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Found 218 results

  1. Hi. In Photoshop I was able to apply a script so that when I save my file as a .psd it would also save a copy as a .png file. Is there a way to do this for Affinity Photo?
  2. I've dabbled with the beta for this off and on for a while, but not a great deal to be honest. Suffice it to say I've finally grown completely tired of Adobe's Photoshop CC15 and decided to give Affinity Photo a more serious attempt with my work files. When I try to open the file I'm currently working on, I receive the "File could not be parsed" error. Well, this was one of the files I was working on after the CC15 update, so I thought maybe removing all the artboards from the file and re-saving it as a separate file afterward would work. Sadly that didn't do the trick. Any ideas? Thanks!!
  3. Affinity Photo beta: 1. Where eyedropper? 2 How to apply swatch for mixer brushj? Any mixer brush tutorials? 3. Can change and save keyboard shortcuts sets? 4. Why when I open a multi layer psd do I only get 1 layer in Af photo beta?
  4. I'm using the free trial version of Affinity Design and this is one bug I noticed. I tried to open a PSD file, some layers of the file have Layer Styles. Upon importing, the layer styles didn't render but the layer is present. I looked into that layer and I saw the "fx" icon and I try to access it because maybe I can try to recreate the layer style. I clicked the 'fx' icon and the app crashed. Not seeing the layer styles from the start is sort of a hassle too because soon I'm gonna ditch my PS and I'm finding a new editing software. What if the PSD was from a client and I'm not aware of the original style provided? That might 'cause some problems. Thank you and I hope you look into this because I'm really trying to find a good software that can import PSD and AI flawlessly First Screenshot: File opened on PS Second: FIle opened on AD (Gradient is gone) Third: FX icon on that layer
  5. I'm currently designing some basic icon sets in affinity designer. All was well and good until I went to export my PSD file to my icon folder, I usually save over my previous work for organizations sake so I replace the file entirely instead of versioning. Every time I save over my previous work Affinity Designer crashes, doesn't matter what the file format. I've managed to discerned that it only crashes when I save in this order User/ Desktop/ SUBFLDR/ SUBFLDR crash.pdf
  6. Will Affinity Photo have support for Photoshop Linked Smart Objects?
  7. So far, PSD import in Affinity Designer has been pretty stellar. Export is my current problem. I created an email design in Affinity Designer, then attempted a PSD export with both "Preserve Editability" and "Preserved image precision" set. I've tried this both from our office server and from a working copy of the file on my desktop. Both give me an empty 2kb file and an "end of file" message when attempting to open in Photoshop.
  8. Does Affinity use a copy of the RAW file for editing and is it non destructive?
  9. Hi All, Just thought I'd share this site, it has PSD files free to download. http://freepsdfiles.net Enjoy
  10. Hi there - I cannot seem to export to PSD. The file rendered is 3k and just simply doesn't work. Any ideas? (I'm using the Trial version) Best, Justin
  11. Hi all, I just joined the forum and this is my first post. I'm trying out the trial version of Affinity Designer, as I don't want to hassle with learning Illustrator when my work isn't that "intense," but I need a vector program more functional than what I was using before (Belight Software's Art Text 2). I own a small videography company, and we were using Art Text to design our graphics before we pulled them into Apple Motion to build and animate our templates. Part of what drew me to Affinity Designer is the option to export .psd, which would allow me to export one file and have it broken into layers within Motion, instead of having to deactivate all but one layer or "element" at a time, and export individual .pngs, as is my current workflow. So I tried that with this graphic I've put together in the trial version, but it exported a blank file. I open it in Photoshop, and get the message that it "Could not complete your request because an unexpected end-of-file was encountered." Affinity (Serif? Not sure how to address the team) asked me via Twitter to post the file here for support, so that's what I'm doing now. (Please note that the background image isn't part of the graphic itself, just a placeholder copied from the internet to visualize things and check the design against a background similar to what will be used in practice.) I do notice with another design that I've done that when I export, I see a progress bar, and that .psd came out right. However, within Motion, it doesn't give me the option to split the .psd into separate layers, and in Photoshop, the layers are getting flattened more than I need them to. (Perhaps I need to review the documentation on the latter topic.) If anyone here has experience with Motion, are there certain export settings needed to make this work? Thanks in advance. El Segundo Graphics Mockup.afdesign
  12. Hi, I am getting the "Failed to open PSD file" error when trying to open certain psd files. Some open, some don't. For those that open, I am noticing the following bugs: Smart layers get rasterised. IMHO, this needs to be fixed. Adjustment layers do not appear the same. For example the hue/saturation adjustment does not look the same as in Photoshop. Some masks on groups do not show as expected, masking seems "inverted"? Please let me know if you need any details on the bugs above, or if there is a fix for what I am experiencing. Other than that, it is a great peace of software. Keep it up!
  13. Hi, I've been searching the forums to see if anyone else had this issue but I can't find it anywhere. I have a PSD document that I opened in AD and all the text layers seem to be pixel layers - therefore I can't copy / paste text, check the font / font-size, or edit it in any way. Some "text" pixel layers have fx on them, so I thought it might be because of this. However, I searched layers without fx and they are all the same (pixel layers). Is there something I'm missing? PS: At least one of the fonts used in the PSD is installed (with SkyFonts, from Google; font: Lato). The rest of the fonts I don't know right now because I can't click on them :)
  14. Hello, I'm working on a corporate identity and I need to fastly implement it in some mockups for previews... but when I open it ( http://www.pencilscoop.com/2013/10/best-free-brand-identity-psd-mock-ups/ ) affinity crashes.... sb help?
  15. When I open this file in Affinity Designer the visibility, position, and content of layers and text is not correct. I have also attached a screenshot of what I see when I open the file. When I open it in Adobe Photoshop everything is as it should be. OSX 10.10 Model Name: MacBook Pro Model Identifier: MacBookPro11,3 Processor Name: Intel Core i7 Processor Speed: 2.5 GHz Number of Processors: 1 Total Number of Cores: 4 L2 Cache (per Core): 256 KB L3 Cache: 6 MB Memory: 16 GB Chipset Model: NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M Type: GPU Bus: PCIe PCIe Lane Width: x8 VRAM (Total): 2048 MB Vendor: NVIDIA (0x10de) DE-WebUI-KolbeIndex.psd
  16. It seems to have issues saving various formats. When saving to PSD or Adobe-esk formats several thing occur. 1. I go through all the steps to save a PSD file, but I hit save and it never shows up in the folder. I leave the program running for a long period of time figuring it take a long time to save certain formats but nothing happens. 2. I then go to close the file and I get the spinning beachball which goes on forever thus causing me to force quit the program. The program REALLY NEEDS some for of progress bar as an indicator. I am at a loss.
  17. Hi, my name is Jude, I'm a front-end developer. I tried opening the psd file received from my designer and the file contains some font that I haven't installed. Affinity Designer then said: Some fonts for '01.index.psd' are missing. The document might not appear as you expect. The following fonts are missing: DFMingStd-W3 MicrosoftJhengHeiRegular After pressing "OK", I found that all text layers didn't exist. When using Adobe Photoshop, even if I have not installed the extra fonts, I still can see the text layers and copy or change the contents. Wish we can use Affinity Designer with the layer's information correct, at least. Thanks.
  18. I made this flyer in Photoshop and opened it in AD to see how it would handle it. Seems the layers are all misplaced, masks are not being respected, etc. Attached are both the layered PSD file and a flattened TIFF of how it should render.
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