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  1. Hey guys, I did this video recently to share my knowledge and tips, how I design my characters. Thanks for watching
  2. Hi dev team! first of all, thank you to provide this space for us to give our suggestions. well, I'm writing this topic because I'm 100% working with Affinity Designer on Ipad pro, I'd like to give an amazing feature suggestion. What is it? My suggestion would be about the User Experience while using the tools, for example, adding a radial menu option to handle easily with a finger while using (games, 3d software and procreate are offering this options as well). why? Following these images examples below, this saves a lot of time and makes the usage much more comfortable when you are working long hours, switching the options like pen tool, geometries clip compounds, etc... How? without going in each section to apply a function or change the tool, of course, this menu can be activated as an option for those that want to use, another example, the radial menu follows the Persona, like Vector Persona, it will follow tools for Vector persona, and so on with the Pixel Persona. I hope I've been clear in this explanation. Well, thank you a lot for taking this into consideration, definitely, I believe this will be a useful feature to see in the next future updates. See you. Jhonatan S Silva.
  3. I'm sharing here my recent artwork done using affinity designer, hope you guys like it 100% vector my insta: jhonatan.ssilva youtube: jhonatan s silva
  4. Jhonatan S Silva

    Halloween Pumpkin Asset in Vector Design

    thank you guys
  5. Jhonatan S Silva

    Character Design - Shading in Vector

    Character design made with Affinity Designer Ipad pro, took 2 days to be done, designed for mobile game. follow me on Instagram to see more my artworks: @jhonatan.ssilva
  6. Hi guys, I'm Game Artist, then I did this piece especially for the Helloween, I really hope to help some of you with my techniques showed there. Take a look at this video as an example of my contents, for while my videos aren't very didactic, but I Hope to build a master class for designers and artist so keep watching please if you liked, subscribed to support more of this :D, thanks so much and have fun!
  7. Jhonatan S Silva

    Unable to import Styles

    Hi Alfred , thanks, Yes, I only have Affinity Designer for ipad , unfortunately, I don't have Affinity Photo, I can't buy Affinity photo app for just to solve this problem, I'll be much grateful to have this problem solve just for Affinity designers user, by the way, I'm 100% designer, all my followers on my youtube use only Affinity Designer for ipad, it will be very useful to have this solution. thanks
  8. Jhonatan S Silva

    Unable to import Styles

    Hi support team, I am having a trouble to import FX Styles to my library on my Ipad pro it seems the software doesn't recognize the .style format when I Click the button on the menu. Doesn't work either from local and icloud. Follow below a screenshot with files unable to import to my AD iPad pro, they work fine with AD Desktop. There is any future update soon that can fix this problem? thanks. Regards Jhonatan
  9. Hi guys, I'm very happy to share with you my youtube channel using Affinity Designer for Ipad as Game Artist, I really hope to help some of you with my techniques showed there. Take a look at this video as an example of my contents. I want to bring the community of game artist to join us in this tool, please if you liked, subscribed to see more :D, thanks so much and have fun!