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  1. ChrisSmere

    Clouds and Light

    Thank you so much :-) Yes I could definitely improve on the tower area! Chris
  2. ChrisSmere

    Clouds and Light

    Hey! Just wanted to share with you this photo that has been enhanced with Affinity Photo. It's showing a nearby mountain with a observation tower on it. The evening sun just breaks through the clouds. What you think?
  3. I think usually it's called elevated railway - although sometimes they have subway portions too... so it might be still right :-)
  4. Hey! I make transit maps and diagrams for fun in my spare time after work. This time I'd like to show you my side project of this weekend! I was not quite happy with the official map so did a quick redesign on Friday and Saturday. Here is my unofficial transit diagram of the integrated commuter rail network in the Bratislavský kraj (Bratislava area). Have fun with it! Feedback is appreciated and corrections as well.
  5. Ahhh, I see now. Will put it on my almost endless list of maps to do Have bigger map project coming up at the moment so I can't make any promises about a time frame. But I really appreciate this idea! Thanks!
  6. After a feedback on Twitter and Instagram I have updated the map accordingly :-) What do you think?
  7. Hey :-) This time kind of an open transit diagram design Just throw in your ideas, suggestions, corrections (transliteration)! I'll try to incorporate them as much as possible. My tiny side project of the trams in irkutsk I appreciate any feedback! Have a nice day, Chris
  8. Thank you! Indeed... it's an optical illusion. Will make them grey too, thank you!
  9. Updated the map: included proposed stations on the planned connecting route on Av. Diagonal. It's of course subject to change. changed the Tramvia Blue and made it clearer that it runs on one street only the first version might suggest that it runs on two parallel streets) Any further feedback is still appreciated :-) Have a nice Sunday, Chris
  10. Hey there! Is there a resource and/or a font manager in Affinity Designer like the one in Affinity Publisher? If there is please tell me where to find it. If not I'd like to suggest to add them to Affinity Designer (and Affinity Photo). All the best, Chris
  11. ChrisSmere

    Photo - Classical (macro)photo

    Wonderfully done - it looks like a painting the black-and-white version is superb!
  12. Hey! I do transit maps and diagrams for fun in my spare time. Here is my side project from last week is ready an unofficial transit diagram of the trams in Bratislava, Slovakia. Showing the situation as of Sept. 2019 with the western branch is being upgraded and updated. As usual did a dark and a bright version. Have fun with it! Feedback is appreciated and corrections as well. All the best, Chris
  13. Thanks for the input on the colors. And you are correct, in the bright version there might be to little contrast. Also thanks for showing me what and how you think is better! I do appreciate it! And please don't worry about correcting me as I do post my maps to get corrected. I want to get better :-)

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