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  1. I know that but the tutor should too. It's too had to see the UI in the tutorial. In my opinion, the dark UI is bad design no matter who does it.
  2. It is not clear. It may be if I was viewing the thing on a 30" monitor but the black UI style is unreadable to my old eyes. Now that I have seen the setting, I must say it is very cumbersome. There needs to be a way to change all the gutters at once and not change the text box size. Or the gutter setting should be an integral part of the initial setup like Quark and Indesign I hope you don't taker offense at my criticism, just that it is very exciting to be a beta tester on another layout program. I bettad InDesign 2, Quark 5 and some other stuff. Good job so far but you have along way to go.
  3. Any plans to be able to use plug ins like Quark XTensions or inDesign plug ins? I work for a software company that automates building newspaper pages with such plugins and I'm sure we would love to look at dong that for Publisher.
  4. I agree about the tutorials. If you had made the interface there same as Quark or InDesign then they might be barely adequate but, for instance, I had to step thru the tutorial 1 frame at a time to see where the guy was clicking to get multiple columns. They are embarrassing for a professional company.
  5. Trying to create a 6 col. newspaper page. How the heck do you change the gutter width? This just the first thing I can't figure out. I've produced stuff in Quark XPress PageMaker and Indesign since forever and this program is even less intuitive than Scribus, at least for publication production. In my never humble opinion your tutorials are laughable and useless. Maybe you should get someone that actually uses a publishing program to explain things.
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