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  1. Hello, I am a beginner with working with Affinity Photo, but I am already totally thrilled by what this Software can do. In order to get familiar in using it, I work through the according work book. In the project "Pure Gold" the book has me to choose a certain brush ("Malen 1") from the "Gemälde" ("Painting" in English?) category. Unfortunately I cannot find this brush in my collection (see attached picture). Aren't these brushes in this category part of the standard software setup of Affinity Photo? Or can I get these brushes somewhere (download) in order to import them into my library?
  2. Hey there, I'm new to affinity photo. Was looking around on the forum, youtube wasn't much help either. I figured out how to create a brush, and edit brushes that are already installed. But how do I create a new category (e.g. Basic, Acrylics, Dry Metal, etc.) inside the brushes menu for my new brushes? or how do I compile a brush pack?
  3. Animation file fine tuned in Affinity photo
  4. In the last day, for the first time after months and months of exporting hundreds of photos in this program, this issue has come up. It has so far appeared in the only settings I have been using for exports in the last day: jpg photo exports, 768 x (maintain aspect ratio), 80 percent quality, uncheck embed icc profile, uncheck embed metadata. Every other setting is at default. As you can see, the white lines appear in the exported photos. The white lines are not in the originals or in the file when open in Affinity Photo. This is happening so often now with these settings that it seems to rand
  5. I am not sure if there is something I am doing wrong or if its just the cricut app doing something funky (which always seems to be the problem). I am new to Affinity and graphic design applications in general just an FYI. I created a design for a logo for myself in Affinity Photo. Ive taken off all effects and completely simplified the design for easy transfer into design space. But for some reason when it transfers over it takes only part of the image and distorts another part of the image. Is there anything that I can do to prevent this? Not even sure why the yoga pose silhouette won't even
  6. How do I repeat a bitmap(fill) on a pixel layer? Bitmap repeats on the vector layer but not on a pixel layer.
  7. I have just purchased AP and the first task that I tried to do was register this product. Unfortunately, it would not allow me to connect for registration to occur and instead kept telling me they were sorry and to try again or leave until later. I have tried several times and i don't have a weak wi-fi signal; can anyone tell me why this software won't allow me to do this? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Hi and thanks (very much) in advance. I am making a book cover for a paperback book -- I am using Affinity Publisher, and I also have Affinity photo (and Designer, too). There is a photo (from Unsplash, free to use) that I want to use on the cover (the photo is attached). It is a blue sky with a cloud -- and the blue is so bright and wonderful. It's a jpg file, but the problem is, when I convert to CMYK (which is required by the printing company) -- the blue sky fades, and loses all its magic. Is this what always happens when JPG goes to CMYK ? ... Or is there something that I don't kn
  9. HDR of a the Plästerlegge Waterfall in Germany, NRW. 5 Single takes with Auto Bracketing mode -4,-2-,-+2+4 merged with HDR Merge in Affinity Photo.
  10. Hi guys, in this video, I will show you how I usually create a vintage look on my photo. One tip for you, it's easier if the photo you're editing vintage kind of looked vintage already. I hope you enjoy this video, thank you!
  11. Hi there, I was trying to batch process my blender rendered .exr files to png and even though the exr files are saved in RGBA, I cannot get them into png format with a transparent background. Regardless what I do, the backgorund is alsways black as one or more of the render layers in the exr shows a black background. I would only want the top view (RGBA) layer with the transparent background. How can I do that? Thanks so much for your help! Best, Hidari
  12. Are there any benefits when buying the version from the website? Great day, Pablo
  13. Power Tools part 17: Isolate a Layer If you ever wanted to work on a partially hidden layer, then this tutorial is for you. Isolate Layers a Digitally Fearless Affinity Photo Beginner Tutorial Part 17 Powerful Tools https://youtu.be/gTY7mkqQHzo
  14. As per the title, when using Affinity Designer / Photo is there any way to hide the blue lines that surround your layer selection when applying a layer effect? I could have sworn that I used to hold down the space bar and they would disappear much like when you do that just in the document normally? Doesn't appear to be doing that now and maybe I'm mis-remembering but could have sworn I used to be able to do that? I can see it's possible if I hold the space bar down before clicking on the layer effects icon to bring that window up but if I accidentally let go of the space bar whilst
  15. Affinity Photo crashes when stock photos tab are being used. Using Unsplash images cause the program to close.
  16. Hey Everyone! I decided to play with the Equinoxe cover reproductions. Post-production is done in Affinity Photo, but before that, everything in Affinity Designer.
  17. Building in black and white using AP and Silver Efex 2
  18. Can anyone help me with using the Flood filter from Flaming Pear? I am using Windows 10. When I call it up from Affinity Photo (which I am very new to) the PlugIn opens fine but nothing in the filter is operable (except rolling the die ). I tried to use the Marquee tool on my background layer before sending to this plugin but then the image that opens in the filter is a semi transparent image (and none of the tools in the filter worked). Without the Marquee tool the filter opened but no image. Help!
  19. I'm new to Affinity Photo so please forgive me if this is quite elementary. I did a search of the forums here to see if anything similar has been asked before, but saw nothing. Is there a way to make a macro automatically trigger just after opening an image? I created a macro to duplicate the base image layer and set it as the "original" untouched image, then create a group called "Edit" with the duplicated Background layer inside where I do all my edits. This is to make it easy to do a before and after comparison. I would like that macro to run for each image I open in Affinity Photo
  20. Hey guys, I'm a bit lost with this one. I just bought Affinity Photo and worked with it for a few days. Unfortunately it 'stutters' without a clear rhythm. After a while (could be minutes or hours) the stylus sensitivity drops to basically 'do-you-even-hold-the-pen?' and shortly after my monitors go blank for a moment (like after restarting the system) and once the program is visible again, half of my picture is gone. All the layers are still there and visible, but it looks like someone stamped a huge eraser over half the page. Every layer is missing some of the info and since the progr
  21. In the latest beta the input fields don't accept values like 1.5 or 2.1 e.g. the Unsharp mask dialog is total useless. My input was 1,4 for Faktor.
  22. As the title reads, my Affinity Photo 1.91 on Windows 10 crashes instantly when i import Stock Images from the "Unsplash" libaries. But only these. Images from the other libaries (Pexels;Pixaby) can be imported with no problem at all. When it crashes, the programm instantly closes, there is no lagging, loading or freezing. I hope you can help me with that, thanks in advance.
  23. I would throw money at Serif to charge me for these kinds of updates for AP on future more powerful iPads. This is sick! Creativity is going to be at an even higher output.
  24. This is my first attempt at using Affinity Designer so I am open to suggestions from experienced users. In the 1950's, PinBall machines were becoming very popular but machines surviving from that time either have been restored or the art-work on the cabinets has faded to different colours. I took a photo and corrected the perspective in Affinity Photo then moved to Designer to create a new design that closely matches the original. It took a huge effort in researching paint colours, RAL and Hex codes, how colours fade with time and exposure to sunlight so the result is my best educated gue
  25. The problem with the text cursor jumping outside of the textbook has returned again in AP 1.9.1 despite being fixed . . . running macOS Catalina 10.15.7. I insert the text cursor before the word "vaccinated" to add spaces to the sentence in order to shift it to the right in order to visually balance the line because of the ellipses . . .
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