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  1. hey there, is it possible to save the workspace panel interface? I use 2 monitors and every time when I open the software the panels don't stay where I placed before. is it possible to have a Save workspace functionality? thanks!
  2. Hi, I have just updated, got the same issue from the guys above, and I've downloaded the version from the Serif's website. and it's showing me this message.
  3. Study done in my lesson, To be honest, some years ago I had a lot of overwhelming, mental stress, during my designs trying understand how to use Adobe Illustrator fast, .. look, I'm extremely familiar with softwares even the 3d ones. thanks god we have Affinity giving us the opportunity to use simple tools to bring our ideas alive. it's not just about the software that is responsible for our results. But I believe, if is easy to handle with the tool that we use, much Less we have to struggle during our creative process... anyway thanks all for keeping always giving your best efforts to improve the software. cheers Jhonatan Instagram profileVisit my Youtube channel
  4. very inspiring words my friend, thanks for you kindness! glad to know that, cheerss!
  5. I've enjoyed a lot, doing this art piece. mixing my both skills, design and illustration for the international women's day! done with affinity designer on ipad pro! Instagram profile Visit my Youtube channel
  6. MEB, is it possible to change the shortcut of these numbers instead of using it to set opacity? we have 10 keys just for opacity, for my daily work, I'd like to set these numbers key with different shortcut functions I can't find these options on shortcuts preference panel
  7. thanks @MattP I'm testing everything and reviewing the tools, in order to report here something to help you guys, thanks once again, mainly for affinity team efforts on these enhancements ciao
  8. same problem here using mac, 1.7.3 affinity version I can't show to my students how to make a logo design using text because of this bug it's is not possible to remove the highlight when insert text, even on the warp line inserting the text over. I hope the dev team solve this soon, thanks
  9. Sword Icon Done on Affinity Designer Desktop, during my live streaming tutorial cheers Jhon
  10. hey guys just sharing with you here this quick guide that I did from the live streaming #13 😄 This time using affinity designer on DESKTOP 🤣 I'll leave the final image example at the share your work topic! cheers Jhon
  11. The EGG from my live streaming tutorial! the video link is on the tutorial section Thankss!!
  12. hey there, Tutorial making an Egg Part-1! using Affinity Designer on Ipad pro cheers!
  13. art piece done on Affinity designer ipad pro the most important steps are here if you like it. in this simple guide I hope this can help some of you. I do these tutorials in my free time after work for my clients. anyway is always happy to be sharing my experience. ciao jhon
  14. hey there! Happy new year to everyone I'm back with my lovely tutorials, using affinity designer in this time I did the Nemo character, using my vector techniques I hope you guys will enjoy
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