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  1. Hello, I am using Affinty to replace PS for about one mounth. It works mostly, but there are many glitch which feel weird. I will list a few: - Select (lasso) is extremely slow. The lasso is late compare to the mouse pointer. Sometimes is also does not work: You draw your selection, but nothing is selected, you redraw it, it works.. This kind of function was already instant on an Amiga 500.. how can it be slow on a modern PC ? - Change the brush size using the mouse (using Ctrl-Alt) is totally weird. Sometime the position on the pointer jumps to somewhere else. And e
  2. Is it possible to create an infinity curve effect with affinity photo. Applying a white background to full length portrait is straight forward but doesn’t seem produce an infinity curve? The impression of depth seems to be missing with a plain white background. With a background that is complicated the depth of field tool could be used, With a patterned background (e.g. polka dots) a combination of the depth of field and perspective tools could be applied My question is how could it be done with a single colour? White, grey or red for example. Any help would b
  3. If you have a new Apple M1 Mac you may find that some plugins no longer work with Affinity Photo. Our apps were updated, 1.8.6, to make them Universal macOS apps which means they support both Apple M1 and Intel processors. On Apple M1 Macs our apps will optimised for Apple M1. However, some plugins have not been updated and will need to use Rosetta to make them work on Apple's M1 Chip and in Affinity Photo. More information can be found here: https://support.apple.com/HT211861
  4. Here are a couple more Color Wheel palettes representing Luminance and Perceived Brightness order and values. Enjoy, - T V ColorWheelByLuminance.afpalette ColorWheelByPerceivedBrightness.afpalette
  5. These are images of buildings from my birthplace, the city of Kiel - photos from which I isolated certain parts, then reconstructed some of the missing elements as 3D renderings. Affinity Photo did the heavy lifting when it came to compositing, color correction and matching the photos with the 3D parts. Please see https://www.behance.net/gallery/108164363/Kiel-Fragments for a detailed project description.
  6. For this years cards I wanted to keep it simple and almost in the naive style and I went down the family value road as a nod to my second grandkid. They are set up as slightly overformat in A4, as RGB and impositioned as work and tumble, page 1 and 4 and 2 and 3 are imported to masterpages in QuarkXpress with each card being personalized in the worksheet so I won´t bore you with that part. Twas fun. Now let´s see yours!
  7. Made with DxO Photolab and Affinity Photo
  8. Hello, is there a limit to the asset library size in Designer or Photo? Is it possible to have tens of thousands of assets in there, or will this start to impact performance? thanks! Julien
  9. More bad puns masquerading as a Christmas greeting. Made with Affinity Photo and Serif MoviePlus X6. Stock photo credits at the end of the video. Merry Christmas (we can but hope 😊 )
  10. Hi, I have affinity photo beta for windows and i wanted to know, how can i add keyboard shortcuts in Macros? Thanks in advance.
  11. I'm trying to take the plunge from Photoshop to Affinity Photo after 25+ years. I'd like to say kudos to the developers for making such an amazing tool that is so functional and elegant. I'd like to start a discussion about issues and (small and large) frustrations I've been experienceing, and would like to get feedback from others who have switched Things that I just have to get used to The way to transform is to switch to the Move tool and then you're immediately moving and transforming. I need to teach myself to not hit command + T to transform something. Since there's no "c
  12. Affinity Photo - Macro Bundle 1 (15 Styles) | Architecture Edition elathi-affinity photo-macro.mp4 Download Link 15 Different Styles of "Affinity Photo Macros Bundle 1 - Architecture Edition" as mentioned below. Heat Map 1 Heat Map 2 Smooth Colourise Cyber City 1 Cyber City 2 Trace Light Surface Radium 1 Thermal Scan Night Vision 1 Night Vision 2 X-Ray Comic 1 Comic 2 Comic 3 Diagonal Line Drawing
  13. Just finished this palette I thought may be useful. Enjoy, - T V Color Wheel.afpalette
  14. I've been working on restoring a photo of wife's late Nan. I think I haven't done to bad a job with the photo, considering its size and how bad it's damage plus I'm an absolute noob at this. I think I've reached the point where I can't really do anymore. Wish I could make her face a bit clearer. The photo is from round the mid to late 40's.
  15. How make brtush works like daub spatula? grabs partly its colour from what i allready have. i want do my own brushes sometimes work same way even Designer i think paint mixer brush does in Photo. they have in affinity designer symbol what i post here. these premade brushes work this way but i can set any brush work this way. i checked manual no luck and i cannot add this tool to tool bar. really wanted use affinity designer for art. transfering files to program x to program y is silly. and missing such tool funny when designer is made for more art and photo more modifing and correcting photos.
  16. Here are some Black & White Adjustment settings I just put into a table. Any Suggestions? Hope this helps. - T V
  17. Photo was working fine . But brush stopped working on all adjustments. The brush appears when the adjustment layers is inverted and you are trying to apply an adjustment, but it will not paint on the image.
  18. Hello all, Apologies if I am posting this in the section For some my GPU spikes up to 93-100% usage when I use select all (ctrl+A) within a document even if it is a fresh document with nothing in it (screenshot attached). Affinity Photo Version: PC Specs: Display: Dell U2713H (2560x1440) GPU: 8GB Nvidia RTX 2060 Super CPU: Intel i5-10600K Is there any way to fix this? Any and all help is much appreciated
  19. Been enjoying this friendly group since about the time the lockdown started last spring. The Facebook group is directed by Paul and it is designed to help you get familiar with different types of photography. From simple black and white to abstract images, portraits, macros, etc. Fun group to participate in -- and has helped me to become more comfortable with different types of photography. This month's challenge was "product photography" and I decided to have a bit of fun with it as Paul encouraged the use of photoshop to create the image as a product ad. The first image is a macro
  20. How do I access alternate characters in an Opentype font? in Publisher. or any of these tools. i know there is old thread about Designer but no luck such way.
  21. Painted Face in Minutes! Affinity Photo beginner tutorial on how to give a face a painted look in just minutes. The tutorial uses black and white photos and a black background to manipulate the photo. https://youtu.be/lhoqEDRjELQ
  22. Hi everyone, I'm quite new to Affinity Photo and there's a thing that's really annoying: When I use the brush to draw a line, I ususally do this: Click -> Move -> Line appears Now, here's what it's like with Affinity Photo: Click -> Move some pixels... nothing happens... -> move some more pixels -> Line appears. It feels like Affinity doesn't trust my mouse stability, like... "Let's see if his movement is a wanted movement or if he's just wabbling with his hand, because he's an old man". That makes it quite hard to paint lines that are very short.
  23. The affinity photo update file 1.85 flags as backdoor.DarkKomet.kcu virus/trojan. Please notify virustotal.com if this is a false positive so end-users such as myself can update Affinity Photo without fear of infecting our devices. Thank you.
  24. Hi guys, I just uploaded a new video about how to cut out hair, fur, or anything from the background without having to lose a single strand of hair using refine edges / refine mask. I hope you like this video, thank you!
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