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  1. I just want it to be known that I want one. I demand one.
  2. Is there any chance that Affinity is working on a program that could take on Lightroom? Or Capture One? Or even Aperture?
  3. Yes, it works for me as a TIFF- I had been exporting as .psd, and that wasn't doing the round trip, don't know why... Thanks for the replies- j
  4. A file exported from aperture to photoshop may be saved back into aperture by simply hitting 'save' in Photoshop. An attempt to 'save' in Affinity brings up a standard dialogue box which prompts for a save location outside of aperture and does not preserve the 'round trip' function that works so well.
  5. I'd like to be able to embed useful file info and metadata from within the program...
  6. Well done on a very impressive program. I have a list of suggestions, and here is the first- I can set Affinity Photo as an external editor for Apple Aperture, which I will continue to use until Apple decide to upgrade their OS to a level that will no longer support it. Even then, I may maintain the last usable OS, because I have too many pictures organised with it. Photos, their new program, is most definitely not an upgrade, no matter how they would like to spin it. However, I can not automatically save back to Aperture, as I used to be able to do with Photoshop. Any chance this could be made to happen? Thank you... joseph
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