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Found 2,753 results

  1. Dear developers, I made a project in Publisher, where include two pages/spreads. When created new project add to 2 landscape pages. After created this, on second spread turned on Portrait option. Project was saved, Photo Persona showed perfect (exclude bleed). When I opened this project in Affinity Photo, then second page leave landscape, but objects is portrait. Open again in Project, second page show normally, no problem. Please fix this (too)! Here is screenshots in my bleed bug post:
  2. Hi Affinity Team I watched Youtube video "Editing Metadata". And I tried this work, however, in Detail Window, white color fill to background. Another metadata pull-down menus are nothing happened same issue. My gears: Affinity Photo 1.8.1 / macOS High-Sierra / MacPro 2010 Thanks for your power and development!! 💪
  3. Hello there! So, today I was using Affinity Photo ( on my Windows 10 PC and I noticed these strange black bars in the canvas. This has never happened before in any of my projects. Neither in Affinity Designer nor in Photo. I exported the photo in .jpg and .png but things didn't turn out well as you can see. Attached are some screenshots of the "bug" and the .afphoto file. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Synthwave2.afphoto
  4. Hi yesterday I bought Affinity Photo, before I used Ps. My problem is I am switching quite often from my PC to Laptop and now I am trying to sync my stuff between my devices. (I know affinity is not cloud based like photoshop, but I am trying to do like a own thing with my Nas) I already was able to sync my workspace via my NAS. So in which folders/files are the brushes and fonts stored? Bzw other important files? then I can sync my them via my nas Thanks Willibald
  5. I purchased Designer and Photo through the App Store in 2014. I was updated to 1.7.1 on both apps. Recently neither would open and id have to force quit them. I tried to update to latest versions on app store and it didn't fix the issue. I deleted the apps for a fresh install and now the app store is asking me to buy the apps again even though I've already paid for them in full. How can I reinstall these apps without having to pay again? Thanks JC
  6. Learn how to create embedded Layers in Affinity Photo. Also known as Smart Object or Smart Layers. They can be extremely useful and save you a lot of time. In this Video: - Embedded Layers Basics - How to use them as Clones to save a lot of time - How to create complex Mock-Ups with Embedded Layers
  7. Remember the famous blue dot from Windows 3? I recreated it in Affinity Photo.. I created a blue rectangle for the background of the image. I used rectangles to create these 4 shapes the image had. I lined them up accordingly where each corners touch each other. Then I rasterized the image to flatten it, & exported as PNG.
  8. When trying to draw with forced pressure recognition, I get jagged brush edges. It looks terrible and makes it impossible to draw. Tablet: Wacom Intuos (CTH-480) Windows 10 windows ink function enabled (without this Affinity 1.8 does not recognize pressure) Of course the zoom level is 100%. first line - "force pressure" - off - edges are ok second line - - "force pressure" - on - edges looks jagged edit: And why when you turn on this option, the cursor gets twice as big and looks like an enlarged pixelart? After all, the brush is set to 8px and suddenly when you press "force pressure" it is senselessly enlarged. maybe this is where the effect comes from?
  9. I am trying to create a custom crop preset in Affinity Photo 1.8 but it is greyed out when I try to do it. Any suggestions.
  10. Hi Affinity By Serif, I'm using Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer. I noticed that once I have imported new brushes, I cannot re-order brush categories or sort the brush categories by name. The most recent imported brushes are at the bottom of the scroll down menu in the brushes panel. Would it be possible to add such an ordering or sorting feature so that users can actually order the brush categories according to their own preferences? < I could not find such a feature/ functionality in Photo or Designer. > Would be nice. With kind regards, Bastiaan
  11. Hi, I have purchased some big .psd mock-ups from https://mrmockup.com. But there is a few file that doesn't open I Affinity Photo 1.8. The application bar just say opening 1 file. I have tried restarting, I've tried forced quitting and trying again and I've let it running for 30 min. All without any process or indication that something is or had happen. I am not trying to open these files over a network attached storage device or usb, but from the SDD. And my computer is a 2019 iMac with a bunch of RAM. Is anyone having issues with large .pdf files (500-600MB)?
