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    Design & development . Open Source technology.
  1. With the option 'Transfer separately' selected the contents is transformed also when changing the shape of the mask. There seems to be no option to select the mask without the masked object. Am I overlooking something? Even when I disable the mask the content is distorted.
  2. I'll try to add the other screenshots here (upload failed).
  3. When I align to selection bounds and there is a clipping mask this is ignored. The only option to align is to draw an extra (temporarily) box. Is this by design?
  4. FYI - For the laser / plasma / cnc cutters over here, I found a solutions that works for me: https://deepnest.io/ Can import SVG and export dxf and works very good in nesting.
  5. Is there any chance this will be implemented? This is one of the things that forces me to switch back to illustrator from time to time...
  6. Thx to all. So the project only works to a single layer or can it be applied to grouped layers of some kind? I will test some scenario's asap.
  7. I used live perspective projection in the past but suddenly I do not get it working for me. I chose layer > live projection > perspective projection I did the edits, the edits on the background work just fine. I added another picture (the key) but this one is not projected at all. Do I need to merge the layers every time?
  8. In affinty designer the grid is moving all over the place. In some cases it is displayed right in mos cases it is not. When scrolling or zooming the grid lines appear on the wrong place. See screenshots, all the 'blocks' are aligned to the grid, all screenshots from the same (unaltered) document. Only one is right. Thanks, Dries
  9. I would like to add that I don't understand why the guides are by default as negative values in the guides manager (can be solved by setting 'spread origin' to 0). Best regards, Dries
  10. Hello, When I set up margins ( file > document setup) and I open that window again the option 'include margins' is suddenly de-activated. When you activate this again ans just hit 'ok' alle margins are gone. When you activate this again and cycle through them with tab, only the margins you manually re-type are kept. The rest is deleted. Attached some screenshots. Thx, Dries
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