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  1. @PMan that's good to know either—I'm leaving the alignment handles constantly on for now.
  2. Thanks, @walt.farrell and @fde101 while the buttons on the context menubar do function the same, the alignment handles change things quite a bit. That's actually a pretty elegant solution in my opinion, thanks for pointing that out to me.
  3. I'll hook into this thread, as I don't want to open another one. I too quite like the option to set a reference object to which the selection is then aligned – deselecting and selecting again seems a bit counterintuitive to me, though a useful workaround. But my other (and worse) issue with the align tools is as follows: In Publisher on macOS 10.14.2, I added all the align buttons to my top toolbar: When I use those, they seem to always default to "align to spread" with one selected object and "selection bounds" with multiple objects selected. Is there a way to control what alignment mode the buttons work in? I'd like to reduce having to go into the overlay-menu of the single alignment button. Thanks
  4. +1 – I'd like to have a clear and concise way of checking the colors in the document as well as quickly change them from spot to process. Also a separation preview would be helpful with checking overprint and spot color plates.
  5. Can these two shortcuts be combined into one? I like to use the pasteboard around the pages / artboards to store alternative content and have them at the ready when switching by only pressing W like in InDesign…
  6. I also like to use the no-print setting for dielines and other guides when working on packaging etc. Please add that among other already suggested settings into an "Appearance" panel, as this is going to impact the ability to make print ready files greatly.
  7. Thanks, JET. I'd love to see better transform tools implemented soon
  8. One feature I quite like in InDesign are the scale, rotate, shear, etc. tools, because it lets me work quite fast—the anchor point can be set manually and the transformation can be done from anywhere on the screen, no need to look for the edges of the frame or zoom / pan around. I understand the trend to leave out dedicated tools which can do only one thing, but I find it more usable to have greater tolerance available for editing and transforming objects.
  9. Thanks, Patrick When I find out a recreatable procedure I'll post; don't want to get too off topic now.
  10. When exporting a document with a placed PDF file containing only vectors, these vectors get rasterized when exporting the AFP document to PDF using the PDF:X-3 preset. In the "more" portion of the export dialogue, "rasterize" is set to "unsupported properties". No further effects are applied. I'd like to keep the setting "unsupported properties" just in case, but I'd also like to keep simple vectors as that.
  11. Encountered a minor inconvenience: In the justification panel, the slider stays open and does not update when typing in a number in the field. It even stays open when toggling the studio interface with tab (see screenshots) EDIT: sorry, found the main UI glitches thread
  12. Was wondering how to set up columns too. Found it as described above in the Text Frame Panel, but in my opinion the gutters need to be able to be changed all at once as well as without changing the overall frame width.
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