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  1. Thanks very much. So the bit depth is fixed when the Affinity doc is created, and I guess that can't be changed once you've started work omg it.
  2. Sure this has a simple answer, but I'm not seeing it. Where can I set the bit depth of an exported layered PSD file? Thanks very much.
  3. Thank you Alfred. Mac user. Should the App Store put up a notification? Didn't get that.
  4. Is there a link anywhere for the update? Is this a paid update? Where is Check for update in the application? Why I am having to ask these questions? Why isn't all this on the Affinity Photo page? Completed boggled.
  5. Thank you very much Alfred. Obviously pressing the Tab key before I get to Cmd.
  6. Real rube question I'm sure, but I keep hitting a keyboard shortcut the closes most of everything. The studio panel is gone, the tools, the contextual toolbar, basically everything except the image and the rulers. What I'm I pressing and can I press it again to bring everything back. The last time it happened, just now, I think I was using aiming for Cmd-tab for the App Switcher.
  7. Thank you Roger. That’s very helpful. I’ve been downloading from Vimeo, which works well. MEB, the links are all to Vimeo, which stalls as the download can’t keep up with playback, or the screen goes to garbage green.
  8. Thanks Callum. Found the Welcome screen in the Help menu. I thought I could access it from About AP.
  9. I downloaded Affinity Photo a while ago and no longer have the images that appeared on the welcome screen. It is possible to download these somewhere? Thanks very much.
  10. Thank you very much. That's very helpful. I'm afraid the horrible YouTube software has made finding the material sequentially a mess. It's just a jumble of Affinity videos. I'm sure many are very useful, but finding your way through them in a sensible progression is impossible. It's not quite as bad as Facebook's software, but it's close.
  11. Really like the series of tutorials listed here. It's great to be able to access them sequentially. Is there any list like this that points to the same tutorials on YouTube? I'm having considerably problems with playback of the Vimeo files. They don't load the entire video, only during playback, and often playback is faster than download so it stalls, or worse the whole screen goes green. Anyway to see these in order on YouTube? Thanks very much.
  12. Thank you both. So simple. And check on the box for transparent background when making a new document. Told you it was basic.