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  1. ChrisSmere

    Sheffield / Tram / Transit diagram

    It's been a pleasure :-) and it makes my happy if you like it! Thank you! :-)
  2. ChrisSmere

    Sheffield / Tram / Transit diagram

    By the way - the original version was with a brighter background. Only decided this morning to go with the beige version. Here is the white version - just for the sake of completeness:
  3. ChrisSmere

    Sheffield / Tram / Transit diagram

    Thank you :-) Dankeschön!
  4. Hey :-) I do transit maps (diagrams) for fun in my spare time to relax. Here is one I was working on this weekend - after a request @Alfred: The Sheffield tram system in my interpretation. I've altered the color palette a little bit (more Bauhaus now) and also introduced route letters. Hope you like and enjoy it - @MattP :-) Feedback is welcome and appreciated of course! Have a great day you all! Chris
  5. I think only a few official maps are done as a dark version actually. Montreal's metro map being the most famous. Well, thank you, Roger :-) Most of the time this color concept works very good but it is the most often used. Sometimes is nice to make something different. Does not work all the time though. Thanks a lot :-) Glad you like it!
  6. Ahhh that's the background :-) I guess I'll have to do a Sheffield tram map this weekend then! You shall have my interpretation in the next days!
  7. Thanks you :-) What might go on at Panska pole? Just get out one stop before :-) The white outlined ones indicate terminal stations. In general all those arrows indicate the direction of service too. In the while Diagramm i am using a font family called "Rubik". Should be rectangular in all instances. Might be due to compression and resolution. Hope that answers all your questions and concerns for now :-)
  8. Thank you so much I am really really grateful! So, I shall keep posting more of them :-)
  9. Is this an official request? Or more like an order? I guess I can fullfil that soon. Maybe even sooner
  10. Well, I am Austrian so from the neighborhood kind of hehe actually a Czech guy asked me on my Instagram and I was motivated after reading a little bit about Marienbad (had only heard the German name of it several times in the past) :-) Thanks for the correction. That's easy to adapt. And about this funny name - even in German it's a crazy name. Who would name a village like this? There are funny names out in Austria too but this one tops it all XD
  11. Hi - it's me again :-) I do transit maps (diagrams) for fun in my spare time to relax. Here is another one I was working on the past days and have updated just now: It's my totally unofficial transit map showing the complete bus and trolleybus network of city of Mariánské Lázně (Marienbad), Czech Rebuplic. The trolleybus replaced the streetcar network in the early 1950s. Feedback, corrections, input is always appreciated. Have a nice Thursday night =) Chris
  12. ChrisSmere

    Eskişehir / tramvay ağı / another transit map

    :-) have many more waiting for publication in this forum but I don't want to flood it with them so I am trying to keep a distance between posts. Little teaser: The next one will be trolleybus and bus network map.
  13. ChrisSmere

    Eskişehir / tramvay ağı / another transit map

    Thanks again =) Actually, many of these terminal stations are built exactly like this: on stop is for getting off and one is for gettting on but they are normally shown as a single stop - it's the last stop so it's fine, I think. Really appreciate it!!
  14. ChrisSmere

    Eskişehir / tramvay ağı / another transit map

    Hey! After some feedback I have updated the map :-) What do you think? PS: @GarryP now it's even more loopy :-)