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  1. Another vote of thanks for this tip It is in the help file, but searching for lasso doesn't work; magnetic or polygonal will.
  2. Wow, thanks. I'll print this to pdf and go through it again (and possibly again and again ). Very interesting.
  3. Can somebody please explain what the blend mode route does? I can duplicate the effect of course, but I would like to understand it to recognise when I can use it. My instinct would have been flood select & delete, but the results are interestingly different.
  4. Wouldn't it be better to have separate Forums for each app? I use Photo and have no interest in Designer, and it can be confusing as it is not always clear what is being referred to.
  5. Wish I had known this earlier! It is in the help file, but NOT with the Mesh Warp Tool "Overview and Settings", but under Mesh Warping. Why? Seems to me that the two shoud be combined. And I see I can double-click anywhere in the image for additional points.
  6. Hope so as it crashes on my pc too - very time. Can't use the beta as is
  7. Thank you for the video, but the PSE Recompose tool is about much more, and is much more sophisticated in use, than simply stretching the background. Sometimes it can be a bit of magic. But as I said I only use it rarely; like I wanted to today
  8. Is there an equivalent of the PSE recompose tool in Affinity Photo? I use it rarely, but it can be useful. A search here didn't come up with anything.
  9. Perfect!! Thank you
  10. While I didn't understand the dialogues correctly, I stil can't get the macro to allow me to move a layer - it just says "cannot record more". I can select a different one and get the dialoue you mention, but not move. Nevertheless, the more I play with AP the more impressed I am - superb value for money too.
  11. I want to record very simple steps as a starting setup for editing images, but the recorder will not allow moving or grouping of layers and adjustments as far as I can tell. Is there a way around this? Also, can I assign a macro to eg a function key as in Photoshop?
  12. Hi Guys I am am amateur editing photos taken on iPhones (currently 5S & 6S), and a reasonable Nikon point and shoot. For simpler/general photos edits in PSE, my workflow is to add a levels layer (setting the mid/grey point and shadows and highlghts manually - then see if I prefer the auto result from PSE); transform for lens distortion; spot healing where necessary; high pass sharpen; and finally crop and save when happy. This is all for jpg images. In Affinity it appears that I need to make white balance and levels adjustments separately (is that correct?); and can do it in either the Develop or Photo Personas. I would like to get to grips with the Develop Persona if it is functionally similar to Lightroom as it could be a big time saver; never owned or used Lightroom. Edits preferred, as far as possible, to be non-destructive. What is your workflow?
  13. I have used Photoshop and latterly Elements for some years, but bought Affinity Photo rather than getting a newer version of PSE and find that I am struggling with the change. Just getting frustrated TBH eg it took me too long to find out where the equivalent of the Photoshop white/black/grey correction selector tools were located! I appreciate there are loads of videos, but is there anything which specifically addresses the move from Photoshop/Elements to Affinity? If so some URL pointers if possble please. Apols if this is a faq (couldn't find it if so) Regards Henry