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  1. I think something may be wrong in the Affinity export system. No files exported except JPEG will open in Corel 2018 suite.
  2. Am I the only one here... nothing I export from Affinity Designer will open up inside Corel Draw or Corel Photopaint... even if I export it as a .psd, pdf, .eps file etc... Is this just me?
  3. SERIF AFFINITY... PLEASE HELP!!! My Parblo A640 tablet doesn't work with Affinity Photo 1.7 or Designer 1.7! Fresh drivers on the tablet. Fresh install on the software! UPDATE: REINSTALLED THE DRIVER AND IT WORKS. SORRY... JUMPED THE GUN
  4. Please tell me you guys plan on including/creating some form of CMYK color separation for screen printing and professional level printing.
  5. 1.) Add the option to constrain the aspect ratio when users select the Marquee tool. This will allow precise image size selections. 2.) Add the option to add and remove aspect ratios to the crop selection tool. When you click the delete preset, nothing happens.
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