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  1. It would be nice to have an option to rotate/flip the brush textures since we may not have the source textures and need to make adjustments so it works as expected in AP. Thank you
  2. Hey, Shouldn't the color wheel update after using the color picker? It seems to only match with the picked color if I alternate between the previous and current in the Color Studio. Thanks
  3. LetsWoolgather

    Brush Adjustments - Shape - No Effect

    Ah I see so only works on the most basic brushes. Then it does seem to be working. Thank you
  4. Hi, Unless I'm missing something it appears the brush shape adjustment makes no change to the diameter of the brush. Thank you
  5. LetsWoolgather

    [Fixed] Brush Adjustments

    Ah okay thanks for helping clear that up.
  6. LetsWoolgather

    Gradient Fill - Type Bitmap

    Selecting Gradient Fill - Type Bitmap does not show a dialog to select an image for use. Seems like the option though selected in the menu is still stuck on the previous type.
  7. LetsWoolgather

    [Fixed] Brush Adjustments

    So are you saying the first paragraph/last line of the help article(screenshot) in the app is incorrect when it it says "the latter edits your brush permanently" ?
  8. Hi, I read that making brush adjustments after clicking "more" in the brushes context menu were suppose to be permanent short of settings reset. However it resets any adjustment I make to the preloaded brushes or new custom brushes. Steps: 1. Select paint brush and select any category of brush. 2. Click more 3. Make adjustments, click ok 4. Select a different brush 5. Select Adjusted brush 6. Check More settings Thank you