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  1. mystrawberrymonkey

    Ohhh My Strawberry Monkey

    Here they are, the whole family, so far. If you haven't already, don't forget to check out the home of the cutest monkey around mystrawberrymonkey.com. Loads of free educational content and activities on there. Naturally, this is aimed at pre-schoolers, so if you have kids, nieces, nephews etc then spread the word, there's a new monkey in town and his cute and pink... The website, the two books so far, iMessage stickers all designed in Affinity Designer... Allan
  2. mystrawberrymonkey

    Ohhh My Strawberry Monkey

    Super excited. After much work and many changes, the 2nd book in the 'Ohhh My Strawberry Monkey' series is now available on Amazon. Really happy with the feedback and progress of the first book so far, some amazing reviews coming in from mums on social media. Now to get working on the third! (hurry up publisher) If you have kids or grandkids, nieces, nephews go grab a copy here! https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1999708032
  3. mystrawberrymonkey

    Ohhh My Strawberry Monkey

    Thought I'd share this as well... A great blog post for parents on why it's important to let children make mistakes...FT Strawberry Monkey. https://senresourcesblog.com/2018/03/13/why-children-need-to-make-mistakes/ Allan Thompson
  4. mystrawberrymonkey

    Ohhh My Strawberry Monkey

    Thank you Hokusai, Yes, I agree we all have our own little passions, I cut down my hours at work and just studied, read, researched and put in a lot of hard work, along with passion, determination and the desire anyone can achieve their dreams. The font is one I downloaded, can't remember, at some point I may create my own. Allan
  5. mystrawberrymonkey

    Ohhh My Strawberry Monkey

    Thanks Peter, don't forget instagram! Netmums is coming! The revolution has begun!
  6. mystrawberrymonkey

    Ohhh My Strawberry Monkey

    Ohhh My. Super excited to have my children’s picture book reviewed. All created in Strawberry Monkeys favourite app. Affinity Designer. So happy to see this moving in the right direction! “Thoroughly recommended” by Club Hub UK - Kids Activities Check out this great review of Strawberry Monkey from Club Hub UK below https://clubhubuk.co.uk/ohhh-strawberry-monkey-club-hub-uk-review/
  7. mystrawberrymonkey

    Ohhh My Strawberry Monkey

    Thank you! Yep, had to get on with what I had. I'm sure we are really close to seeing Publisher!
  8. mystrawberrymonkey

    Ohhh My Strawberry Monkey

    Ohhh my, so much in common. Love the mindset. Naturally, yes there are benefits to being with a publisher and if anyone publishing a book was offered a good deal, consider it. I like to do things differently. Your book is coming very soon! make sure you shout me out in the acknowledgements.... Look at what Affinity, @MattP and the other cool dudes have done, whilst they may have had a head start on Windows with the Serif range, coming over to macOS and iOS is big and they have done an amazing job, taking on the so called big guns (I do love Adobe BTW, Audition, Character Animator is cool) changing up the game and having their rightful success. By the end of 2018 we will have a stable Affinity Designer on iOS and Publisher. It's inspiring, many have gone on to create amazing things against the grain, against the norm, despite the noise and negativity, but its all fuel, its what drives us on.
  9. mystrawberrymonkey

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    Sooo looking forward to this. Hopefully in time for the 2nd release...This is going to make putting the books together so much easier...
  10. mystrawberrymonkey

    Ohhh My Strawberry Monkey

    Thanks... I chose not to pursue a publisher, didn't like what I read with their submission guidelines. Plus I'm so much further ahead then I would be with them and I feel penalised by them and some picture book bloggers by choosing to go down this path. It's 2018, we have Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, there is no reason besides the cashflow why anyone needs a publisher. Just some patience, hustle and hard work and all will be good. However, if Ladybird came along then we'll talk...Plus I'll be in a much stronger position if I hit some seriously good sales. Also, I'm not going to give up control to just anyone, I've worked seriously hard on this, the website, the content on the website, the book, design, copy, editing, proof-reading, the iMessage stickers, social media etc etc. What would involve maybe 5/10 people and many more years, I've learnt and created by myself all in one app....
  11. mystrawberrymonkey

    Ohhh My Strawberry Monkey

    Thanks Miguel. The second is already in production and ideas for the third are in my head. Hopefully at least 3 books before 2018 is out. Just waiting for publisher to make my life easier...
  12. mystrawberrymonkey

    Ohhh My Strawberry Monkey

    Thanks George, still a way to go, but progressing in the right direction. Still waiting to see the 'little book of eejits' could see it going similar to the Mr Men series...
  13. mystrawberrymonkey

    Ohhh My Strawberry Monkey

  14. mystrawberrymonkey

    Ohhh My Strawberry Monkey

    Hi all, hope all is well, its been a while since I posted any updates. I've finally completed the first of many children's picture books, you may have seen a copy a while back, but I wasn't happy with the end results from the printers and there has been many, many changes. I have also designed the website in Affinity Designer which contains games and free activities for schools and parents. Ohhh My Strawberry Monkey is the series of books and are stories of friendship based around a cute, pink, lovable, but somewhat clumsy monkey who will certainly cause a few chuckles. The website is mystrawberrymonkey.com and you can find our first paperback here on Amazon If you have grandkids, kids, nieces or nephews go check this out! Allan Thompson
  15. mystrawberrymonkey

    Using Affinity to Lay out a Children's Book

    Thanks @Callum Hi Charla, I have also created a book or two inside of Designer. All my stuff is vector, can't draw by hand unfortunately, but slowly learning. My book size was based on the Hey Duggee, Peppa Pig books as mine is a very similar style. So I created 35 or so artboards (inc spine, front and back cover and blank inside cover) for the layout once I knew the size I wanted to print at with 3mm margins (acting as bleeds) so I knew what would be cut off when printed and what would be safe. Here is a link to the site http://www.mystrawberrymonkey.com If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer. Allan