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  1. If you compare the results at actual size, the text that doesn't get rasterized looks very poor, especially for logos. The text looks comparatively chunky. I would not say the difference is extremely slight. It was enough that I looked at the logo text and wondered why it looked like it was made by someone who didn't know how to resize something. Perhaps algorithmically it's doing what it's supposed to, but from a human perspective, on the surface Photoshop produces far more desirable results, unless you know to rasterize your text before output in AP.
  2. That's why I suggested doing it. Resize this to 200x80. Look at the chunkiness of the AA on the left side of the e. Rasterize the text. The AA of the text is greatly improved. (or I should say, it's different) test.afphoto
  3. Not really, no.. I don't have time for image examples of every setting. However, I think I've found where the problem lies. You can test this for yourself. I used the Cabin font and created a line of text that was eventually resized to be 25 pixels high. The text was white on a coloured background. The problem seems to be with resizing line artwork in Affinity Photo. So for example, non converted text, or curves. The anti aliasing looks quite poor at smaller sizes, even upon export to png. However, if you rasterize the text, it is easily comparable to Photoshop. This rasterization is very effective, even if you do it at the smaller size. I would love someone from Serif to comment on why this might be happening.
  4. So I've been working on a 200x80 logo for a website (in Affinity Photo primarily, but I have tried in Designer too), and I noticed when I created the logo at that size and exported it out as a transparent 24bit png, the anti aliasing of the text looked quite poor. So, I created the file to be much larger, and tried again. Same thing. So, I converted everything to curves and tried again. It still looked quite chunky around the edges. Then I went systematically through every resizing algorithm. Things still looked poor. Finally I went to Photoshop. Aside from the near instant previews in Photoshop (that I miss in Affinity) I could immediately see that Photoshop (CC) produced a much cleaner logo at a small size. The edges weren't always as sharp in places (things were quite rounded off with anti aliasing) but the effect was much nicer and more consistent. The Affinity apps have some nice algorithms, but in terms of clean AA at smaller sizes, Photoshop has Affinity beaten by a country mile. I wonder... is this something Serif plan on improving in the future?
  5. I think it's bugged at the moment. Sometimes it works and other times it doesn't (I'm referring to the one in the colour studio) and then you need to click on the swatch next to it to apply the colour.
  6. For now you can drag a dot onto another. It's not ideal but it works...
  7. This is definitely possible. When drawing, show the size of the brush. Paintstorm does this and it's better than nothing...
  8. https://www.dropbox.com/s/nattm4gyijbl6yk/This%20should%20be%20a%20cat.afphoto?dl=0
  9. I'm not converting it to Live. If you take an image and place it on a new document, then use the Lens Blur filter and accept the adjustment, you'll see what I see. The image with squash sideways...
  10. These are actually pretty simple things... I think :P The colour picker isn't always available when I'm choosing colours. If I'm editing a gradient I get the half brother of the Colour Studio who can't do much at all. So, just some consistency across tool types would be great. While I'm talking about gradients, a consistent way to delete gradient points would be good! It seems different right across the app... (also I don't think it's mentioned in the manual how to do it without a trash icon) The little white triangles for the bottom menu drive me insane. The menu forgets where you left it, so if I jump in and out of selection tools I have to keep tapping them, and they aren't in the same place each time so I feel like I need to chase them everywhere. It'd be great to be able to just do a full swipe over the tools (just like the edit menu in iOS when it has white triangles) to move between the pages. Long story short, they're irritating. The generated icons look really pretty for adjustments and filters, but it'd be great to have a list view for them... or some kind of a search. Scrolling through them can be confusing if the document looks simple (like mostly plan white). Also it shows the preview for the whole document, not simply for the layer that would receive that adjustment. If I copy and paste an image from the web, it pastes the url, not the image. That is different from almost every app on iOS... including Notes. An option to duplicate a document would be handy.. A way to reset the preferences back to default would also be helpful. Edit: Also... a button to cancel processes. I've seen the app get stuck a few times, or just take a while to do things like refine a selection. It's almost a must to be able to back out of long processes (downloading, number crunching, whatever it is)...
  11. Also Sean, I just tested and the blur is not a redraw issue. My documents save and reload with the same visual distortions.
  12. I'm glad you're asking all the obvious questions... but I'm an experienced user. I definitely had internet :) Also MBd, by quick settings thing I assume you mean Control Centre? My sound was definitely on. I read somewhere else on the forum someone else had the same issue. As an update, it's still not working. It says "Downloading sample" and... now goes nowhere. It's just stuck. Restarted the iPad... it spent maybe three minutes downloading and then bombed me back out to the menu again.
  13. Thanks Sean... the samples I click on run into the spinning wheel and then after about ten seconds, just backs me out to the menu again. I'm running a 9.7 iPad Pro v1 and have restarted the app. Someone else has probably also mentioned that your videos play with no sound, so I just thought it was a server thing on your side. I'll restart my iPad and see what happens. For the lens blur, I believe it is the live version, yeah...
  14. So the painting tools are actually really awesome...once I got the hang of them I found they have things Procreate doesn't! But, I found that painting with the mixer brush always has the paint strokes trailing off towards black. I was really confused about this and spent ages trying to find out why, but it turns out this doesn't happen if the document is rgb/16. Can anyone explain why this might happen? Or is it a bug?
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