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  1. Now, I am not sure if I am doing something wrong or if this is an update issue but, when I merge the visible layers after applying a distortion and filter, I can't do anything else. All I get is the hand and can't seem to use any other function. IMG_2673.MOV
  2. In the previous version of Affinity Photo, when I exported and selected a format like jpeg, it saved to jpeg correctly. Now when I try to export, it wants to always export to Affinity's native format. Is there a setting I can change to get the old behavior? This should not work this way. I am using Version on a Windows 10 system.
  3. Hello to everyone, who loves Affinity ... ! Have created the group in the Telegram messenger to share your experience, free content and discuss knowledge. Welcome: https://t.me/AffinityTalk
  4. Hi. When I just learned that when I apply frequency separation beyond 3px, I get this weird ripple halo on plane background. I think it's a bit worse on my Macbook Pro M1 than on my Windows 10. It's subtle but makes it kind of unusable to edit portraits with unified background color. Any recommendation to resolve this problem? Single layer photo before frequency separation Right after 3.5px frequency separation. You see that ripples (halo) appear on the green wall/background on the right.
  5. These are fake album covers I made with Affinity Photo for the Album Cover Challenge thing. I also included the a simple logo I made for my project 674D55F3-4B1D-45C2-9FA9-180D4776B1CC.MP4
  6. I'm using Photo version 1.9 on a Windows 10 with a Cintiq 24HD. When I flip the pen to erase and then return to the Brush tool the selection in the Brushes list is no longer highlighted. The same thing happens when using other tools eg Pan, when I return to the Brush tool it draws with what I was using last, but there's no indication in the Brushes list to know what it is. Is there a way find out which brush is selected? I expected it would always highlight what was in use.
  7. Here is a learning/tutorial I created for Understanding Pattern Layer and Pixel Quality, and using Photos. Made using Affinity Photo on iPad Pro (mainly for iPad users- but concepts apply to any version). Is merely a BASIC relay of information and steps....know there are more advanced aspects, but mainly for beginners or even advanced users to better get a gist of what’s going on, and how to get better results. Primarily focuses on the use of Hi Res Photo Images, and how to use them for some amazing results making use of the Pattern Layer feature. ‘Again, know it is basic....but hopefully
  8. Hey guys, im new to affinity photo and graphic design in general. So ive made a pentool curve, the i "masked to below" to an image below. Then i want to create a hole in that mask so more parts of the image i masked is shown. Is that possible? also if it is, how do i do it on texts? Thanks
  9. Hello, I am using Affinity Photo, Designer & Publisher version on a Windows 10 machine. No matter in which programme...I save my own shortcuts, work in the respective programme...save my documents...close the programme...when I restart, my shortcuts are gone again and only the standard shortcuts are active. What can I do to load my own shortcuts automatically? Thanks for any information on how to solve this problem.
  10. I have a series of screenshots I need to crop. Each image has the same width (1984 px), but the height varies from screenshot to screenshot. I need to remove 687 px from the left and right sides (1374 px in total) resulting in an image that is 600 px wide. I don't need to remove anything from the top or bottom. Using the Crop Tool or Resize Canvas, I can achieve my desired results easily if I manually Crop/Resize each image individually. However, I'd prefer to set up a macro to do this more quickly. I cannot figure out how to build a macro that removes the needed amount from the left and
  11. Hey, So I have an older camera but the quality is still better than my phone (not in megapixels but in actual quality) so I shot a bit here and there with that old thing. However, there's no GPS in that thing so I'd like to add it afterwards.. but is this possible to add in Affinity Photo? I have the longitude and latitude but it seems that I can't add it anywhere. Is this true?
