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  1. ChrisSmere

    Symbols and Synchronisation

    That would be nice. I agree. A "Resync all" would be nice too. Let's see what the next stable version will bring us regarding symbols.
  2. ChrisSmere

    Symbols and Synchronisation

    I could do that, altough: It's a problem in the release build too. Have the same issues there as well. :-/
  3. ChrisSmere

    Symbols and Synchronisation

    Actually, this issue persists. The one file from above I mentioned (screenshots) is made with the beta. Thank you anyway for your effort =) so I can only hope that it'll get fixed in the future ...
  4. ChrisSmere

    Symbols and Synchronisation

    I see ... and as I do not know why some of them got unlinked and some not I do not use symbols anymore. Unfortunately it's unpredictable for me what symbols are doing - if I now see that it's unlinked it is already too late. Hopefully there will be an improvement on that issue in the next time :-)
  5. ChrisSmere

    Symbols and Synchronisation

    Thanks for that hint. Now I understand what the color dashes/lines mean. I've reviewed an old file with sync problems and it looks like that: Some of them on the other hand look like this: I've never turned off the Sync in the Symbols panel. How can I link/connect/synchronize it again?
  6. ChrisSmere

    Symbols and Synchronisation

    Hi @GabrielM! Thanks for the reply! Whenever I duplicate I do duplicate the parent (symbol) itsself. And if I want to change something for the symbol in general I do edit one of the children. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it works only for a few parents. If it helps I will provide a file next time it happens. Would that be more helpful? Regards, Chris
  7. Hello! First of all: Happy new year! I wish you all the best for 2019! I have noticed that the vertical alignment icon disappears whenever I have more than one text element selected. I still have the possibility to do it via the menu Text > Vertical Alignment but as I need it quite frequently it would be nice to have it as an icon as well. Btw: In the 1.6 version I have this useful function. Best regards, Chris
  8. ChrisSmere

    Symbols and Synchronisation

    Hey! First off all I am not sure whether this is a bug or I simply do not get the symbol concept in AD. My problem is as follows: +) I create a symbol - getting my first instance of it. +) I copy (or duplicate with the ALT key and dragging) the first instance dozens of times in the document. Sometimes I drag them also in from the Symbol panel. +) All instances are labelled correctly as symbols in the Layer panel. +) So far so good. That works fine. +) Later on I want to change let's say the color or the stroke or both of the symbol in general. So I do it in the Layers panel to one of the instances as to my understanding all the others should update accordingly. And it happens sometimes that changes do not apply to all of the other instances of the symbol - only a few update the rest remains in the old state. Sometimes only a handful update and all the others seem to be detached from the parent (symbol) at all - still being labelled als symbols and me not having them detached at all. +) The strange thing is that it does not happen in all my documents. For me it's like gambling: in some files the symbols behave as expected, in some others not. And I cannot get behind the why or when. _________________________________ Nota bene: #) The synchronisation option is always on! I hardly touch this option. #) I am using also the latest stable non-beta version and have the same issues with symbols. Thanks for any help! Chris
  9. Hey, it's a known issue.
  10. I had recently a similar experience with an 8 (I think) page document when using "replace all". Then I did it one after another and it worked as expected - I had to click 72 times on the "replace" button, though. :-/
  11. ChrisSmere

    Find & Replace

    I had recently a similar experience in the Win version on a 8 (I think) page document when using "replace all". Then I did it one after another and it worked as expected - I had to click 72 times on the "replace" button, though.
  12. ChrisSmere

    Switching from AD to APhoto issue

    Hi Sean, I am glad I could help!
  13. ChrisSmere

    Grid problems / View problems

    Update: Tried to reset everything and now the Isometric Dialog is showing. :-)
  14. ChrisSmere

    Grid problems / View problems

    Hi Sean, the Isometric Dialog doesn't show up and under Studio -> Isometric there is never a tick. In the Grid and Axis Manager the Show Grid button remains pressed (so the oppisite of your observation). When I open a new document Show Grid is working again. What's never working is the Isometric (neither with one nor with two documents). Yes, that are those from the View Menu. The options are always there but I cannot check/uncheck them all at the same time. But with opening another document and going back to the old one the options are working again. Thanks.
  15. Hello! Just installed the new AD beta. Now I have problems with the grid. I tried Studio -> Isometric - and it didn't work (nothing shows and the option doesn't get checked) but than the grid on/off also didn't work anymore. Now a new document has a grid which I cannot turn off. Actually all "Show XXX" buttons don't work anymore (except for Show Rulers). I can only unclick one at the time but nothing happens anyway. I am running it on a Win7 SP1. Best regards, Chris