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  1. Also try updating your video drivers from the manufacturer (including Intel if appropriate). I was very dubious (and rather scathing in my comments here TBH) when this was happening to me as my pc is always kept updated, but after doing both I have had no problems.
  2. I am a "home" photo editor, my photos are jpg, and once I have edited a photo I don't return to it.
  3. A valid point, but then I never use the native format/s. It's not an issue for me as I have remapped the shortcut keys.
  4. I always think that the export features should be included with "save as" .
  5. Any guidance on when to use Lanczos3 separable or non-separable? Googling didn't come up with anything much.
  6. Sorry I should have said, if I open Photo and the Inpainting Brush icon is already visible on the side toolbar, after I load a photo and hit "J" it cycles/switches to the Healing Brush before I can use the Inpainting Brush. It should only switch if I use the shift key, as that is what I have set in my preferences. Hopefully, this is at least clearer.
  7. What I find REALLY annoying is that, if I open Photo and the healing brush is already selected, when I hit "J" the first time it cycles to the Healing Brush. Drives me nuts.
  8. Now sorted per my reply to @joe_l above. Thanks for your input too.
  9. That's the location, albeit for me its Photo instead of Publisher. None of my file searches found it as it creates a FOLDER with the name of the Workspace and I didn't think to look for that. Thank you.
  10. I didn't have a Studio Preset saved, so I created one. But there is no export facility AND searching did not find any .preset files. I even looked in the xml files for the name of the preset I had created to no avail. No savedState files either. In case it is saved in the Windows Registry somewhere, I saved a preset with a weird/unique name and did a registry search which failed to find it. I using Windows 10x64
  11. Interesting, but the only ones I can find anywhere on my pc appear to be are *presets.strings which appear to do with translation.
  12. Affinity stores all sorts of settings in xml files at C:\Users\???????\AppData\Roaming\Affinity\Photo\1.0\Settings, one of which is called "UserInterfaceSettings". I haven't yet worked out if this one is saving the display layout, but Affinity is storing it somewhere so I have backed up the lot. Anyone know where the screen layout data is stored?
  13. Indeed you did not, sorry! I should have said that based on your comment I tried to see if changing Preview to True brought up a dialogue similar to Export; it didn't.
  14. It does, OMG! Has it always been like this? I thought I changed it as Affinity kept trying to save in its own format. BUT I now much prefer the Export dialogue to a "blind" save as it gives more info and control. Following on from @joe_l post above, I tried editing export.xml to <Preview>True</Preview> but that didn't appear to do anything - previous setting was 'False'.
  15. I have changed Ctrl-S to export as I always use jpgs (no laughing please). Should be able to set a default of choice IMO
  16. Using the inbuilt mask, is it possible to vary the mask opacity separately from the (curves) adjustment? I tend to use a separate mask layer for this reason, but now hope it is not necessary.
  17. This is obviously not a question limited to APhoto, but after editing and (substantial) cropping of jpg images, is there any point in upscaling to something approaching the original resolution before resaving as a jpg?
  18. 😎 XnView is my browser of choice, so this is a great find!
  19. It definitely seems better with the new driver - I had erroneously thought that MS would update drivers with newer builds 😃 At one time I used to update all my drivers regularly, but stopped after one such update caused a disaster. No more lost changes, but Photo still can be infuriatingly slow with blank layer thumbnails and blank "mini" display, eg when layer thumbnail is blank and levels or curves correction layer opened. Beginning to think it needs a more powerful processor. When I have time, I'll try it on my laptop which has an 11th gen i7. Anyway, @Dan C thank you for your (sage) advice 👍
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