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  1. Hi! I am wondering whether there is any way to set a panel row (with more than one panel) to a fixed size. I mean I don't want the panels to change their size depending on the size of the panles above and below and their own size. To show what I mean I have attached some examples. There is never the same height for a row. It's jumping around with every panel change. Would be very nice if there would be a way for switching that off. All the best, Chris
  2. ChrisSmere

    Vertical lines between columns

    I guess the way would be to draw the line, turn on snapping and place the line easily in between two text frames. (Or do I miss something: is there column option for text frames now in AD?)
  3. that's the point why I got confused :-/ also thought something is wrong ... just tried the same with the beta version and it is corrected and behaving like expected =) thanks!
  4. Symbols in symbols is working in the release version, something is strange though: the symbol with the symbol cannot be converted into a new symbol itsself. So it is a new object on the canvas (shown with "Symbol" in the name) with being linked to the different symbols but no to be found in the symbol pannel anywhere. Is it working as expected? symbol_release.afdesign
  5. Hey! If you create a new document select "transparent background". Or if you have already a document go to the document setup dialog > colour > select transparent backgound.
  6. Indeed. Same here (Win 7).
  7. Thanks a lot! Due to the second post with the same meaning I have just hidden the first one again =) And what happened? It's disappeared again ... Maybe the post or its content is haunted PS: That's just for your infomation - It may stay hidden.
  8. ChrisSmere

    Pen tool issue

    Hi Sean, Thank you again for your help on this matter! I have a little update regarding the "Add to Curves Mode", though: It only looks as it works like in the stable version. What it does actually is something different: It makes a "Curve" into "Curves" - multiple paths in a one layer object. If I add another segment at the end of the path it just creates the new segment as a separate path in this object. Last night I noticed this because I wanted to use the "Corner tool". After wondering why it wouldn't work I discovered that there were two nodes just on top of each other and that there was a second path. It only looked like one path. Then I tried the "Join Curves" action - it didn't worked. In the end I had to break up (with several attempts) the "Curves" object into separate "Curve" objects again for finally being able to join them properly. So, the "Add to Curves Mode" has another funcionality than what I wanted to achieve. All the best, Chris
  9. It's a nice feature but I think my last reply to one topic got accidentally hidden by me when posting and then disappeared ... I cannot find it anymore ... is there a possibility to list all my posts and replies including hidden ones? I couldn't find it in my profile.
  10. ChrisSmere

    Pen tool issue

    Hi Sean, thanks for the hint :-) yes, with that on it's like in the good old version! Chris
  11. ChrisSmere

    Pen tool issue

    So, I have tried to record what I am getting. I hope this helps a little bit. One is from the stable version (that works as expected and known to me): stable.mp4 The other from the beta (that reacts other than the stable): beta.mp4 Maybe I am doing something wrong? Chris
  12. ChrisSmere

    Pen tool issue

    Hi Sean, thanks for responding! Whenever I reselect an old path and change to the Pen tool I have to select a node with the Node tool (via menu or CTRL) - so it becomes blue - to add more segments - that's the situation in the beta. Otherwise I am starting to create a new path while the old one is still selected. I am not in any other mode than Pen mode. And all my options in the menu bar are like yours. Whenever I do the same in the stable version I am able to achieve this only with the Pen tool. The node does not have to be selected (so it becomes blue). So, if I do what you are doing in the video I cannot reproduce what you are doing ... I will try make a video tonight showing what I mean, I think there is a screen recorder in Win 10 now. Chris
  13. ChrisSmere

    Pen tool issue

    Good morning! I have a rather small issue when using the Pen tool: I draw a path with the Pen tool. After that I use for example another tool or adjust the stroke width or color or anything else but the Pen tool. Then I want to add some more nodes to one end of the path with the Pen tool. So I select the path again and hover over one of the end points. Now there comes the issue: I am not able to add something at the end when merely using the Pen tool again - it always starts a new path. The only thing I can add are nodes inbetween but not at the very ends. Also the little indicator (looking like this: / ) does not appear when hovering over the end points. If I want to add some more segments at the end of the path I have to select the end point with the Node tool. After that I have to switch to the Pen tool again and finally I can add more segments. The little indicator ( / ) appears also showing me that the path segments will be connected. This happens only in the beta (.209 but also with previous versions) and slows me down because of the intermediate steps (switching tools, selecting nodes). In the stable version it works fine - that's why I noticed this difference in the first place. All the best, Chris PS: I found this issue also in Publisher.
  14. That would be nice. I agree. A "Resync all" would be nice too. Let's see what the next stable version will bring us regarding symbols.
  15. I could do that, altough: It's a problem in the release build too. Have the same issues there as well. :-/