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  1. ChrisSmere still crashes when closing tab

    Hey! I have got the same problem. Same happens in the .293 beta of Affinity Publisher too. All the best, Chris
  2. Hey! I have got the problem that every time I am closing a tab and saving the file of this tab the program shuts down after a few seconds. Same happens in the .293 beta of Affinity Designer too. Running it on the latest Win 10 Home / 64bit. All the best, Chris
  3. Have just tried the same thing in the release version and it behaves differently than the beta now: As soon as I convert a shape into a text frame the shape looses its fill and stroke (colors). Merely the shape itself remains for being filled with text. This is actually a better way because then it's clear how to work with that. Strange that they changed that. Hope it will be sorted out for the next release.
  4. that's exactly what I think too: why are you able to create a shape object with a fill and stroke and convert it into a text frame object afterwards, but have no control over the fill and stroke of the shape anymore afterwards ? Don't get the idea behind it ... it's like a one-way-street as you cannot change the shape behind the text ... so that I have to work around it: I have to use a circle shaped text frame without fill and stroke on top of the same circle shape with fill and/or stroke and group them ... document colors are respected so that I am able to change the colors after it is converted into a text frame :-) thanks - that works =) I hope this functionality will be implemented in Designer as well.
  5. Hey! I have encountered a problem with shapes that became text frames. Steps: I draw a shape, in my case a circle. I color and adjust the circle's fill and stroke. I use the text frame tool to make it into a text frame. From this point on I can only access the font color. The circle's color and stroke is not editable anymore. I have attached a sample file too. Is this a normal behavior? All the best, Chris text.afdesign
  6. Sounds similar to what I have experienced:
  7. ChrisSmere

    Recovered Lost File Issue (.284)

    On a normal HDD (not even an SSD) - nothing fancy. The folder it is stored in is a Dropbox folder if this might be important. But I had never had issues with this file because of that before.
  8. Hello! Yesterday I encountered a strange thing: I had worked on a file before and had closed it without any problem or message or crash etc. Than I opened it again and it told me that there was a recovered lost file. I opened that as well (I had no choice anyway as the "close" button closed only the dialog ...). But as it was exactly the one that I had already saved I wanted to get rid of this recovered file. That's the point I became awkward: I got trapped in the program as I could not close it until I would have saved the unwanted file. I think in that dialog there is a third button missing - the "no" option: My question is: Why do I have to save the file anyway ("The document will NEED to be saved before it can be closed." and "You MUST save this file.")? I resolved that issue by forcing the program to close through the task manager because I didn't want to create a temp file just to delete it afterwards. The original file works fine and has no issues at all. All the best, Chris
  9. Hi! I am wondering whether there is any way to set a panel row (with more than one panel) to a fixed size. I mean I don't want the panels to change their size depending on the size of the panles above and below and their own size. To show what I mean I have attached some examples. There is never the same height for a row. It's jumping around with every panel change. Would be very nice if there would be a way for switching that off. All the best, Chris
  10. ChrisSmere

    Vertical lines between columns

    I guess the way would be to draw the line, turn on snapping and place the line easily in between two text frames. (Or do I miss something: is there column option for text frames now in AD?)
  11. that's the point why I got confused :-/ also thought something is wrong ... just tried the same with the beta version and it is corrected and behaving like expected =) thanks!
  12. Symbols in symbols is working in the release version, something is strange though: the symbol with the symbol cannot be converted into a new symbol itsself. So it is a new object on the canvas (shown with "Symbol" in the name) with being linked to the different symbols but no to be found in the symbol pannel anywhere. Is it working as expected? symbol_release.afdesign
  13. Hey! If you create a new document select "transparent background". Or if you have already a document go to the document setup dialog > colour > select transparent backgound.
  14. Indeed. Same here (Win 7).
  15. Thanks a lot! Due to the second post with the same meaning I have just hidden the first one again =) And what happened? It's disappeared again ... Maybe the post or its content is haunted PS: That's just for your infomation - It may stay hidden.