which I prefer, then the header section is too visually heavy and focus my attention too much. So I would like to ask you, if there is any possibility to give the lighter colour option of toolbar to the new upgrade of your program? It would be awesome! And yet there is another thing that distracts me, although just a little this time... ;) When I'm in the Node Tool mode, then the round curve points are little too big and I can not see the line clearly (like you can see on this strange animal, that I've attached). Is there any option I can choose to make them smaller in the Node Tool mode? BTW, I've observed Affinity from some time and I really like your program and your friendly approach! And wish you best luck on the market :)
  19. I used to use Graphic (formally iDraw.) I liked how it used large icons for people like myself who have retina displays that make traditional UIs seem small. This option should be added under view > customize tools so that I can change the size and which tools to display at the same time.
  20. I have problems with the toolbars in the application. They seemed to be "greyed out" -- I am currently running OS 10.11.5. My mac has the following specs: Hardware Overview: Model Name: Mac Pro Model Identifier: MacPro3,1 Processor Name: Quad-Core Intel Xeon Processor Speed: 3.2 GHz Number of Processors: 2 Total Number of Cores: 8 L2 Cache (per Processor): 12 MB Memory: 32 GB Bus Speed: 1.6 GHz Boot ROM Version: MP31.006C.B05 SMC Version (system): 1.25f4 Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 2048 MB Here is a screen capture of the problem. Can you help?
  21. This should be quite easy, but it does not work for me. I have opted for a floating toolbar and would like to add the Flip Horizontal tool and others to this toolbar. I've tried dragging from everywhere to the toolbar (via Customize Toolbar and Customize Tools in View), but nothing pops into the toolbar. This may have something to do with the fact that I have no tools along the horizontal top of my AD screen. I chose not to have ithere and now can't find how to get it back there. Where am I going wrong? Thanks.
  22. Ever notice that your workspace/interface needs are quite different when you're working in 1) Portrait orientation versus 2) Landscape orientation? It's already quite constraining that computer screens are landscape-shaped – who ever told Steve Jobs and Bill Gates that computers should prioritize left-right over up-down?? Blame the fact that CRT displays evolved from Television tubes. :^( But damn them for making LCD screens even more h-o-r-i-z-o-n-t-a-l! But if you're designing a vertical layout or (lord have mercy on you!) an actual vertical portrait, you're reduced to cursing the gods of prevailing horizontality. We portraitists have to make the best of it, and get every vertical obstruction off to the side of the screen. Affinity, you can HELP! Please give us the option of switching the Toolbar into a vertical bar! (I know you'd have to figure something out for the doc tabs & parameter readouts, but you'll sort it out in your usual clever way.) A gift from heaven would be a toggle/switch command to flip from your usual interface layout, to one customized for portrait/vertical documents – with a vertical Toolbar. (I'm aware of Separated Mode and Toggle Full Screen – very helpful. But I need the toolbar and the info read-out, and don't want to be constantly Tab-Toggling interface On & Off, or Tool Bar Opt-Cmd-T.) Thanks for your serious consideration! - pbass
  23. I'm totally new to Affinity photo and am struggling with some basic things. Right now, I'm trying to figure out how to "bend" the text in this image (see attachment) to fit the lip pictured. As far as I can tell, the tool I am looking for is the node tool but I can't find it for the life of me! All the tutorials I have seen show it as being visible in the toolbar to the side, but I sure don't see it there. I think the tutorials are showing an earlier version of this program, though I'm not sure. Any tips?
  24. Would be good to have a "show grid" toolbar button that I could add to my toolbar via the "customise toolbar" option. I often want to toggle the grid on quickly to make a precise adjustment but then switch it off again as it obscures the image a little too much to leave on all the time. It could possibly be added as part of a set along with guides and rulers.
  25. Hello, This morning I started with the Affinity trial version. I have trouble with the type tool. At first iI couldn't type with the artist type tool, I only saw the other type tool( sorry don't now the name) in the toolbar. After trying and searching for a while I restarted the program to see if it got better that way. And now I lost the entire type icon(s) on the lefthand toolbar. Can you tell me how to get my type tools back? Regards Harmke

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