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  1. Only due to the howls of protest and anguish from users. But at least they did it.
  2. The AI did most of the work, but here's my tweaked version. May be a bit over-processed, so I'll try again. I am so grateful for the help!!!
  3. Thanks so much for the advice 👏 I'll try them all.
  4. See attached old, low res, scan of a photo that is beyond my ability to improve. It would mean a lot to me if anyone could help rescue this even a bit, as it is the only photo we can find of my mother and her sisters together. Probably a forlorn hope.
  5. Couldn't you have just copied over the various settings files and Workspace folder before uninstalling the Msix version? I don't think I had even to do that as I installed the exe/msi version before deleting the msix version. Just a thought.
  6. Now seen your pinned post Affinity V2 Windows installers ARE available as Unsandboxed MSI/EXE as well as Sandboxed MSIX 👍😄 And a thanks to Serif/Devs for keeping their promise to do so.
  7. That's excellent news. Can you PLEASE when they become available advise of this in a new, pinned, topic/thread.
  8. The exe installer seems to work perfectly on my system on a first look 😀 And I can now get it to work with other programs as I wish! SO MUCH BETTER 😁 And I almost feel confident enough to uninstall v1 - I'll give it a few days.
  9. Thank you. Not exactly easy to find; and yes I did a search first. A pinned topic would have made it a lot easier.
  10. Why isn't Serif posting updates on the release of an msi installer, rather than leave everyone that cares hanging? Are they going to say "no longer going to do it"? It should be a pinned topic, reasonably regularly updated. Rubbish customer service.
  11. I would like the release date of each video to be shown on the list on the first page.
  12. In case anyone else has the same problem, I found that if I drag Photo or Photo2 to my second monitor, rather than using the win-shift-arrow key shortcuts, all works ok; and I can have both working at the same time.
  13. That's interesting to know. Serif might have done themselves a favour by being open and informative with users in this Forum. And posting reasonably regular updates. IMO their attitude stinks. I prefer to reference the location directly rather than use an intermediate launcher. Anyway, I'll reinstall manually if they delay much longer. BUT... I find myself in a quandry: on the one hand I value the years of use from V1 even with all its attendant issues, and while I don't need anything V2 offers in its current form I would like to (purchase V2 to) help ensure the product continues; on the other hand, I regard the 14 December discount deadline with no later V1 upgrade discount as coercive which I very much do not like, so I may just stick with V1.
  14. It doesn't work with XnView either, so I have to use the full path to the exe location in WInApps. I may uninstall the and manually extract the files from the msix to my own location if msi installer doesn't make an appearance soon. How can it be taking so long to produce the msi installer? Are Serif going to honour their commitment?
  15. I've used a couple of driver update programs and both say my drivers are up to date, but I guess being up to date doesn't mean there is not an issue. Win11x64 which is fully up to date to, and device manager shows no issues. Any suggestions of how to proceed would be appreciated.
  16. And indeed they will, just not with one on my 2nd screen! BUT, and, oh dear oh dear etc, I now find that even if I move a single instance to my second monitor it freezes. Sorry to mislead everyone. This could be it though. I have no dedicated GPU. I can drag an open image to my second monitor with no problems, but now and again I would like a full second instance running alongside. Hence, I hoped that V1 & V2 might do this, not realising there would be a separate problem.
  17. If I try to run V1 & V2 at the same time, [edit] when I move one version to my second monitor it locks up and requires Task Manager to kill it. Windows 11x64 fully updated; 16gb ram; i5-8500
  18. try C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\SerifEuropeLtd.AffinityPhoto2_2.0.0.1640_x64__3cqzy0nppv2rt\App\Photo.exe I guess depending on the installed version - don't know what all the stuff in the folder name relates to.
  19. I was wondering if symbolic link/s would work, but much easier to unzip the msix file into wherever you want the apps on your d: drive, then create shortcuts in the start menu or desktop. And you can then easily reference 3rd party apps eg XnView to open a, in my case, photo directly.
  20. No problem with the pricing, problem with the 14th December cutoff.
  21. V2 takes about 12secs on mine, and that includes clicking on "continue trial"; V1 6secs. Win11x64 updated, 16gb ram, i5-8500 processor
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