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  1. So that circle on screenshot. I guess it came with latest update. So before ad had a huge disasterous problem with nodes and control points movement and sensitivity. Now we still have those problems but also this circle pops up to block the view. Is it some sort of joke or i dont understand what to do with it?
  2. I guess Ur right. They just thread any touch as a finger touch. Pencil has 1000 times more precision but its abilities are not involved in action in AD. Then we just need to request special apple pencil settings in the app
  3. In the end a modifier button with simple logic - move nodes / objects , move control points. They actually have a great thing that doesnt work tho - two fingers down to move selected nodes only. Why it doesnt work as it should ? Probably a bug. If they do same for moving objects and make it work the way it should - ill be totally happy
  4. This nodes problem and move tool problem together creates terrible user experience, cause u cant do superbasic things easily. I face this problem thouthand times a day
  5. Ur workround is awesome) they have gesture for moving nodes but it dorsnt work as well as the move tool. Probably a button is the best solution since others doesnt work
  6. Yeah thats what i have to do, but its killing a workflow. Had hope that control points sensitivity can be minimised to their visual size. Thats what messing everything up(
  7. Hi the problem is - anytime i use move tool to MOVE an object - it gonna get resized flipped or whatever exept doing what move tool supposed to do. Move object. Well, sometimes i got lucky and it does move but damn its a challenge and uberfrustrating. Same with nodes - yes im holding 2 fngrs to move a node using a node tool but if control handles are too close it still gona move them instead of node i want to move. I really hope that im missing something and there is a solution for this. Its just killing me, help
  8. 2 finger down to move node (in node edit) still result in moving control handles if they are close or in the node. No way i can move selected node on that picture holding two fingers down. It will always get control points to move
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