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    Josephine Baker Plush Design : Designer

    Why not this pattern? Its awesome!
  2. Crop tool: crop rectangle or square - usually cropping a photo or screenshot Crop to selection: crop to WHATEVER type of selection - especially irregular areas - to keep only that area in the file only discard the rest forever. It is part of a well thought out workflow. I rarely use the crop tool at ALL when I am not working with photographs.
  3. Bingo. Cropping to any selection is exactly what I want, when I use it. It has NOTHING to do with the crop tool use cases. It is part of an entire different workflow. Selections of all sorts. Fuzzy, round, rectangular, crazy. For use in another program or the same.
  4. “There is a known issue that these do not work if your document contains an Artboard.”
  5. Jowday

    Burn tool not burning

    I think Serif Labs needs more time to polish the algorithm that must be an inside job. Serif launched Serif Photoplus in 1999; 20 years ago. Serif released 14 version of it before they retired it. Then Serif launched Affinity Photo 3 years ago. But with almost two decades of experience developing algorithms for photo editors. I expect more from a company with 20 years of experience. It is simply time to hire some experts and engineers. More than ever. @Gnobelix I have seen that Affinity effect in real life - but it was smog in Beijing.
  6. That is the focus POINTS used by the camera. It does not show what is actually in focus is the photo. You have to use a more clever image editor @lisarose66. Capture One can - but it is expensive. Since any camera supports focus peaking live these days other programs must support it. This is how it looks in Capture One Pro:
  7. What color format are you working in? See Document -> Convert format with the picture open. Topaz plugins and many others do not support all color modes/formats. When they don't support a format (fx CMYK, LAB) they are greyed out. But sRGB 8/16 should work. On this Windows 10 machine they work as they did in 1.6 - but of course OS X is another story.
  8. Do you really believe in marketing? Is a Serif owned marketing oriented site a credible source? The girl who made the new splash screen for Designer works in... Illustrator fx. I love her creations. But in real life she works in Adobe Illustrator for a living. And Elena works in Adobe Photoshop CC: https://www.photocrowd.com/blog/86-interview-elena-paraskeva/ Same woman in august 2018 interviewed in an article about photography - then she was using Photoshop. And she always shoots RAW. If she does that I refuse to believe she would pick an inferior RAW converter for a Nikon D810 full frame camera. I believe she is still an Adobe CC customer.
  9. Jowday

    New Icons - PLEASE DON'T!

    Law of triviality
  10. @Aammppaa Your screenshots doesn't display
  11. Rest assured that pro/semi pro photographers use professional software. Not AP. This software is targeting another segment of users with smaller budgets. But that is beside your main (valid) point.
  12. Ah yes, you are right, DCRAW/libraw. Once I processed a RAW file with the DCRAW command line tool and also with Serif software default settings - they were identical.
  13. Trust me. I have converted THOUSANDS of RAW images. As I understand it Serif utilizes a built in RAW converter on OS X and iOS that I can only imagine is professional and possibly one that uses color profiles and what not for each sensor. On Windows it is another and depressing story.... the RAW converter is probably the open source DCRAW / libraw and highlight shadow recovery is worse than useless. All these components require some pretty advanced algorithms (and state of the art coders) before they can deliever pretty good results, so... If you insist on keeping AP my advice would be to also purchase fx DxO Photolab (affordable) and Noiseware Professional (affordable but don't know if it works with AP 1.7). Also the Topaz Clarity plugin for Photoshop that I hope still works with AP. All made by superb engineers and ambitions. I kind of have it all in Capture One Pro (I adore it) but these three with AP should be able to compete. If they are compatible. Feature parity with other programs does not mean quality parity. You get what you pay for. A thing to keep in mind.
  14. AP has the worst demosaicing (at least the Windows version, on OS/X or iOS the Apple demosaicing is used), worst highlight and shadow recovery available in the commercial market etc. so even with this feature it cannot be considered suitable for serious raw processing. Even open source RAW converters like Rawtherapee and Darkroom are light years ahead using same demosaicing algorithm. And they are updated very often. New camera SENSORS are supported almost instantly. RAW converters do not just convert data. They interpret data. Thats why Olympus, Nikon and Sony has their own image style. Fuji even their own sensor and algorithm to get exactly the rendering of the sensor output they want (organic). A generic ho hum approach to all sensors like DCRAW .. will probably render images worse than the camera itself. You can probably easily replace PS with AP - but you need a proper RAW converter. Your workflow can be slowed down, but the results matter the most. Personally I use Capture One Pro, DxO Photolab 2 and ACR from Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 for various cameras.
  15. Jowday

    1.7.0 сборка

    There is just one installer for all supported Windows versions, Bepa. I think the 1.7 installer does not recognize your Windows version correctly - if you did update your Windows installation correctly. If that is the case Serif must update the installer before you can update Designer.
  16. Jowday

    Burn tool

    Yep, in 2019 we use algorithms. In 1999 we used curves, layers and masks for this. Well, I still do, but in RAW converters I use highlight-shadow recovery a lot. Life is short, you know.
  17. Crap, I knew I was too tired for this. Mixed up terms. My bad. Well, on the canvas, it works for me.
  18. EDIT: Nothing to see here, I was wrong. It looks like it doesn't duplicate anything - but check out the layers panel. It does work - you just can't see the duplicates on the canvas.
  19. Jowday

    Burn tool

    Highlight/shadow recovery in Affinity Photo is very primitive where ever I find it. Unusable I would say. But the code behind is probably not trivial; Adobe purchased a small company behind an upcoming RAW converter many years ago to get their algorithms for Adobe Camera Raw. The results must look natural. Still, it surprises me that Serif couldn't develop a more advanced algorithm. From time to time I get the feeling Serif needs more specialists.