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  1. Which is completely useless as i would have to set every single cropped images from start because it doesn't load layers but only external images.
  2. I’m really frustrated and demoralized...after 2 hours searching on web and this forum. I have several images with different sizes, i just drop them all in a AP canvas in order to export those singles images with same size. 1. export persona ask me to set every slice manually...do i really need export persona to export some files??? 2. then i came back to crop the canvas so to have all slices at the same size but AP doesnt really crop images even if i already rasterized them (ONE BY ONE MANUALLY!!!!) 3. i just opened Photoshop and done the job in few seconds. This is just one of the many issue i get daily, no offence, maybe it’s my fault but i wondering if who made the app really use it to work or just test it beacuse its something really different. Im using PS since 1997 and i never ever had to bare this madness to do my job.
  3. Same here, the exact moment you create an artboard you cannot see anything outside anymore. The 'clip to canvas' keeps to be disabled when working with artboards. What a mess!
  4. Same issue here, I had to do it with PS, hope they will fix this asap.
  5. Hi, i imported a mockup, an iPhone in my case, now I would get several copies of it changing only the screen. Tho every time I change one screen every screens changes. Im searching for "duplicate as a copy" I had in PS. Thanks in advance.
  6. My english is most probably horrible but im a graphic designer since 1995. I understand you 'noted' but that doesn't mean that this bug doesn't exist. And the solution offered by DWright would be great as I don't care about vectosr for a lot of works like for a catalogue (A4 size 300dpi) would be a nice workaround.
  7. Thx a lot but even that way doesn't work. Already tried every possible combination (hope so) so far with no success. I have to re-apply the transparency to each object one by one, that's the only solution for this 'bug' on m1 MacBook Air.
  8. I was searching the same thing, the only solution I found to replicate smart objects is to delete every layers you don't need (keep only those layers you would inside the smart object) then save the file as an independent afphoto file. Once you done that reopen your original file and drag into it the afphoto file you just created, you will get your smart object or embedded file as you wanna call it and now you can works with it like you can do in photoshop. I hope this help you a bit and let's hope this will be something easier in future. My dream is the ability to link 2 different layers in order to move them together also when they are in a different group.
  9. Just updated to 1.9.3 me too and I get the same result, no gradient/transparency on grouped elements when exporting PDF. Maybe it's because I'm on m1 (Big Sur 11.2.3)?
  10. Hi, i did check and search everywhere (Iat least I hope) before to open this thread. The problem is PDF seems ignoring the transparency i applied on those lines (i attached PDF and afpub file). It work if I apply the transparency to any single lines and doesn't work (no matter which type of PDF) when I apply the transparency to the group of those lines. I did try with square objects etc with always same result as you can see from the PDF. Did I something wrong or is a bug? Thanks in advance to anyone can help. test.pdf Test.afpub Test 2.pdf Test 2.afpub
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