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  1. here I try to bring many useful tips for beginners, if you want to create illustration I highly recommend you to take a look around of my channel! thank you guys for your time! regards Jhon
  2. Jhonatan S Silva

    Vector ROCKET done!

    sharing here the image that I did for my youtube live streaming, with awesome tips for beginners! you can watch this process at the linked Tutorial Section Topic thank you guys!
  3. Jhonatan S Silva

    Delay using Raster Persona

    Hello Sean, files attached below It's seems that this is happening after the pixel layer used a couple of sketches, I mean sounds more Layer problem. Try by yourself. Regard the brush as you can see on the video I'm using different brushes, no matter which one. so I don't think this is a cause by my custom brush. thank you for your feedback Copy-Project-forrTest.afdesign
  4. Jhonatan S Silva

    Affinity Publisher is Apple’s Mac App of the Year

    congratulations ! hard work is always deserved
  5. Guys, I'm using here the Affinity Designer 1.7.3 on my Macbook pro 2018 (16gb, Radeon 560x 4gb) I can't understand why this issue is happening with a very small project, few pixel layers and getting this unpleasant issue during my work Look at this video as example, It's a clear document not heavy one, tested different brushes too, no reason to have this problem, any help? Please any solution? I'm starting get tired to always stop my work to report issues to help the bugs report and no feedback. AFFINITY-DESIGNER-1.7.3-DELAY-RASTER-PERSONA.mov
  6. hey there, when I always try to use the pencil tool, is very overwhelming to close the path when I draw free hand shapes. my suggestion would be, if the user draw any shape and hold the pencil/mouse for few secs, the Path close automatically. and please I believe this tool Needs to have a big review for free hand vector drawings Why? Sculpt mode doesn't work as we want. the nodes generated are too crazy Establisher function works well sometimes, however Window stabiliser generates multiples nodes at the beginning of the path, it's not optimised to use properly. I hope this can give to the team a nice direction for the improvements of this amazing software. regards Jhon
  7. Bank Pig! ⠀ This time I decided to create something simple and concentrate on the shading techniques if you enjoy, don't forget to subscribe, I'm always trying to bring new contents on my channel cheers Jhon!
  8. Hi there! tutorial from my live streaming! I really recommend for beginners, No draw needed! Thanks for watching!
  9. Here we go with this new video about and making Minimal Art, I really love this kind of art style because of the simple meaning, and here I think you will have the best tips, to give a big step, for you that want to get some job doing simple illustration. why? I'd say from my insight, the current Contemporary Design Illustration Trends.
  10. hi there, While I'm working with my freelancing projects this is the way that I have to share my methods and techniques, I hope you will enjoy to watch this process in real time I'll try to build a big library of tutorials using affinity designer, showing how to design each elements step by step Watch the youtube Live
  11. hi @Pariah73 I've just see your reply haha, thanks a lot for your feedback, now answering your quesition, this is the iPad pro version, 12.9 2nd generation (2017) 64gb, I work with it, and for to deal with complex projects I just share the same affinity file to the computer. for me works pretty well as artist and designer I hope this makes sense see you!
  12. hey folks, a tutorial showing the real process of making an illustration using Affinity Designer, enjoy! With nice tips, I hope you will enjoy!
  13. Done using Affinity designer on ipad. around of 50 minutes in real time, there is a video link available if you want to see my process used here! thanks!
  14. Hey lovely designers. I've released a new video showing my process making the Joker! I hope you will like it! cheers! Jhon
  15. Nice suggestion, I think the priority needs to be these improvements in all affinity designer platforms, I'm having big issues with the current version on drawing in vector

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