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  1. Jhonatan S Silva

    Importing Styles doesn't Work

    thanks all for giving attention to this issue, Hi @GabrielM thanks for your time, as we already know this is issue happen for those that only own Affinity Designer on the ipad, I would be so much grateful to see this issue added on the fix list, because people like me that don't need to use affinity Photo for not being a photographer, it's not very convenient to Affinity Designer users to buy a software to get a solution just to import assets, I hope this makes sense, I'm wondering if this will be fixed in the next update, because if is not I will need to stop to make Styles for the affinity designer users, thanks once again, and sorry for the inconvenience to insist on this issue. regards Jhon
  2. Hi! let me share with you guys a special content that I did recently about using affinity designer on ipad pro I hope you'll enjoy watching, thanks!
  3. Jhonatan S Silva

    Importing Styles doesn't Work

    hi @GabrielM I've already tested in many ways to import, but still doesn't work, and it's not working either in the dropbox or iCloud as you see in this print screen below. I was expecting that this would be working in the new version 1.7.2 but it's still not working
  4. Hi! very happy to say that this week we've achieved 5k of subs on my youtube, thanks for everyone for keep up, I love to do my things on affinity designer, it's very friendly and inspiring! now in this one I did a Donut using Affinity Designer on ipad pro. enjoy! Best tips - Techniques 0:55 use the Erase layer mode to "Subtract" a shape behind, remember to keep the objects at the same group! 2:27 you can build shapes by drawing vector shapes - then you Expand Strokes at top menu 3:55 use pencil tool and sculpt the lines as you wish 4:02 you can add drop shadow FX on the group of lines and apply to them all
  5. Helllo there, I'm still having big trouble trying to Import the assets Styles using Affinity Designer on iPad, which I share this contents with many people, as shown in the image below the app doesn't recognize as Affinity file". please... we really need this fixed I know there is a "solution" for those that own affinity Photo on Ipad, but this is not a good solution for those that only have Affinity Designer like me. Please let me know if this is possible to fix because if is not, I will need to remove the assets from my store. regards, Jhonatan
  6. Hi, I'm trying to select a brush with Erase Tool turned on. but when I select a brush at the Brush Panel.. it's selecting Paint Brush Tool automatically, I know there is this Icon like this image as example, but how can I get rid of this? in this video I can demonstrate this issue, because some others brushes with this Brush Icon works with Erase Tool selected, please help me... I just want to Erase with the same Brush that I paint Bug-brush.mov
  7. hey guys, New video released on my youtube channel! Using Pen Tool on Affinity Designer, if you like contents like this, let a support by subscribing and sharing, thanks for watching Cheers, Jhon
  8. showing here a new video, doing a 2d Character, Tormund from Game of thrones using Affinity Designer 1.7, Full video available on my youtube channel, with a special animation done with Spine Pro, thanks everyone for watching
  9. Jhonatan S Silva

    Some last work, icons.

    I love it, great job :D
  10. Hey there, It's always a pleasure to share with the Affinity's community how I design my pieces to make the games. regards, Jhonatan
  11. Jhonatan S Silva

    SVG optimization

    same issue here with SVG (web), getting the same "bezier" stroke with multiple points results opening in AI and AD
  12. Hi, I've been studying the best way to export to Adobe Illustrator since many of my clients request the final file as .AI, and of course I prefer to work using Affinity designer, but I'm having some problems with PDF export getting many annoying rasterized shapes and images, for now I see that SVG (export for Web) is the best option for while, but still have some small bugs opening in another vector software, in this case, I notice that if you export svg and try to edit its contents: Transparency Tool with Gradient Tool / Gradient Tool - fill mode Ellipse If you apply these both tools in a path/shape, the SVG create many "groups" of layer and raster with clip, that is not very optimized Strokes with rounded corner become with points (no bezier path) Some case of using Layer fx or a complex vector object the layer become raster (image with clipping) Opening the same SVG exported on Affinity, the bug is the same Well for while the bugs seem more about optimization for SVG files, as I need to export to Adobe Illustrator in order to deliver the files to my clients, it is possible in somehow future to have an option to export as AI, would be perfect and less overwhelming while working with both software, I really wish the best of luck for the Serif to be bigger than Adobe is now. anyway, thanks once again. Jhonatan
  13. Hi guys, I want to bring a really nice suggestion that can be really time saver while dealing with "switching things" or anything like that, we can bring the most favorite brushes/tools in our right click, like a radial or square menu, I think this gonna save a lot of time for us that work professionally, please just let me know if this can be possible to have on future versions coming soon I'm glad to know that I'm almost 100% working with Affinity Designer , I want to quit from adobe monopoly asap regards, Jhonatan
  14. Hey guys, I did this video recently to share my knowledge and tips, how I design my characters. Thanks for watching