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Found 19 results

  1. I often end up misclicking the Create Preset button in the cross-reference dialog. As a result, I overwrite a preset that I actually want to keep. Instead, I propose to add a confirmation to the Save Preset dialog, which displays the name of the preset that will be overwritten. This way, I see that the dialog is different than the create preset dialog and have the option to cancel. Right now, I have to both rename the preset I accidentally saved and recreate the preset that I saved over, which is much more work than the additional confirmation click is.
  2. The new 'Close Document' dialog introduced with version 2.1 on Windows feels quite cramped in my opinion. I didn't test the later beta releases so I was unfortunately never able to give my feedback on a beta thread. New: Old:
  3. I'm listing this as a Designer bug, but it happens in all 3 apps. How to trigger: Open/show the Swatches panel On the panel dropdown menu select "Add Global Colour" Once the dialog box opens, press the Tab key on once your keyboard The colour mode dropdown should be selected Press up (or down) key on your keyboard Instead of the next colour mode, the list separator is selected as shown in the image below This only works until you select a colour mode on that drop list with your mouse. Once you activate this drop list with your mouse, the bug can no longer be triggered until you close (and reopen) this dialog box. Thanks!
  4. Please, add the ability to import preferences and/ or shortcuts that were assigned in the commercial versions. That makes it a lot easier for us users to get up and running quickly to do a few tests of the new features.
  5. Bought & installed Affinity version 2.03 on a Windows 10 laptop with a 1366 x 768px display. This appeared to meet the Affinity tech specs. Affinity version 1 had worked OK on this laptop. But, on first use of Photo 2, the processed photo could not be "exported" using the File... Export dialogue: The "Export" & "Cancel" buttons are hidden below the bottom of the new combined export dialogue. The height of the dialogue cannot be reduced by dragging & the dialogue cannot be repositioned to make these buttons visible. The trick of "Tabbing" through the various setting in this dialogue to reach the "export" button did not work because the tab sequence was not obvious. See the attached screenshot. Other dialogues in Affinity 2 may suffer from similar problems. At present, this means that Affinity 2 is not usable on this ordinary Windows laptop. This is a serious accessibility and usability issue. Please consider making these buttons visible. BTW. As is fairly common, the "display scaling" in Windows is set to 125% so as to make text readable on this laptop's small screen.
  6. Please let me resize the open PDF dialog in Publisher. I have just opened a scanned document, which I ran through text recognition in Acrobat Pro. Now I have editable textboxes that contain a jumble of text styles and fonts. As you can see, the list is quite long and I can only work on 4 at a time now. If this dialog were resizeable, I would be able to go through more efficiently. I would also be able to compare and look up the fonts in the document if they were presented in-full.
  7. I only save manually, always, in all programs. I am using it deliberately, as a feature, i.e., by default, when I close an app, if it asks me to save I always hit No, because I know that I did some changes that were just some experiments that I don't want saved. Whenever I do "production" changes I am happy with, I hit Save at once. The following workflow would work in Affinity if not for this: Affinity asks me to save changes when no changes have been made. I open document -> go to export -> hit export -> close document -> and I get a "do you wan to save changes?". This is bugging me like there's no tomorrow. I did absolutely no changes. I do exports very very often, and I close documents very very often. Please, add a setting where I can disable this dialog. It ruins my creative workflow. P.S. Even though oftentimes I don't even change anything in export window, I still view everything I do in export window as *no changes to the document*, thus, I do not expect the popup to appear. On top of everything, it is very misleading, especially when you don't close the document at once but after a while, and suddenly you get this Save Dialog, but at the back of your head you don't recall making any changes, and you start wondering "have I done anything I should save, or should not save?".
  8. # Affinity Photo on Windows 10 Whenever an adjustment dialog window is closed, either directly (Picture 1) or as a side-effect of another action (Picture 2), the adjustment dialog does not reappear when the layer it belongs to is selected (neither single-click nor double-click does work, Picture 3). A, somewhat tedious, workaround is to create another adjustment layer which brings along its own adjustment dialog and then to immediately click on the layer containing the adjustment you would like to change. Of course, there is now a layer you will have to delete. You would have to do this every time you want to bring up any of the adjustment dialogs. I already tried to reset the Studio configuration. I also cleared user cache and settings by pressing CTRL during start-up and selecting all the items. Both to no avail. Has anyone a similar experience? What can be done about it? Thanks for any help.
