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  1. Thanks for the great update! Any more infos, what exactly has been changed in regards to "Huge macro and batch processing improvements."? Thanks.
  2. Interesting theory @walt.farrell I think that the two Personas, might just open the current selection in either Photo or Designer.
  3. It's the initial release. They cannot pack everything into the first release. It's a very solid foundation and I am happy they bring it out of beta.
  4. I received the mail now, but I cannot redeem the code, I get an error message in the browser, telling me " Das Zahlungslimit des von Ihnen eingegebenen Gutscheincodes ist überschritten" (The payment limit of the voucher code you entered has been exceeded). What can I do?
  5. I also haven't received an e-mail yet. Can anyone please just post a screenshot what's inside?
  6. Remember, that you paid 54€ once for this software (or even less during a sale). I bought Affinity Photo in 2017, and 2 lears later still get free updates with a lot of new features, performance improvements, new camera support... With Adobe I'd already paid more than 240€ and not even own the software. Please remember this, before saying that "we don't have xy yet" or "development is slow".
  7. The black borders are gone for me in Beta 293. Both with the XF 50mm f2 and the XF 23mm f2 lenses and the X-T3. Thank you for fixing the issue! Much appreciated!
  8. I hope there will be a new Windows beta soon, I just checked the Mac log of fixes, and would like to test the fix for Fuji raw files.
  9. The develop time got faster with the .209 beta, but still not as fast as 1.6 has been for me.
  10. I sent an e-mail to Mr. Bronger from Lensfun in November about the X-T3 support, but got no answer yet. What about Serif allocating some more ressources on camera support? I know that Lensfun is an external library, but that doesn't make it impossible for you to fix. I have contributed code to open source software for several years, and sometimes you just have to take a look at an external dependency, and send them a pull request with a fix/addition, in order to resolve a bug that affects your customers. RAW development is an essential part of Affinity Photo. The X-T3 won several "Camera of the year" awards, and is mentioned as one of the best APS-C cameras on the market. Not supporting it is disaapointing and converting the RAW files with an external program is time consuming. I have taken a look into Lensfun code and it seems that for a new camera, you only have to add the crop factor into this file: https://github.com/lensfun/lensfun/blob/4dd189fda265cd26baccf430470482d7f2528d3c/data/db/mil-fujifilm.xml I am not sure which exact value the X-T3 has (approx 1.5), and not sure if that would fix the issue already but the lenses I use are supported and work fine in Affinity in combination with my X-T20 so it must be something missing for the X-T3. Please try to resolve this issue.
  11. The lens is not the problem, it works fine in Affinity when the image is taken with X-T20. I see that the X-T3 is not supported yet. I will check on LensFun and see if I can contribute. Thank you for your time and support Mark!
  12. Hi Chris B, thanks for your quick answer. I am aware of the official list, but in the 1.7 announcement thread it says: " A large number of new cameras are supported for RAW development ", so I thought I post it here, in case it's relevant for the developers. Fingers crossed this will be fixed / supported. Best regards, Thomas
  13. Tested with compressed .raf Files from Fujifilm X-T20: Affinity Loading: 28s Develop: 3s Affinity Loading: 16s Develop: 22s => Loading is much faster, develop (no changes applied) much slower. System: Windows 10, Intel i5 6200U, 8GB RAM.
  14. Hi, I am not sure if the Fujifilm X-T3 is officially supported, as there is no list yet with newly supported cameras. Nevertheless, I get a strange black border either on top or bottom of my pictures, when loading in the newly 188 beta. This is with compressed .raf files. Haven't tested uncompressed.
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