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  1. Thanks for the welcome. Although there is small learning curve, anyone with experience of PS shouldn't have much difficulty getting to grips with Affinity. For me the biggest advantage of the product is the live real time view of the how the different blending modes will impact on the image. Looking forward to doing more work with this super software. Best regards Brian
  2. Moody Sheep Island Fuji X-T1 Fuji non XF14mm Exposure 30 Sec Processed in Affinity Photo. This is a photo taken way back in May this year, and reworked into Mono in Affinity Photo. To my mind, this software is just as capable as PS, and more so than LR for post processing. Still working and exploring the features.
  3. Taken a couple of years ago, here's a shot reworked in Affinity Photo. Any thoughts welcome.
  4. hi Peter, Thanks for that. I attach a shot of the layers in The Ballintoy image which I hope will be self explanatory for anyone who's interested. As you'll see, it's basically the application of the BW filter, adjustments to taste within that filter, and then a series of contrast grading curves layers (and masks) to adjust different parts of the image. Brian
  5. Now that I've cracked the clunky uploader, here's a Fuji X-T1 raw file reworked in Affinity Photo. The image was made using the Fujinon XF14mm lens and an ND filter which slowed the world down. Any thoughts welcome.
  6. Very glad to see a discussion of this on the forum as I've been having this issue too.
  7. Thanks for jokes guys. Here is my second attempt at uploading at pic to this forum. This is a view from the little harbour in the hamlet of Ballintoy on the North Coast of Northern Ireland. The Harbour was used a set for the the Game of Thrones serious, accompanied by heavy use of CG. Here's hoping the pic will upload. Thoughts are of course welcome. Brian
  8. A fuji X-T1 raw file developed in Affinity photo. Fantastic software and will be spending a bit more time with this I think. (I think I've finally got the uploader working...) Screen shot of layers now attached.
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