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    jc4d reacted to Mark Ingram in Raw development locks up computer   
    Thanks again for your report @ErikB, I believe I've now fixed this problem, and it should be available in the next build.
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    jc4d reacted to Weltende in How to get a bigger brush preview in Affinity Photo?   
    Hey i just bought Affinity Photo, because i want to make the jump from Photoshop. I work alot with brushes, wich are like stamps. So i need a preview of the form and not of the stroke. Unfortunally i did not find any way to make the preview bigger. 
    Does anyone have an idea how to do it? It is essential for my workflow :D

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    jc4d reacted to dominik in A way to trim canvas to objects, please   
    Hi @Stokestack,
    would 'Create Artboard' work for you? You can insert an artboard of the size of the selected object (see the dropdown on the toolbar). This basically sets the canvas and artboard the same size.
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    jc4d reacted to MEB in Vector/pattern fill   
    I see what you mean. I also wouldn't mind to have the ability to fill objects with vector patterns. Thread moved to the Suggestions for Affinity Designer on Desktop section.
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    jc4d reacted to dutchshader in Making a CD label   
    maybe the attached file will help, just copy and paste the text.
    and you have text on a path in photo
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    jc4d reacted to GRAFKOM in Cosmetic matters in Designer   
    You have to regulate the operation of numeric parameters with the mouse.
    On the attached gif it can be seen that after hovering the mouse on, for example, the x: and the left mouse click button, moving the left and right changes the next to the digital parameter, but it does not work with the Opacity name in the Swatches panel and with the Fill Opacity name: in the Effects panel.
    Moving on the Width name does not work: in the Stroke panel.
    There are several more places in the Affinity interface where, by moving the mouse left and right, the digital parameters do not change.
    This needs to be improved as soon as possible, because more and more amendments and ideas are being made, and in the end, all these important matters will be omitted.

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    jc4d got a reaction from Chris B in [BUG] HSL strange behaviour with 32 bit images B256   
    Hi all,
    If I try to modify the HSL control points on a 32 bit image in  the blue channel for example to green, nothing happens, I have to click on the green channel in order to see the greens affected...(is better a video than words). Everything seems to work fine if I convert the 32 bit image into a 8 bit one.
    I'm attaching the sample file.
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    jc4d reacted to GabrielM in [By Design] Blue slider lines getting 'lost'   
    Hi @dmstraker,
    That's not a bug, but a visual representation of your Dynamics. If you have any dynamic set - In your case size and flow - the blue line shows the variation margins from the current set point.
    I've closed this as "By design". 
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    jc4d reacted to Chris B in Bug confirmation   
    Hey TEcHNOpls,
    This is predominantly my fault. I was pulled from the forums to do other things. We've had 10 beta builds in a week so we've been focusing on those too!
    I'm catching up today :-) 
    We try to comment on every post so that you know an issue has been logged or if it is a known issue etc. We even try to reply if another user has come up with a solution or we will at least like their post so you can see we've been active in the thread.
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    jc4d reacted to Multi4G in Affinity Photo - Light Leak Effect   
    Easy Light Leak Effect Tutorial for a realistic look. This beautiful look can bring a nice touch of vintage and adventure to your photos. It is really easy to create and a lot of fun to play with.
    A Light Leak is when Analog Film was hit by unintended Light. Mostly a result of a faulty camera, broken analog film container or wrong handling during development. 
    Find amazing Perks on Patreon: 
    Follow me on Facebook:
    Photo used:
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    jc4d reacted to Fritz_H in Bug or Feature-Request? (Slider-Reset)   
    Hi all,

    Photo - Develop-Persona:
    there are lots of sliders with handles. Those handles can be reset by double-clicking on them.
    but this feature is only available in the develop-persona.

    Since I find this quick-reset useful, I consider the absence of this "double-click to reset" in other parts of Photo as a bug.

    kind regards
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    jc4d reacted to Mark Ingram in Affinity Photo Windows Customer Beta -   
    Click here to download the latest beta
    Status: Customer Beta
    Purpose: Features, Improvements, Fixes
    Requirements: A valid product key (for Affinity Store purchases), or an installation of the full retail version from the Microsoft Store

    As this is a beta it is considered to be not suitable for production use. This means that you should not attempt to use it for commercial purposes or for any other activity that may be adversely affected by the application failing, including the total loss of any documents. 

    We hope you enjoy the latest build, and as always, if you've got any problems, please don't hesitate to post a new thread in this forum and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Thanks once again for your continued feedback.