  9. Question: Is it possible to have a 'icon size slider' similar to the one found in MacOS Finder? Issue/situation: I mostly find my documents in 'icon view' but I am not able to increase the icon sizes in the Affinity Photo open document dialog, similar to how I can in the MacOS finder. Is there a way to do so or is this a feature request for Affinity Devs? Attachment: See attached screenshot of the icon size slider for reference. Operating system: OSX Catalina 10.15.3 Affinity Photo: Version 1.8.3 Any help or input on this matter is much appreciated. Thank you in advance. PS: if this post is in the wrong forum, then please let me know, and I will submit it in another.
  10. With photo version 1.7.2 (Windows), dialog boxes for adjustment layers open in the lower right corner of the image area. However, if I attempt to move them, they snap to the very top of the screen. When I attempt to move them from this position, they immediately snap back to the top of the screen. However, if I move them to a separate monitor, they stay where I move them. The same is true for live filter dialogs.
  11. Standard for Windows modal dialogs is, that they contain an icon based on its type and severity - Error, Warning, Question, Exclamation. However, an Affinity dialogs displayed application icon, but does not say anything about the severity of the operation / decision. The application icon should be in the dialog title
  12. After using Photoshop and Illustrator in Windows for many years, even after months of using Designer and Photo I'm having a hard time getting used to the way the Color Chooser dialog works directly on colors. The fact that all colors are directly applied to the selected object without having to confirm this first is very confusing. I noticed that even on every little colorchange while the dialog is open a new undo-level is created.... The reason why I can't get used to this is: - In Windows dialog-boxes always need users to CONFIRM a change by design. But for some strange reason I don't get or know, Designer is not behaving conform this pattern on the Color Chooser, which is counter-intuitive to me. - The behaviour on dialog windows is even different per type of dialog inside Designer itself. So I noticed I couldn't get used to the alignment dialog, where suddenly there ARE cancel and ok buttons. That's inconsistent behaviour and so is confusing. - I found myself a lot of times confused on how to get the color back I had before I opened the Color Choser (which never works in the end). When I have the Color Chooser open I adjust the color 'till I get what I want, but every click I do creates a new undolevel and I never count the amount of clicks I did in order to know how many undo-levels I have to get back to get the original color back. This would not be a problem when there were just OK and Cancel-buttons in the dialog. This is what I would expect: A color chooser dialog with an OK and a Cancel button. After pressing the cancel-button the color is reset to the color the object had before opening the dialog and changing the color. I don't see any point in creating thousands of undo-levels just when trying out colors in the Color Chooser. I really tried hard to get used to this and use the software all day for the last weeks. Please, please, please, change this!! This is very confusing and inconsistant with the software itself as well as with other windows software. Thanks for considering this!
  13. The Color Chooser dialog does not remember its position between closing and re-opening it. It always appears in the dead center of the screen. Considering how helpful position-memory is, and how the Layer Effects dialog *does* remember its position, I think it's reasonable to request that the Color Chooser do so as well. I'm trying out Designer with the hope that it can replace Illustrator. The software has been wonderful so far, but it's incredibly annoying that the Color Chooser plasters itself over the middle of my work every time I open it.
  14. Open dialog for filename settings has caption "Open". SaveAs dialog for filename settings has caption "SaveAs". Export dialog for filename settings has caption also "SaveAs". This is quite confusing, because the difference between saving in native affinity format, and exporting to another fornat, is considerable. Wouldn't it be more appropriate "Export To"?
  15. The Guides dialog box in not intuitive because it seems one needs to click the page icon next to the Trash every time you want to add a new guide. Far better to have each horizontal field clickable to launch a new guide.
  16. Whenever I use Quick Look to preview a file using spacebar from a save/place/export dialog window, I cant close the preview. It seems that Publisher let's you use spacebar to open the preview, but later it reclaims the spacebar for itself, so i must use the mouse to close the preview. I can see, each time that i push the spacebar to close, that Publisher is using it as drag modifier, despite being in a open dialog. Procedure: File > place… - Select a file and press spacebar to preview - unable to use spacebar again to close preview.
  17. I think it would better for the workflow to have the context toolbar as dialog boxes with the specific tool options for each tool on right mouse click, like in photoshop. Maybe also a keyboard shortcut to resize brushes, pencil etc with mousewheel :)
  18. As seen here, there exists a dialog that "asks" for "yes" or "no" but it's not clear what it wants.
  19. Hi! Sorry if this has been requested before. I did a search, but couldn't find anything. The Open File Dialog (and Save As... Dialog) should remember it's size and position. The Save As... Dialog in Separated Mode works as it should (at least in Full Screen). Best Wishes Kristian Bredin
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