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  1. I love that your client has meant you can stay within Affinity Designer for the whole project including hand off. Nice colourful work Kevin.


    It's a good day, you're a driver of a new workflow. You've gone a fair way to showcase how useful AD is, the results are done to a tee, they never look rough, and I'm sure it's down in part to the way you slice them too.

  2. it is fine for me as long as I get a written permission or have a disclaimer about it


    That's not what Kate said, jxl.


    - If you write a book about Serif/Affinity you do not need permission but should probably post a disclaimer stating we were not involved.


    - Serif owns the copyright for all Affinity software, and all Affinity and Serif logos/branding. Any use of these would require obtaining a written permission from us and we would need to approve an outline of your project.



  3. Ignore last topic created on floating lighting window - just found out I wasn't clicking on the header bar - it all moves just fine

    Apologies for earlier post


    No need to apologise :) I've deleted the old topic, thanks ravingdave.

  4. Hoping it's OK for me to say this.... it'll disappear if not!


    We're in a great position with devs that have far more autonomy than most. It's their call with the head of dev what to add/pull/prioritise, when to submit to Apple etc—and of course they would rather have everything in the app too but then it'd would never get released at all (because perfection is unachievable!) :)  It means they have tough decisions and cannot please everyone, but it also means they are working harder than the average dev to produce something very special. Just so you know, it's rather refreshingly not a financial or sales director making the calls in team Affinity.

  5. Hi Andy and everyone - sharing a video here from someone called Chiara who kindly reported this via Facebook.


    I've made sure I've got the same build and tested the same Liquify tools; mine behave as you would expect, where the tools in this vid are doing something different, e.g. shifting up instead of forwards, twirling instead of pinching.


    Thanks, Dale.




  6. I've been helping someone by email who is reporting that the Red Eye Removal tool in Photo persona isn't working. He's followed the help steps and seen a video of it in action. There is only one image layer, and it seems from his screenshots that the blue marquee region is not drawing when the cursor is dragged.


    Any advice? Thanks, Dale.

  7. Title says it - basic Affinity Designer 1.2 design has two straight strokes made with the Pen tool, grouped, then aligned using any of the Alignment buttons I've added to the toolbar. The strokes seem to disappear from the design and from the Layers panel, where the objects remain but the thumbnail preview is empty.


    The same operation with shapes (e.g. these strokes after applying Expand Stroke) is fine.




    > Whoops, thanks MEB.

    Strokes disappear.afdesign

  8. Would one of you kind souls be willing to help improve my translation? I'd like to post news of this today on Facebook and maybe Twitter too, it would be a shame to interrupt the translator working on the apps with a random sentence. Thanks!


    Um die Affinity Designer 1.2 Deutsche Übersetzung zu beheben, installieren Sie dieses kleine Update!

    To fix Affinity Designer's 1.2 German translation, simply install this little update!

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