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    Affinity Photo for Windows - 1.7.0

    Thanks for the great update! Any more infos, what exactly has been changed in regards to "Huge macro and batch processing improvements."? Thanks.
  2. Interesting theory @walt.farrell I think that the two Personas, might just open the current selection in either Photo or Designer.
  3. It's the initial release. They cannot pack everything into the first release. It's a very solid foundation and I am happy they bring it out of beta.
  4. I tried again, and it got fixed. Pre-ordered! \o/
  5. I received the mail now, but I cannot redeem the code, I get an error message in the browser, telling me " Das Zahlungslimit des von Ihnen eingegebenen Gutscheincodes ist ├╝berschritten" (The payment limit of the voucher code you entered has been exceeded). What can I do?
  6. I also haven't received an e-mail yet. Can anyone please just post a screenshot what's inside?
  7. I have issues as well with my X-T3 files, I hope for a proper support soon!

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