  12. A message from our sponsor... kreynum1.mp4
  13. It would be neat if we can implement a word count feature, similar to what Microsoft Word has, here's a photo demo of what I was talking about.
  14. On page 94 of the Affinity Photo Workbook it takes you through an aspect ratio example, but then tells you to enter the modes input of 16 and 6 respectively, This obviously can't be correct. It crops the image to near nothingness. On closer testing I found that what they mean is to click the Gear next to the mode to find the predetermined setting. It is not as the tell you to "use the two input fields next to Mode".
  15. I have purchased Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer from Apple Store and my laptop runs on macOS Catalina. I do not find the 1.8 updates for the software. For the Affinity Publisher that I had purchased form the your website I did find the update. Why are they not available on Apple Store for macOS Catalina? And when will they be available?
  16. 1: I am on a Mac with a Magic Mouse, that is a lively thing to begin with. But I am having really difficulties with the fact that one can change the input values in Studio Panels? You can scroll the window like another windows, but if you in the process slightly move the mouse pointer onto an input field and realising it. Please see the video for demo, look at the leading. scroll in panel.mov 2: This is small one, it could also be helpful of there was a bigger visual difference between a "floating" studio panel and those that are docked? Depending on the placement, sometimes they can be hard to locate.
  17. Hi there. After seeing a video with Nick Page using Lumenzia in Photoshop, I was inspired to do luminosity masks in a new and much more customizable way than the much used 5 levels of brigths, midtones, and darks. With these macros, when you create a light, midtones, or dark mask, it doesn't create the mask immediately, but applies 3 adjustments: a B&W, a Curves, and a Levels adjustment. Now you can adjust the three fine tune whatwhat you want in your selection. And using B&W adjustment you can more easily target specific colors. The only difference between the 3 that the curves layer is inverted in the darks, and peaks at the halfway point in the midtones mask. When you are happy with the selection, select the "Complete" macro, which will create a selection, and a new spare channel from the selection. Hope you find this useful. Stroiman's Luminosity Masks.afmacros
  18. Here are some general christmas theme silhouettes as vector assets for reusage in Affinity Photo & Designer & Publisher. The associated assets file: xmas_silhouettes.afassets Have a nice time!
  19. Hey everyone, Is it normal that I can't choose the colors for the gradient overlay effect? I try double clicking the litIe gradient window, hopping to get a dialog where I can select the colors, but nothing happens. I updated recently and I don't know if this is a bug or it was never there. Thanks a lot for any advise.
  20. Affinity Photo 1.8 brings a lot of interesting Changes. In this video I will cover what you need to know and how these changes will impact your Workflow. In this Video: - PSD Smart Object support for Affiniy Photo - New Presets Dialog (what i love & hate about it) - Templates: What are they and how do you make your own Templates - Metadata editing in Affinity Photo 1.8 - How to customize Shortcuts in Affinity Photo 1.8
  21. petite voiture _nikon D5200 _18_55mm and post traitement _DSC0474.afphoto
  22. Cool, I created this cool Spirograph called Spring Fever.
  23. Is there a way to use the perspective tool on a pixel layer and have the layer masks also be effected? I have a photo with a few adjustment layers, the adjustment layers each have carefully drawn out layer masks that only effect specific areas on the photo. Now I would like to use the perspective tool to change the photo (pixel layer) is there a way to lock down the layer masks so when the pixel layer changes shape the layer masks corresponding change shape? Or do I have to flatten the file then use the perspective tool? any insights are very useful thanks
  24. Is it possible to add support for FreePik (https://www.freepik.com/) or any other similar sites like the current 3 that we in the suite? An option to define it manually perhaps?
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