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  1. EvilDee

    Artboard Reorder Layers

    My problem is I have to many layers to drag around from top to bottom easily.
  2. EvilDee

    Artboard Reorder Layers

    Basically my layers are ordered top to bottom. When you export to PDF it puts the layer at the bottom as page 1. So I guess I need to complete reporder all my layers to be bottom to top
  3. EvilDee

    Artboard Reorder Layers

    Hi All, Not sure if its a bug or not but a previous artboard I created put the each layer at the bottom meaning my artboard is back to front when I export. Is there a simple way to reorder the layers? Its not really possible to drag each layer to the top or bottom because my document is 80+ pages. Thanks
  4. EvilDee

    AF crashing on my Win10 Laptop

    Yes, I was just changing fonts.
  5. EvilDee

    AF crashing on my Win10 Laptop

    And just like that it gives me an error message this time
  6. EvilDee

    AF crashing on my Win10 Laptop

    Hi Mark, Thanks for the reply. I understand what you are saying. However everything else is fine until I use AD. Most the time the program just crashes with no BSoD, no error message. I can try reinstalling the nvidea driver but to be honest I suspect its something else as its specific to this program and nothing else Thanks
  7. Hi all, Hope someone can help here. I have AD running on my Home Desktop and my Laptop. Recently its just started crashing randomly on my laptop. Its even blue screened it a few times whilst using it. Only thing I have done recently is load in some DAUB brushes and updated my graphics card Nvidea driver to the latest. Surely these can't be the problem though. I dont get any error usually, its just crashes into nothing. I also have nothing in my crash reports folder... Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks
  8. EvilDee

    Green Screen

    Hello all. I am suffering in silence with AP. Have to say I loved AD and all it brings but AP has been frustration from the start. Nothing works how I expect. My latest problem is I have some photos I have taken with my subject in front of a green screen. Is there an easy way to simply remove the green screen? I have been using the selection brush tool and refining the selection but I find that this is very inaffective. It leave the edges of the subject, especially the hair with lots of green in. This green is obviously not in the hair on the original photo. Very VERY frustrating application Help!