    If you have a general question about the software, please head over to the Questions Forum, or if you have any suggestions, please head over to the Feature Requests forum.
    Removed assert when parsing metadata (errors will now crash, enabling us to receive crash reports) Increased hit box area around Layers visilblity checkbox Removed Fill flyout 'None' tab, and replaced with a 'None' button Added support for import and export of PSD layer colour  Fixed moving the mouse away from a blend mode doesn't change the preview back to Normal  Fixed dragging a slider in an Adjustment dialog resets the Blend Mode Fixes
    Improved performance of loading images (no longer using exiftool for metadata) Added missing Show Assets menu item Fixed problems parsing DNG images as TIFF (DNG appearing as small thumbnails) Added 'Advanced' (thumbnail) History panel view (via burger menu) Fixed crash at startup when only .NET 4.6.2 is installed (due to Microsoft bug - we now require .NET 4.7.2 which prevents installation on Windows 10 1507 and 1511) Reverted change to Layers panel font size Fixed crash printing constraint group node with multiple lines/fills Fixed PDF import bug preventing layers from being imported Fixed CMYK printer profiles not appearing in print dialog Improved consistency in hot key assignment (CTRL + Numpad + 1 will do the same as CTRL + 1 now, assuming Numlock is on) Fixed Stroke width being printed incorrectly on rotated objects Fixed Open / Save dialog file extensions list being too long release notes
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    jc4d got a reaction from firstdefence in Flip Jitter Brush   
    Thank you so much, really appreciated. 
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    jc4d reacted to dmstraker in AP 251 - layer text size too small   
    Thank you, Mark. You're a hero! Serif seems to be one of the few software companies that seriously listens to its customers.
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    jc4d reacted to firstdefence in Flip Jitter Brush   
    Made on your behalf: 
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    jc4d reacted to carl123 in About Snapshots   
    Well, since it will be of no use to you for this project there's no point me doing so right now, as I have other stuff to do.
    But when you have the time create a test document with named layers and see how you get on with the macro. 
    If you get stuck just post back and I'll try to assist then.
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    jc4d reacted to MEB in About Snapshots   
    Thanks. I'm afraid there's no way to to what you need with the current toolset/functionality. There's no support for linked (saved) layers or similar functions. Search/selection of objects by attributes is also not available yet but was requested quite a few times and as far as I know is planned for later. 
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    jc4d reacted to MEB in About Snapshots   
    Hi jc4d,
    Snapshots save the current state of the whole document (not particular layers/objects). I'm afraid there's no way to link them somehow without grouping them or placing them all inside the same layer. The difference between grouping and placing them inside a layer is the group will behave as a single object on canvas unless you explicitly select one of the objects belonging to the group (double-clicking the object on canvas) while objects placed inside the same layer can be selected directly as independent objects on canvas (you can still move them all at once selecting the layer containing them in the Layers panel as if they were a group if you want).
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    jc4d reacted to firstdefence in Flip Jitter Brush   
    In the Texture tab of the brush add another nozzle with the image you want flipped.
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    jc4d reacted to Mark Ingram in AP 251 - layer text size too small   
    @dmstraker @jc4d , we've reverted the change to the Layers panel font size. Thanks for your feedback.
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    jc4d reacted to Mark Ingram in Smaller font in layers panel (   
    @rubs @GRAFKOM @Rick G @RosomakPL @voidsea , we've reverted the change to the Layers panel font size. Thanks for your feedback.
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    jc4d reacted to Filmdesigner in DXF and DWG   
    Please Please Please. I love the Affinity applications but this is the one thing that has me frustrated.... I am an illustrator that uses architects plans to build from and the import of other formats isn't satisfactory.
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    jc4d reacted to robert.sarudy in Affinity used for large format production   
    Hi everyone, I want to share my very positive experience working with Affinity Designer and Photo. For the past 4 months I have been working on designing large booths, walls, signage and other printed materials for a huge congress with over 30 000 participants. We had tight production deadlines from our external suppliers plus I had to design all the proposals, manage communication and do several revision rounds and after that export print data. All went very well thanks to Affinity Designer and Photo. These programs handled big oversized artboards, gigabytes of TIFF images and export so smoothly I couldn't believe it.
    The best thing I liked was having one document per one lounge with many many different artboards which gave me flexibility to make a huge wall and small flyer with the same design in one application.  Also the ability to export print ready PDFs and some JPGs in Export Persona was a huge time saver! Exporting 2400DPI PDFs was just smooth. Most of the work was done in Affinity, very very small percentage in Illustrator and 3D stuff in Blender. Here are photos and renders of some of the things which were produced. To me this was quite a successful journey. Thanks Affinity team for great products and keep going!

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    jc4d reacted to m-b in Make it a little different...   
    Some painting over my photo (AP)

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    jc4d reacted to StuartRc in Shy   
    Added some wireframes
    The Lair