  12. I just started shooting RAW (CR3) with a new camera (Canon 90D) and noticed some artifacts when developing from the Develop persona. The images are large (32 MP), so occasionally it takes half a second for the changes to propagate to the image. For example, I will modify the shadows/highlights and for half a second the image will scan (or pixelate) as the changes are applied. Sometimes when I do this I notice large, slightly discolored squares as if the effect wasn't completely applied. For an image of this size, the squares are probably around 500px to 1000px on each side. I can fix it by mod
  13. Finally, all the albino brain chiggers are gone (we had about 14" - 18" of that white junk fall here in southeast Arkansas last week) and it's safe to go outside again. The only positive about the whole mess was I got to stand in the doorway and watch the birds and squirrels consuming what we put out for them. Since I won't venture out far in that stuff, the "goodies" were near my front door. Got some interesting images processed in Affinity Photo.
  14. Hi guys, I just uploaded a new video, it's a very basics video about merging & flattening in Affinity Photo, like a different type of merging, how to use it, how it works, & what it's used for. I hope you enjoy this video, thank you!
  15. I've been making my own art brushes for painting in Affinity Photo. Would love to have someone check them out and give me some feedback on how they work for another artist. Here's a link for them. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1W1YCuQGewCndNiQeALm03srBUnvw1WwV/view?usp=sharing I'd like ask anyone who downloads them not to share them.
  16. In Photo I have an image made up of layers. I wish to cut out and export part of it as a jpg. My preference is to use the shape tool. What is the process for this? Thanks
  17. I'm new to Affinity Photo for iPad. I'm using a 512GB 11" iPad Pro (2018) with a Samsung T5 (1TB) SSD attached. I'm using the Open From Cloud option to navigate to my attached Samsung T5 SSD drive to select a file to open. This seems like basic functionality but I'm having problems. I'm hoping it is operator error. When I select the directory on my SSD containing the file I want to open, it takes 75 seconds (!) before anything appears. The first time this happened I assumed Affinity Photo was creating thumbnails...until 4900 or so generic icons appeared. No thumbnails at all. If I naviga
  18. ‘Did go...wherever I did go.‘ Just a fun Composite Artwork....in Affinity Photo. ‘Fishful Thinking’- by Jason Hanson/StudioJason
  19. HI There. Hope everyone is well. I have some questions I hope someone can help me with about my book cover design. Now that I have it all done, in order to make it PDF ready with fonts embedded for another printer to print, how do I do this and make sure it is right? Do I compress the layers first? Do I rasterized it? I also have another question, please. I just updated to 1.9. I now see an eye looking at me when I am in my text boxes. I can click it and cross it out, but it is still there. Can someone please tell me what this eye means? Thank you so much for answering my questions. Plea
  20. Hello there! I've been using Photo exclusively for painting. Here's a sample of my work. Give me a follow on IG if you feel like it. https://www.instagram.com/adriano_do_couto_art
  21. Big learning curve: how to organise elements, color choosing, pentool in Designer and drawing excersize. And a big thank you to Stuart RC for all his contributions to this forum. As you can see, I used a lot of assets and his latest Dinosaur brushes, Poison brushes en vegetation brushes. It helps to look at the brushes how they are developed, it helps to look at the assets of leaves and plants and how they are build up. One day I can do it myself, but for now, I am using Stuarts Designs. So again, THANKS. Mostly done in Designer with Vectors. But the final touches are done in Photo.
  22. Done in Affinity Photo with several stocks from DeviantArt, Pexels, Pixabay, Unsplash. Just to get better with Affinity Photo . Any suggestions or opinions can be welcomed.
  23. Affinity Power tools Part 14 Transform Objects Separately. A Digitally Fearless beginner Affinity Photo tutorial. https://youtu.be/Y3fxnnU1xzo
  24. Hi Serif Team, This is unfortunate and highly annoying at the same time that the latest version of Affinity Photo (1.9) is crashing frequently and unpredictably. I don't know about others but this is highly frustrating as I was very confident till Version 1.8. (It was faster too) "Stability" is now a serious issue and thus I can only suggest the Serif Team to look into this matter and resolve at the earliest lest it would mar their reputation. Best wishes.
  25. Anyway of doing this on iPad AP? I cannot seem to find it, if supported feature. (automated arrows) I know AD supports this, but I’m speaking about AP. Thanks.
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