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  1. I'm just starting with Photo, and so far it looks great. Two questions about cropping, though. When I crop I cannot seem to set up the size I want for the finished picture - eg 285 x 190mm at 300 dpi. Setting these parameters is easy, but they change as I move the crop frame, yielding a different sized image. I am sure I must be missing something, but haven't found it yet... My second question is about the edge of the crop. It seems to have a "soft" (anti-aliased?) edge one pixel wide, but I want a totally clean edge without having to erase the soft pixels. Again, it's almost certainly me, but I hope there is an answer. A question about canvas size. I like to put a stroke around a picture and usually do this by increasing the canvas size by about 10 pixels (for a 300dpi A4 print) and filling the blank bit with either a black or grey depending on the image. When I have tried this in Affinity (with a central anchor) the canvas size does not appear on the screen to enlarge evenly all round, and appears to grow to the right and bottom, but not top and left. To be fair, I haven't tried printing the result yet, but would expect to see it right on the screen. Is there another easy way of stroking an image in Affinity? Sorry if these questions have been asked before, but I haven't found them on a quick trawl through the forums. Thanks Martin