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  1. Hi everyone, Hello Serif. Great job with Affinity Designer. One feature request for Affinity Designer’s colour picker. Because of iOS’ sandboxing of apps, which is great in many ways, it gets in the way of easily using an external colour picker, and put a colour value into Affinity Designer. For Affinity Designer, can you allow the built-in colour picker to... - Select a colour from an image. - Select a colour from a website - Select a colour from a document With the colour palettes in Affinity Designer, can you allow to... - Create a colour palette from an image - Import/Export a colour palette? Again, great work from everyone at Serif! Love it.
  2. Thanks ErrkaPetti. The Scale with Object started working for me as well! Interesting. Just a bug. Might also restart the iPad Pro again even though I did yesterday. I take that back with the Scale with Object issues. Looks like it works on and off. Just bug fixing needed. Now just hoping for stroke profile creations
  3. Hi Team! Love your work, and here’s some productive feedback for Affinity Designer on the iPad... When Scale with Object is selected and you resize a square for example, the width of the stroke does not change at all while resizing the object. It works fine on other platforms, just not on my iPad Pro at least. Aware of bugs with tools, so restarted Affinity Designer to no avail. Hope you can fix this. One more thing, can you allow stroke pressures to be saved as on other versions of Affinity Designer? Unless I’m mistaken, profiles cannot be saved on the iPad. A great organiser and stress reliever rather than manually doing it. Loving Affinity Designer. So good to have the touch screen at last and pencil to manage everything. Well done Serif!
  4. Hi team! Really loving Affinity Designer on the iPad Pro and improvements to the toolbars. An idea to help people know quickly what each small button in the Context Toolbar does, if this can help... When small buttons in the Context toolbar don’t have a label, such as node snapping buttons, would it help to press and hold on a button to see a label overlay? Thanks.