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  1. I'm a software developer with over two decades of experience, who started as a 2D 'tweens' animator. Features are very hard to implement, and take time to do correctly. An eyedropper and a color palette, for instance, could take months to get out the door. Once you jump in, it's often a much longer swim than you'd estimate. Serif has been top-notch in their approach, and going "Valve Time" is important when you care about what you're creating. And, don't forget... this isn't a static design. We could spend a week on a logo and still not be completely satisfied with how effective it could be. Now, add all the time and patience required to give a design form and function. This is what Serif deals with every second of the workday (and beyond that.) Looking at what they've done so far, I feel that once a new feature is released, they've released it while being proud of a job well done.
  2. If you're on Windows, try the last step that Aammppaa mentioned.
  3. I've posted a YouTube video in case anyone else experiences the StudioLink issue and decides to search there for a solution, as opposed to visiting the forum first.
  4. You just need to run both after they are updated (Designer and Photo). No need to open any files, either. My guess is that, once each is run - after being updated to the latest version - it will be added to the list of registered Affinity applications you own, by StudioLink (which is then used by Publisher, so it knows which of the other two are available.)
  5. 1. Update Affinity Designer. 2. Update Affinity Photo. 3. Install Affinity Publisher (if you haven't already.) 4. Open/close Affinity Designer, post-update. 5. Open/close Affinity Photo, post-update. 6. Run Affinity Publisher.
  6. They should give us a purchase limit of two uses for the voucher discount, as well. I use Affinity on Windows and Macs, daily.
  7. ...since I jump between Windows and Mac all day, and have purchased Designer and Photo for both. I also tested Publisher on both OSes, as well. I might actually need to request a refund for Publisher and wait for a holiday sale since I need the 30% discount in order to afford it for both OSes.