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  1. Morning! Thanks for all this, really appreciated. Yes, it keeps saying generating export. Sounds like I may have messed up from the start and got a little gung-ho! Arrrgghhh! Nothing like a steep learning curve! I will give these suggestions a whirl. Thanks so much for your time.
  2. Hi. Thanks for coming back to me. I can’t see that. I’ve taken a screen shot of what I get.
  3. Hello, I'm really hoping someone can help as I got a little carried away and created a ton of patterns in affinity designer on the iPad and I've been trying to export them as PSD files to work on in Photoshop but it's just not working. It says it's generating the export but nothing happens. I've searched all over the internet, YouTube, Skillshare, here etc. for advice so finally decided to come and post my own questions as I'm having no joy. I'm not particularly tech savvy so all and any help gratefully received! Thanks
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