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  1. Bruce, thanks for the input, but you are explaining what I already see. I'm saying, that's not the behavior I like, not the behavior I expect, not the behavior I need. In the attached video I am showing what does not make any sense for me, and ruins my flow. It's also not the question of automation, my exports are randomized. Besides, if I change an export format, then Affinity thinks this is a "change of a preset", but when I change the resolution only and don't touch the format, then Affinity does not register this as a change of a preset. In fact, that's what I always change! Resolutions! (And formats too, and switch back and forth). And that extra thing which I'd love to save as a preset to choose from (I mean so I don't have to type resolutions each time), Affinity does not allow me to. Also, when I change a format in the export dialog, do the export and then save the document with these changes to presets (because Affinity calls this a change to a document), then why does this "change" affect another document I open? (i.e. the "preset" remains the same from previously saved document). It's so weird from so many angles. I usually write on these forums after a very long period of suffering, I don't go write here as soon as I found something that is not convenient. I find myself doing stuff I post about over and over and the behavior of Affinity in those areas is not convenient and I have no solutions and workarounds. I have a list of such things in Affinity that I live with. Some of those I've already posted. For example, I keep duplicating objects with CTRL + click, that's just crazy. So I am asking Affinity for an improvement in the area of exiting the document with regards to save dialog. I'm just voicing my experience, because if I don't, then nothing will change for sure, because if nobody gives feedback, then that is translated as "all is good" 😃
  2. Its natural default behavior should of course be to display the Save dialog. But there must be a way to disable this deliberately in the settings, probably with an additional warning. But point is, it's not something "I wish there was", I just I need it badly. Sometimes, in the race to avoid the dialog, I keep accumulating documents, until there's many tabs. And guess what, when you close the app (not single document), it asks to save for every document, without a check to "apply this answer to all documents". And yes you are right, it says exactly "Apply file export options preset" in the history panel. But I disagree that this is a change to the document, or at least, I want a way to disable the dialog and then it doesn't matter whether I disagree or not. P.S. By the way, the history panel even agrees by stating apply preset, not change preset, and not change and apply. 😃
  3. I only save manually, always, in all programs. I am using it deliberately, as a feature, i.e., by default, when I close an app, if it asks me to save I always hit No, because I know that I did some changes that were just some experiments that I don't want saved. Whenever I do "production" changes I am happy with, I hit Save at once. The following workflow would work in Affinity if not for this: Affinity asks me to save changes when no changes have been made. I open document -> go to export -> hit export -> close document -> and I get a "do you wan to save changes?". This is bugging me like there's no tomorrow. I did absolutely no changes. I do exports very very often, and I close documents very very often. Please, add a setting where I can disable this dialog. It ruins my creative workflow. P.S. Even though oftentimes I don't even change anything in export window, I still view everything I do in export window as *no changes to the document*, thus, I do not expect the popup to appear. On top of everything, it is very misleading, especially when you don't close the document at once but after a while, and suddenly you get this Save Dialog, but at the back of your head you don't recall making any changes, and you start wondering "have I done anything I should save, or should not save?".
  4. Context: Suppose I have many small objects scattered and selected all over the canvas (selected objects belong to different hierarchical levels, e.g. grouped, nested groups and so on). Now when they are all selected, I know that 50% of the screen should not be selected. Goal: I need to de-select 50% of the screen easily, sort of like with a lasso tool just by going around area that I do not need. Currently, there's no such opportunity in AD. This is something I am in need of very often and my only option is selecting (or de-selecting) one-by-one. It would be really nice if Affinity team added support for such an operation.
