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  1. No updates in the last 6 months? Is there now a user setting/option? It is really very poor as is - why would the developer/s want it like this?
  2. Guys, I have a structure for my programs which I follow, and AF gives me the option so why not use it?; A beta should not update/upgrade a non-beta IMO if that will cause problems; I have settings in two locations although the beta (correctly) only sees its settings; And as I said, the Windows uninstaller sees 2 installations even though only one exists, so it seems likely that the beta installer has caused a problem; and ISTM that I should probably uninstall the beta, delete all residual settings/folders I can find, and start again. I'm not trying to be difficult or flame anyone!
  3. That may be the case for you, but it is NOT for me. On my pc C:\Program Files\Affinity\Affinity Photo\ contains only a Common folder in which resides a single file, Thumbnail.dll I have also done a global search for eg Photo.exe which confirmed that only one copy exists; at C:\Program Files\Apps\Affinity\Photo.exe - I do not use the default location. I concede that something odd may be happening, but please do not assume that what I say is incorrect.
  4. Some further digging finds 2 AppData folders C:\Users\henryg\AppData\Roaming\Affinity\Photo\1.0 (Beta)\user C:\Users\henryg\AppData\Roaming\Affinity\Photo\1.0\user\ so do these contain my settings? But definitely not 2 program installations, ALTHOUGH 2 show under add/remove programs. And the last version on my PC was definitely a 1.7 non-beta version, although I have installed beta versions previously. Something has got messed up.
  5. When I ran the beta it updated (and I recall it saying it was doing so) the installed non-beta app, and my desktop settings are gone. My macro library was not overwritten, and I had saved my keyboard shortcuts. If it updates, then all settings should be preserved IMO! Can you please tell me where the Photo app stores my preferences (registry, sql/ite, ini etc), as potentially I can get the settings from an old disk image - and no I don't want to revert to that image, it's too old. Not the end of the world but I'm not best pleased.
  6. I haven't tried a beta for a while, and it is SO annoying to find that installing one still overwrites my desktop settings. Why can't you preserve the settimgs? Or allow export and import?
  7. Yes please for tutorial Even though it's easy now I have tried it, a tutorial would mean anyone searching would find the technique more easily.
  8. Should be free for all of us. Why not, if I've bought AP?
  9. I find it very odd that this is in the Develop Persona but Affinity apparently are not prepared to add it to the Photo Persona. Perhaps sombody would care to explain the logic behind such a decision. I would have thought it a basic requirement.
  10. Clipping warnings wanted in curves in Photo Persona by me too. It's too easy (for the amateur) to mess up in curves. Is this on any current (beta) release schedule?
  11. And very good it is too! And I particularly like having the tool reference videos in addition to Serif's.
  12. Thanks and yes, it does. But if I have to reinstall for any reason (Windows of Affinity) it would have been nice to import the settings, as for macros and brushes..
  13. Is there a way to save my AP desktop layout (which is spread across two screens)? Windows 10 x64, AP
  14. Beautiful place and now photo (if maybe a little too blue for my taste). Please post the workflow you ended up using.
  15. I think it sad that so much effort has gone into fruitless sniping
  16. What is Separated Mode? I can't find it on the Window menu, and nothing relevant in the help file I could see? Is it the same as floating? Sorry if dumb questions. AP latest beta.
  17. Thanks, that's what I am doing, or trying to get used to doing I find I tend to move the mouse and change the wrong setting, but I'll either have to get used to it or use the toolbar sliders.
  18. I want to assign the { and } keys as shortcuts to change the (brush) hardness, as in Photoshop, but I can only find the keyboard shortcuts for size change which are the expected defaults. I don't like the mouse based shortcuts for some reason; probably too many actions involved.
  19. I like the Essentials results, so can I easily or by macro replicate in AP the results I used to get in eg Essentials 14 using the colour pickers in Levels? I find AP very frustrating in this respect, and really don't care if the tools work as intended or indeed "correctly".
  20. Without intending to create any controversy, I too find the Elements 14 white balance correction, via levels, much more effective than Afinity Photo's, but overall it's "no contest" in favour of AP IMO.
  21. Thank you, that does it. But a shame no colour pickers on the (various) dialogues.
  22. Is there an easy way to select a colour range to which to apply HSL adjustments in a photo. I can't find a colour picker in the HSL dialogue.
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