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  1. henryg

    Beta download

    Excellent news! S'ok, I won't ask for implementation timeframe
  2. henryg

    Beta download

    Is there no way you can package a patch file rather than requiring a download of 300mb each time you update the beta?
  3. henryg

    Last 1.6 beta

    Can you please make this available for download - lost my install file and want to downgrade for now.
  4. Yes please for tutorial Even though it's easy now I have tried it, a tutorial would mean anyone searching would find the technique more easily.
  5. Wasn't distributed to me?
  6. Should be free for all of us. Why not, if I've bought AP?
  7. I find it very odd that this is in the Develop Persona but Affinity apparently are not prepared to add it to the Photo Persona. Perhaps sombody would care to explain the logic behind such a decision. I would have thought it a basic requirement.
  8. Clipping warnings wanted in curves in Photo Persona by me too. It's too easy (for the amateur) to mess up in curves. Is this on any current (beta) release schedule?
  9. And very good it is too! And I particularly like having the tool reference videos in addition to Serif's.
  10. You did a great job! And I now like the blue
  11. Thanks and yes, it does. But if I have to reinstall for any reason (Windows of Affinity) it would have been nice to import the settings, as for macros and brushes..
  12. Is there a way to save my AP desktop layout (which is spread across two screens)? Windows 10 x64, AP
  13. Beautiful place and now photo (if maybe a little too blue for my taste). Please post the workflow you ended up using.
  14. I think it sad that so much effort has gone into fruitless sniping
  15. What is Separated Mode? I can't find it on the Window menu, and nothing relevant in the help file I could see? Is it the same as floating? Sorry if dumb questions. AP latest beta.