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  1. that's odd are you using windows or mac? nobody has reported me this issue before, my apologies for the your time spent, should be the software, it's all working here, To add the keys properly in case some of it is not loading, you can assign the keys on there based on the pdf guide, there is the map showing each function where you can add manually on keyboard preferences. I hope this can make you save tons of time during your work, have a great day.
  2. Hey there! I'd like to share with this amazing Affinity community my custom hotkeys released by http://vectorizeclub.com/ that will speed up your work in 2x! I've been using Affinity everyday since I started in my work in 2018, also teaching people how to use it. I changed most of the keys to make it comfortable and easy to use during my work while drawing (making illustrations and general media & designs) I truly hope that this will be a game changing for most of you, each key carefully designed by priotity of tool usability like, D for Pencil, F for Pen tool, making the switch of the tool comfortable than ever. Comment here if you have downloaded and enjoyed To download the PDF: https://jhonatanssilva.gumroad.com/l/shortcuts2x OBS- Here is the Free version one time release, For future and upcoming updates, I will update on our platform for dedicated members: https://www.vectorizeclub.com/ Enjoy! (PDF preview) Here is the full Tutorial explained with practical examples!
  3. Hello my friends! Check out this 2D art of a potion created in Affinity Designer! Perfect for gaming isn't it πŸ˜†? πŸ”₯ Want to know more about 2D arts, visit the link https://www.vectorizeclub.com! kisses 😘 15_Potion.mov
  4. Hello vectorizers! Get to know a little more about my work with this beautiful wolf 🐺! Interested? Then visit the link https://www.vectorizeclub.com and see this tutorial in its entirety! enjoy 😊 13_Wolf.mov
  5. Hello my friends! This amazing castle was created in a tutorial for Vectorize Club students! Visit the linkhttps://www.vectorizeclub.com and learn how to create your own castle from scratch! Bye Bye 12_Castle.mov
  6. Hello there πŸ€—! If you don't go to the mountain, the mountain will come to you! Learn how to create 2D artwork from scratch, similar to this example! πŸ”οΈ Learn more by visiting the link https://www.vectorizeclub.com! cheers 🀘 10_Mountain.mov
  7. Hello Vectorizers 😊! Today I'm showing you this beautiful 2D treasure chest art πŸ˜†! Come see the tutorial in full by accessing the link https://www.vectorizeclub.com and let me know if you liked it! enjoy 😚 9_Treasure.mov
  8. Hi there! How about learning to create a crystal from scratch 😲? Meet the Vectorize Club school and come from improving your art to learning to vectorize from scratch! πŸš€Join the design school! https://www.vectorizeclub.com cheers πŸ˜† 7_Crystal.mov
  9. Hello my friends! What do you think of this cute little bat πŸ¦‡? It was created as a tutorial for Vectorize Club students! If you're interested, come learn more about Vectorize, just access the link https://www.vectorizeclub.com! Enjoy πŸ€— 6_Bat.mov
  10. Hey guys πŸ˜†! look how creepy this dungeon is! And the best thing is that you are also able to perform one similar to this one! πŸš€Did you like it? so come learn more about the Vectorize Club by visiting the link https://www.vectorizeclub.com! kisses 😘 5_Dungeon.mov
  11. Hello there πŸ€—! In this tutorial I teach you how to create a backpack from scratch! Check out this and other tutorials by accessing the link https://www.vectorizeclub.com! cheers 😊 4_Backpack.mov
  12. Hello Vectorizers! πŸ˜† Today I come to show you the warrior art I created at the Vectober event that takes place every year in October! Interested? Then find out more by clicking the link https://www.vectorizeclub.com! enjoy 😊 3_Warrior.mov
  13. Hello my friends! 🐸 How about learning how to create a cute chameleon in 2d? Discover the Vectorize Club and learn simply how to perform amazing arts! πŸ”₯learn more by clicking on https://www.vectorizeclub.com! Kisses 😚 2_Chameleon.mov
  14. Hello my friends! πŸ˜† Today I come to show you this beautiful guitar created at Affinity Designer, what do you think? And the most important news is that you are also able to create your own arts, believe in yourself! To learn more about my work, just access the link https://www.vectorizeclub.com! enjoy πŸ€— Reels LIVE 33 (1).mp4
  15. Hello Guys! "I think I saw a kitten" 😸 Today I want to show you some of my work with this cute kitten. Isn't it great to be able to make creations so easy and fun? πŸš€ Find out more by clicking the link https://www.vectorizeclub.com! cheers 😻 Reels LIVE 32 (1).mp4
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