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  1. I downloaded the latest Affinity Photo betas and I notice new extensions!!!! This is awesome!!! Can I make some requests? 1) Can we have a scroll bar on the Develop extension so I can see all the adjustments? I cannot set most of the noise adjustment when the window is too small. 2) Can we also add brush/gradiant overlay for local adjustments for Develop extension? 3)Also can we also add a level and curves adjustment to the Develop extension? Thank you very much!!!! This stuff is getting more awesome with each update!!!
  2. I'm still really hoping Affinity Photo will have a complete OS X extension suite for complete photo development. I personally think it would be a good market for them because it would attract broader base of users beyond their current market of composition/design oriented professionals and prosumers. In addition to competing with Photoshop CC, it also puts Affinity Photo in direct competition with Lightroom.
  3. About Darktable (http://www.darktable.org), I find Darktable to be great and extremely powerful in ways that others are DAM/raw editors cannot match. The learn curve is a bit steep but the key area to master are: 1)masks. 2)parametric mask (luminance masking, or based on color, tone, etc). 3) Equalizer adjustment which does CONTINUOUS frequency separation editing (continuous whereas Affinity Photo has 2 levels of high-pass and low-pass in 2 layers). Once you master these three feature, Darkroom is extremely powerful and can do things that Lightroom and Aperture cannot. It's an awesome tool.
  4. thanks. I downloaded the beta. Looking good so far. Would be great to have for some more!! 1) distort/perspective/transform. 2) filters, live filters and adjustment layer filters. 3) liquidfy tool.
  5. Now that El Capitan is out. I'm waiting for Affinity Photo extensibility in Photos. In the mean time, I do have MacPhun's Intensify, Tonality and Noiseless which now support OS X Photos extension. I get the full editing capability of these apps in Photos so that bring photo editing/development on par with Lightroom!!!!! I feel that I would have large collection of really awesome professional level editing capabilities centered around Photos as the dam. At least the editing will be awesome. Cross fingers Serif will extend Affinity Photo to OS X Photos!!!! Would love to have that.
  6. Is it possible to create Affinity Photo for iPad?
  7. how about inbrush, the adjustment layers, live filters, lens correction and transform (perspective, etc)? Is that possible? Would be great to do Affinity Photo adjustments within Photos!!!!
  8. this is really 2 requests. 1) share extension in os x. This would allow me to push images into Affinity Photo from the OS X Photos app or other apps. 3) editing extension in os x. it would be super nice to have layer adjustment, live filter, and inbrush tool in editing extension for OS X. This allow me to make adjustments/filters in other applications like OS X Photos or Mail. So if I writing an email with an image and need to apply a dept of field live filter, it would be really great if i use Affinity Photo within the Mail application via OS X extensibility. Another example, I'm using OS X Photos, and I need to use the inbrush tool or apply a live filter, it would be awesome if I can use Affinity Photo within OS X Photos. Thanks!!!
  9. Can we have round trip with Aperture and Lightroom by allowing Affinity Photo to automatically save back as TIFF or PSD?
  10. Export Persona request. could have options for file compression and options for layer compression. would be great to have selection of LZW, ZIP, RLE and none.
  11. This a design oriented request. It would be great if I can resize an image or resize pixel layer based on percentage. for example, i add an image to pixel layer and i would like to shrink it 53.4%.This would be nice. Thanks.
  12. that would be nice to have for the development persona but I cannot imagine how it can be done because Affinity Photo is rastor based editor and not adjustment instruction based that are used in DAM/Raw editors. Normally, XMP's are adjustment instructions that are stored in a database like SQLite. The adjustment instructions for all your adjustments for your image can be exported into an XMP file from the database. Lightroom and Darktable are example of that and they have somewhat compatible XMP. Aperture also use a SQLite for storing adjustment instructions but Apple doesn't have XMP export/import option.
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