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  1. It isn't me the consumer-level author guy asking for this feature, it seemed to come from a designer using Illustrator. This style requires the use of a competitor's product instead of AD, so I pass the request on for consideration, I do appreciate that it's not critically important.


    There's a technical side that piqued my interest because the technique Illustrator designers are using now, making blended shapes, is a "sub optimal" way to achieve this effect :) so an alternative is worth considering for a moment. And besides, it could be used for more than this one effect, it could lend itself to some much nicer illustration styles.


    We get requests for other kinds of shadows too, with shear, variable blur and variable opacity over distance, maybe this idea sits alongside them? How many of them will be plug-ins or scripting in future? That beats having no solution, but by the time we get there we could match the blended shape method anyway, which might be fine enough.


    Maybe if our planned Blend shapes tool had a Gaussian Blur option that clipped within the shape extent, then no special feature, script, or plug-in is needed at all? 

  2. Hi, this doesn't apply to vector illustration because the mathematics that describes your shapes, strokes, curves, fills etc is the same complexity at any size.


    For raster art, pixels, bitmaps, photos, size makes a difference because larger images means there are more pixels to store, but it's worth working with high quality images where possible just for quality reasons. Are you running low on space?

  3. Vic Asecas on our Facebook page asked about creating a long shadow, it would be good to have in future. Here's the example effect Vic wants to achieve:




    When I had a play I struggled to make it look as good, it seemed to me that the effect can be approximated with dark shapes and a gradient transparency, but the gradient has a straight profile perpendicular to the gradient path. In Illustrator, this effect can be achieved using blended copies of objects that go from e.g. 20% opacity down to 0% with a blend spacing of e.g. 1pt. Even with a long shadow this produces vector banding like the bad old days, so I'm sure there's a nicer way we could achieve it.


    Mesh fills would be one possibility, obviously the Blend tool on the roadmap is another, but maybe a Long Shadow layer effect/tool is another possibility?

  4. As we snuk out the teaser yesterday I just wanted to add that it shows a recent proof of concept with Designer running natively on an iPad, it's something the devs have made happen before but the code has changed a lot since then so it was a bit of a refresher to have another look. It is far from being ready as the app needs further tailoring to the iPad, with a new UI and new control methods. What's great to know is that the underlying code is solid and very fluid, very fast, so that bodes well for the future.


    As MEB said, there is nothing concrete yet but here are some honest indicators from the team about where things are heading...


    Timescales, really not sure, just as MEB said, and bumps on the road would change any fixed date we would dream up anyway. The team will want to develop the OS X platform apps with a focus on delivering the features that designers need before spending lots of time on other platforms.


    Purchase, yes it's a separate purchase for the iPad but it will be very low cost, a fraction of the cost of Affinity apps for Mac – and that price point is already low!


    Interoperability, files will be transportable between platforms as well as between apps. A design could start in Affinity Designer for Mac, move to Affinity Photo for Mac and on to Affinity Designer for iPad without losing anything, like it was made to work that way!


    What hardware will you need? Not 100% sure yet, having the latest gear will give you the best experience with 64-bit processing built in but the team are also hoping to achieve iPad 2 compatibility.





  5. I can't wait when Affinity Designer is the #1 Design app so I can change the title of my course :)


    It is actually the number one design app Ronnie, verified today, in 3 countries. Your visitors will be from around the world and shouldn't be limited by what's happening where you are located – Designer is usually #1 in more than just 3 countries too :D


    Edit: and from a marketing perspective, this title really makes me think I need to look for the #1 design app instead, who wants #2? And from another less mature perspective, #2 is actually poop.

  6. Scott from IconFinder has mentioned he'll be doing a review of some key Astute Graphics plugins https://twitter.com/iconifyit/status/552483846877622273 so it's pretty safe to say he'll be Illustrator 4eva.


    I doubt Scott would rush to cover Designer again for a while either, after we directly and openly nagged about the many shortcomings in the article multiple times. 

  7. Good luck with the course Ronnie!


    The course title says Affinity Designer is the #2 design app on the Mac App Store - that's a changeable status as sales vary, but it was #2 App of 2014 in all categories as mentioned in the body text, not just design. In many places it is or has been the #1 ranked design app, the highest grossing design app, and the highest rated design app. I reckon your course would sound even better if Designer was described as the #1 design app :)

  8. Hi Everyone!


    Thank you for all your support through 2014, through the extended Affinity Designer beta period and the very exciting launch of Serif's first app in its Mac design suite. We're delighted to round out the year as Apple's Best App of 2014 runner up and to give you all a little something as a thank you.


    The Affinity Review ezine is a free download in iBooks format, filled with exclusive information, interviews, an early look at Affinity Photo, tutorials, and a Christmas gift for all Affinity Designer customers—an exclusive free set of natural media brushes. Get the ezine now for the free download link.


    If you love Affinity Designer and the magazine, please share our social posts to spread the news on Twitter and Facebook!


    Thanks! Dale.

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