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  1. Hey! I am not sure this is a bug or this is by design but for me it seems to be an inconsistency. See the animation. If you hide an instance of a symbol all others get hidden too. I don't expect this to happen because if you delete an instance of a symbol all the others don't get deleted. Should be the same with hiding in my opinion. Sometimes I have to hide only a single or several instances of a symbol but I can't do it and have to delete it instead... Maybe this could be changed in future? All the best, Chris
  2. It's been long on my list :-) and of course A-, R-, S- and U-Bahn combined! Love Hamburg!
  3. Thank you so much =) happy to hear that! I always start with looking how a system looks on a real world map
  4. and here are updated versions in black and white - have fun Biggest change: line A only in rush hours to Vlaardingen West.
  5. Dank je wel! =) really glad to get this feedback! Would be nice if my diagrams would be used in real life :-) Thanks a lot!
  6. Hey you all! I do transit maps and diagrams for fun This time I tried to show how a Rotterdam+Den Haag metro network diagram could look like. Tried to include the major connections and also showing the train lines in the background. Have fun and constructive feedback is appreciated! Chris
  7. Hey there :-) A tried to make a decent transit map for the Sidney light rail network that actually shows connections to other modes of transportation. Also included the soon to be Parramatta light line in a separate diagram. Have fun and great New Year 2020 :-) Constructive feedback is appreciated and welcome! Chris :-)
  8. Hey guys =) I love making transit maps and diagrams in my spare time. That's my take on a transit diagram of the Tyne and Wear Metro. Have fun with it! Any feedback appreciated as well as corrections! Chris
  9. Hey! I do love making transit maps and diagrams in my spare time. Here a side project I really loved making: Proposed Corcaigh/Cork light rail and suburban rail plans packed into a transit diagram. Have fun :-) Feedback appreciated ✌️ Chris
  10. Hey! I love to make transit maps and diagrams for fun in my spare time after work. This time it's Mallorca, Spain: my home-made diagram shows all tram, metro and train lines in service in 2019. Feedback is appreciated! Have fun! Chris
  11. Hey! I do transit maps and diagrams for in my spare time. Made them a while ago but now I think it's about right to show it to you :-) This one is a transit diagram inspired by from the era transit diagrams used be around in Wien (Vienna). This schematic shows the Stadtbahn lines G, DG, GD, W in 1975. Before the U-Bahn sections opened. This one is a transit diagram inspired by from the era transit diagrams used be around in Vienna. This schematic shows the remaining Stadtbahn lines G, GD, W and the then new two U-bahn lines U1, U4 in 1978. Any feedback is appreciated!
  12. ChrisSmere

    Symbols Broken Update Behavior

    Because this remindes me of issues I had (have) with symbols: I personally do avoid using symbols at all as at some point they are not synchcronized anymore. The problem is that I haven't been able to find out when or more importantly why it happens. In fact, I would need them, but I don't get their inner logic. I am only speaking about normal symbols not nested ones. Maybe I am just too dumb but not using symbols saves me time and nervs... My suggestion would be a "reset" or "resynchronize all" function. All the best, Chris
  13. ChrisSmere

    Failed to save document

    Finally got to upload it. Steps I do with it: 1) Changing the fonts (all to Tahoma). 2) Placing some AD files (logos) in it - and also edit this then embedded AD files within APub. 3) Updating the texts and dates. That's it. Maybe is something to do with placing AD files in it? Hope the files helps you! Chris

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