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    Call for Camera Images

  2. Flat professional icons please. Great mock-up @Adam_D I prefer monolitic icons - it is already an option in preferences so no panic
  3. Make some fresh coffee and get some donuts for your user experience designer! Photoshop CC 2019 - sort of organized Photo (and Designer and Publisher) 1.7.1 - The Day After a termonuclear ADHD attack from Mars: Panel - new layer Layer menu - New Adjustment layer Panel New layer obviously picking the list from the adjustment studio:
  4. Why not insert hints from the manual into the user interface. No one understands 'non-separable' outside the development team. I am sure Mister and Misses Steak doesn't understand the labels and the choice of algoritm at all with the current labels. Suggestion: Nearest Neighbor(hard edges) Bilinear (reduction) Bicubic (enlargement) Lanczos 3 (high quality) Lanczos 3 (highest quality) I am not really sure why you have two Lanczos algorithms available there when the difference in processing speed and output is marginal.
  5. Ladies and Gentlemen: the Internet!
  6. Sorry, it does not look natural at all.
  7. Pages in Designer would be nice. This is how I often work - example made in Gravit Designer. Fast, simple, everybody understands the concept from day one.
  8. You are an excellent presenter, @James Ritson
  9. A regression from 1.6. In version the pen tool works as described by @squirrelfire 1.6.5: Create a closed shape with the pen tool. When you hover the nodes a minus symbol is displayed next to the pen tool. If you click and drag the node with the left button you can round and shape the tool. 1.7.0: Create a closed shape with the pen tool. When you hover the node that closed the shape a minus symbol is displayed next to the pen tool. If you click and drag the node with the left button you can round and shape the tool. Hovering ANY other node displays an... anchor symbol... and clicking and dragging add new curve to the selected curves object. The "Add new curves to existing curves" is always on when using the pen tool no matter if the toolbar button is selected or not. .... but if you click on one of the cursed nodes with the node tool - just once - you can again manipulate it with the pen tool. Originally reported by @squirrelfire
  10. Now that is a beautiful list of features
  11. After monkeying around with the new behavior ( @Sean P) I like it a lot. Very useful. But not always. A shame it ruined the old behavior. I used the old behavior when I was drawing on top of scanned sketches. I prefer to draw the outlines quickly and dirty - and finish them later. Separating outlining and precision work into two phases. BTW the right mouse click combo with whatever other key or left mouse button is a little disaster.
  12. Priorities and resources. Very interesting issue. I will shut up for once. Customers never could save workspaces and shortcuts in a usual friendly way. As a backup or for use in an additional installation. People lost their shortcuts and workspaces due to lack of testing of this scenario. Who is to blame here? Easy answer. And... a customer oriented prioritizing could prevent one of both of these from happening with a minimal effort. Below: posts from apologists.
  13. Hi @Sean P Thank you for your thorough answer. Especially the videos. How about the use case @squirrelfire reported did not work for him now. There is no way to quickly edit and smoothen a sharp node like he preferred in 1.6, right? Note that CMD is Mac only - Windows users must use the right mouse buttons as well. It is as handy like using light poles as chopsticks. @squirrelfire If this is a deal breaker for you, give Gravit Designer a test run. Then pen tool is second to none - I use it a lot for constructing shapes quickly. Thats what I purchased Designer for originally. It also has a knife tool and bezigon tool. I export my shapes to Illustrator when they are ready all done.
  14. @imamdwt It sounds like the changed behavior in AD 1.7 I reported
  15. But in the comment section...
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    Expand Stroke

    People are even asking Youtubers for help
  17. He met the rasterization challenge in Affinity Designer (8:25) - he figured out how to solve it, but sometimes you don't He discovered that Inkscape imports AI files just fine - you have to rename the .ai extension to .pdf
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    Affinity illustrations and experiments

    This is one you can stare at for a long time for many reasons - well done!