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  1. Interesting reply, so I guess requesting a feature improvement is not encouraged. Thank you.
  2. I can't figure out how to remove the docked state of the Studio space on the right, covers my work, I'm on a laptop. Can you remove the docked state? and move it where you want?
  3. look for desktop Web black and white UI kit. The above is not that, let me know!
  4. While all that’s fine for many, I don’t see why mixing tools has to be partitioned and mutually exclusive.
  5. Yeah, I use a mix of vectors and bitmaps, marquis is very necessary when grabbing a part of a screen image, used mostly for rough conceptual redesigns in software. I think the constraint is a little artificial - that’s not how FireWorks worked it and it was much more flexible. I’ll try the assets additions, I’m assuming though they won’t be vectors. Not good.
  6. Sorry unclear - how do I add color to the background or canvas, (now like a PNG, transparent?) Sorry, coming from a Fireworks background, seems there ought to be a place for that. Creating a white rectangle seems silly..
  7. Can you clarify if this is my issue, sorry couldn't understand completely - what I want to do is select the individual layers that are Sublayers to a layer. Right now, I can't select those sublayers without selecting my command key and clicking. Are you saying there is a specific preference or way in the layers area itself, to change something to allow that? Right now the main layer is selected/checked, and all the sublayers are selected/checked, but I can't individually pick one out without that shortcut. SORRY update - just discovered it's a grouping thing - when I brought a PSD in, it grouped automatically all my layers I guess! And the individual ones were underneath. So if I right click on the main layer and "ungroup" it worked. However, would be nice to still have a layer and sublayers underneath, and still be able to click them individually without it being grouped. Is that possible?
  8. I'm a newbie so not sure this has been answered (looked but couldn't discern!) - but I simply want to have the same tools that are in the Pixel persona shown alongside the Main persona (I assume that's the "Designer" one because that's my free trial?) I need the lasso/marquis stuff all the time, in conjunction with shapes for example... I have to keep switching personas to get them. Seems odd... So, is there a way to see them all at the same time?
  9. Where do you draw lines? I just see the shapes, don't know where to do that. And, can arrow tips be added?
  10. The marquis icon is not in the toolbar. I cannot figure out how to add; customize toolbar does not show it either. It would be helpful if you put this information in the instructions for each tool. Help!
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