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  1. Plenty of requests / wishes to be found in this forum 🙂 Take care
  2. I am in luck - the IT company working for us is relativly young (and already huge) and they respect and involve user experience designers themselves just like they respect and involve any other kind of IT-expertise. We bring our own UX experts and they are emtremely appriciated. The success of this company is based on many types of expertise and ambitions. Not bunker mentality. I remember the time when we where met with male developer opinions from older employes babbling about "common sense" and all kinds of unqualified rubbish. Why be like that? Certainly not the attitude I was taught at the University. CURIOSITY is the key. Collaboration. I am not sure why their unqualified opinion is so much worth in front of usability experts, style sheet experts, accessibility experts and what not. Anyway, they lost.
  3. Oh man, that is an interesting past you have. I envy you that. Interesting period too. UX is an evolving field I am tied to because we have now five usability designers for our products - we have a bigger audience but product wise just a little more than Serif. Our solutions are extremely important to our users and failure is not an option. I have participated in a lot in their work and I must (gladly) involve them in ANY given project... even the smallest changes in our user interface however small. A few times I thought "Arh, not needed" but their input impressed me every time. And of course every change must be approved by a specialist. I am a specialist in my field; not other fields. Not rocket science at all. You really have to respect specialists. I studied Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) for a short time as well - extremely interesting. In short our own products improved significantly after we got our own user experience designers - not just hiring consultants. They OWN the user interface and a they carry lot of product knowledge and user knowledge that they use in their work. The will invite users to tests and workshops when needed. They work on this full time. Because this is how it is done in 2020. And.. it is not a new idea... https://www.inc.com/minda-zetlin/steve-jobs-boeing-b-17-wwii-paul-fitts-alphonse-chapanis-code-shaping-ergonomics-design.html
  4. The general idea here is that when you create an adjustmemt layer, you are presented with a dialog with its options.
  5. I prefer that Designer spare me these clicks and activate the color picker directly - the more the better. There are so many required extra clicks and actions in Affinity.
  6. Serif doesn’t seem capable of adding (advanced) vector features to Designer, so don’t expect too much. They call it a stripped-down workhorse. Well Notepad is too.
  7. You need a support section of its own for desperate customers experiencing file corruption...
  8. It is simply amazing that this mess never gets attention - it is a usability disaster. Inspiration from Adobe Photoshop CC: Further inspiration:
  9. Yeah, kinda. The constant comparison with Adobe is not great though. Comparing software development from 1987 with 2020 is like comparing the first moon landing with the next somewhere in the future. It will NOT be the same. As I said elsewhere: The copycat (thus Serifs love of cats?) and active user of licensed libraries and open source code is in no way facing the same challenges as the pioneer. If we should compare the two then Serif is way behind on any scale. They made a essentially vector-tool-less vector drawing program in six year with some 25+ years in the business. Look at the sad, simple contour tool they brought us just in time for Christmas. Upscale! Upscale! Tiny teams make small increments. Slow.
  10. Do it for the children, at least: Add New fill layer to the layers panel - it makes no sense to isolate it in the layers menu. When the fill layer is created - it would be a good idea to pop up a colour picker like Photoshop does - chances are... that will be your next step in your workflow. It simply speeds up the workflow and saves you time and swear words.
  11. It seem the clone tool also picks up something from outside the document area. I discovered that when I accidentally move the mouse outside. A somewhat laggy demo screen recording: This however, could be pasted into post. I ALT-clicked outside to the left and painted towards and over the document area.
  12. Select the layer with the elliptical portrait Protect the alpha channel (the transparent area) against editing and you are golden:
  13. Serif won't comment on suggestions here; they will be read though. It is not possible. Several customer voiced their ideas here too. Me as well. All programs need a much, much better brush organization and management. Before my enthusiasm, patience and hope was killed off I purchased quite a few brushes from various sources; they are melted together in an unholy mess and it is a pain to find and select brushes.
  14. I don't think is it. 🙂 They key point is who makes the decisions. And it is not user experience designers. It is engineers. And it shows. There are tons of these usability issues in all Affinity Apps - Photo especially. So what you get is a user interface like the days before UI specialists got involved. 1998. So the insult could be not involving such specialists. There are TONS of threads about usability in this forum.
  15. From and including: Tuesday, 7 October 2014 To and including: Thursday, 19 November 2020 Result: 2236 days It is 2236 days from the start date to the end date, end date included. Or 6 years, 1 month, 13 days including the end date. Or 73 month, 13 days including the end date.
  16. https://www.techrepublic.com/article/security-experts-level-criticism-at-apple-after-big-sur-launch-issues/
  17. Yes. And Biden will in his next speech growl his new death metal song.
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