  5. Hi @stokerg. Can you please move this to Feature Requests or is it better if I create a new topic there?
  6. Hi @stokerg and thank you! I was thinking about the same thing (about feature requests) if nobody suggests a solution. I am in need of this nearly every day and it became a pain to work without it, so I decided to ask here. I've even tried hiding and locking outer groups of objects I don't need when making initial global selection (e.g. select by fill-color or by name), but they're still being selected, either when hidden and/or locked, so I don't even have "hacks" as a workaround. And I select one-by-one 😔
  7. But I mentioned that in the initial post, that they belong to different groups, and different groups make different hierarchies. The only way I can do that now is by manually selecting what I need, or deselecting what I need and it's very time consuming. I've tried everything I could think of. I even checked whether there are other tools available which I haven't added to my toolbar.
  8. Thank you for response, but it does not work, SHIFT does nothing, that's the first thing I've tried. Again, all objects belong to different hierarchies.
  9. Hi, Suppose I have many small objects scattered and selected all over the canvas (objects belong to different groups , etc.). Now when they are all selected, I know that 50% of the screen should not be selected. How do I deselect 50% of the screen easily, sort of like with a lasso tool just by going around area that I do not need?
  10. Wow! That is actually working!! 🤩 Thank you! A very unexpected key combination but it sure works! Another cool thing I've found is that if you click-and-drag the node itself (not the handles) while pressing 2 mouse keys at the same time, then the node moves but the handles stay in place, that's awesome. And while I was searching for this "mirroring" function, I've found one more cool thing: suppose you are dragging one handle but you want to reposition the node it belongs to. So, normally, you'd stop dragging the handle, clicked the node, repositioned the node and then modified the handle again. Well, you can reposition the node while you're dragging the handle: press SPACE while manipulating a handle, that will momentarily switch to manipulating the node.
  11. And yet another question regarding the same issue. Am I reading it right that it's implemented it Mac version but not in Windows? I'm on Windows, AD v1.10.5 and I can't manipulate both handles simultaneously, e.g. increasing the length of one does not increase the length of the opposite handle. It doesn't do it with CTRL either. I've tried all combinations I could think of. That's such a pity that when I google something regarding an "issue" in AD, I land on this forum, where the most common answer is "it's not possible" (at least what I personally search for), and often the answer is made several years ago, and trying it several years after the initial post, still nothing changed. I can understand some special features not being implemented, but some very fundamental ones - I just don't get it. Pity. I'd honestly paid more (to Affinity only, never to Adobe) just to get the updates that make me work more productively.
  12. Mmm, but I don't need to drag, I just need to select. And dragging causes a duplicate which I don't know how to deal with. I have several nested levels of groups, it's not just "select a group and double click", it's more like 3-4 double clicks, so up to 6-8 clicks in a row to get to the object
  13. I've asked a Question in Support forum about this issue and it seems there's no way around this. Problem: I use a lot CTRL + single-left-mouse-click to select an object. But what happens very often is that it creates accidental duplicate objects which I don't notice until later in the day. I make 10+ such unwanted duplicates a day and it's very painful. I don't purposefully drag the mouse, I just single-click, but it still creates copies (10+ times a day). Suggestion: Edit > Preferences > Tools. Add a configuration like: "Deep object selection (CTRL+ click)" : "Do not copy when dragged by default" So a dropdown selection, with current behavior and new behavior.
  14. Thank you for the responses! Well, apart from honoring snapping, CTRL + click copies, that's not what I want, I have ALT + click-drag for copying for that purpose. I could always copy first (with ALT) and then just move (so snapping would be engaged). But having CTRL + click do both copying and snap-honoring, results in unwanted copies, and that's not helping me work. Walt, the mouse is perfectly fine, I work in a lot of technical software, and it's just Affinity's particularity. Selecting via Layers panel is not an option as well, that's searching through a long hierarchy, thus loosing time. That's a simple task - just select an object. And I want to spend milliseconds doing so. AD has certain configurations in the preferences, like e.g. "Move Tool Aspect Constrain" which I've set to "Do not constrain by default" because that's exactly what I expect, otherwise behavior changes randomly. It would be really nice to have something like this option which said "Deep Object selection" : "Do not copy when dragged by default". I guess I'll post this in the Feature Requests then.
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