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  1. Ive noticed recently after getting my new monitor that I was experiencing some flickering while using my Affinity programs. I researched some NVIDIA forums where they suggest changing the NVIDIA setting for g sync from enable for windowed and full screen mode to enable for full screen this does correct the flickering issues however that also affects other things you use G-SYNC for if you game as well as edit in graphics programs then this could be something you do not wish to change. So for those whom have G-SYNC enabled and are running NVIDIA cards a better solution is to change the G-SYNC
  2. Yes I realize I can use copy and paste or use a keyboard shortcut or even make one or drag drop a picture and those are nice features I was just wondering why the place image icon isn't available as it is in designer, or if I missed something but Ty .
  3. I would like to have an icon for the Place Function on the Affinity Photo toolbar like the one in Affinity Designer, or the ability to add this icon under tools customization, rather than just a shortcut key, if there is a way to add the Place icon to the toolbar that I've missed how would I do this? I don't see the option here under available icons.
  4. Absolutely love the bulk Lut import, having all my adjustments is fantastic. Btw you can use an extra lut import it in between your categories and rename it to simulate grouping like this yay. Also the Pattern Layers are too good to be true having that on iPad is Great tiling images and making patterns is a breeze now Ty for this feature.
  5. The setting you are referring to in windows ten is under view on the top toolbar, the export dialog usually looks like this picture Ive attached regardless of the hide file extensions being enabled or not, and is only showing this way on jpeg and tiff export its a minor thing doesn't affect much other than I thought I accidentally hit save as and not export lol. Just thought Id post since I noticed it on export several times.
  6. Ive noticed that when I try to export JPEG or Tiff files the export dialog shows as affinity file not JPEG or Tiff. The resulting export is unaffected and the file format is either a JPEG or a Tiff just the dialog is incorrect under save as type while exporting.
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